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Automatic merge of trunk into multilib

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  • chapter01/changelog.xml

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    4646    -->
    4747    <listitem>
     48      <para>2021-07-01</para>
     49      <itemizedlist>
     50        <listitem>
     51          <para>[ken] - Patch gcc to fix some regressions (will be
     52          needed to build firefox-91ESR in BLFS) and to allow it to
     53          build against linux-5.13.0 kernel headers. Fixes
     54          <ulink url="&lfs-ticket-root;4875">#4875</ulink>.</para>
     55        </listitem>
     56      </itemizedlist>
     57    </listitem>
     59    <listitem>
     60      <para>2021-06-28</para>
     61      <itemizedlist>
     62        <listitem>
     63          <para>[ken] - If installing individual locales, add 9 more
     64          used by libstdc++-v3 tests. Fixes
     65          <ulink url="&lfs-ticket-root;4877">#4877</ulink>.</para>
     66        </listitem>
     67      </itemizedlist>
     68    </listitem>
     70    <listitem>
    4871      <para>2021-06-27</para>
    4972      <itemizedlist>
  • chapter01/whatsnew.xml

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    283283    </listitem>-->
    284284    <listitem>
     285      <para>gcc-11.1.0-upstream_fixes-1.patch</para>
     286    </listitem>
     287    <listitem>
    285288      <para>systemd-247-upstream_fixes-2.patch</para>
    286289    </listitem>
  • chapter03/patches.xml

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    6868      </listitem>
    6969    </varlistentry>
    70 <!--
    7171    <varlistentry>
    72       <term>GCC Cross Build Fix Patch - <token>&gcc-cross-patch-size;</token>:</term>
     72      <term>GCC Upstream Fixes Patch - <token>&gcc-upstream-fixes-patch-size;</token>:</term>
    7373      <listitem>
    74         <para>Download: <ulink url="&patches-root;&gcc-cross-patch;"/></para>
    75         <para>MD5 sum: <literal>&gcc-cross-patch-md5;</literal></para>
     74        <para>Download: <ulink url="&patches-root;&gcc-upstream-fixes-patch;"/></para>
     75        <para>MD5 sum: <literal>&gcc-upstream-fixes-patch-md5;</literal></para>
    7676      </listitem>
    7777    </varlistentry>
    78 -->
    7979    <varlistentry>
    8080      <term>Kbd Backspace/Delete Fix Patch - <token>&kbd-backspace-patch-size;</token>:</term>
  • chapter08/gcc.xml

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    4242    <title>Installation of GCC</title>
    44     <para arch="default">If building on x86_64, change the default directory name for 64-bit
     44    <para>First, apply a patch to fix some regressions and to cope
     45    with the removal of an obsolete kernel header in linux-5.13:</para>
     47<screen><userinput remap="pre">patch -Np1 -i ../gcc-&gcc-version;-upstream_fixes-1.patch</userinput></screen>
     49    <para>If building on x86_64, change the default directory name for 64-bit
    4550    libraries to <quote>lib</quote>:</para>
    140145    <ulink url=""/>.</para>
    142     <para>Six tests related to get_time are known to fail.  These are
    143     apparently related to the en_HK locale.</para>
    145     <para>Additionally, three tests in constexpr-52830 are known to fail.</para>
     147    <para>In g++, three tests in constexpr-52830 are known to fail and
     148    also to be treated as unexpected successes (XPASS).  This is because
     149    an <quote>internal compiler error</quote> on this test is fixed, but
     150    the compiler still rejects some valid code.</para>
     152    <!--
     153 -->
     154    <para>In libstdc++, one numpunct test and six tests related to get_time are
     155    known to fail.  These are all because the locale definitions in glibc have
     156    changed but libstdc++ does not currently support those changes.</para>
    147158<!--<para>Additionally the following tests related to the following files
    169180    </para></note-->
     182    <!-- PR 91085, will be fixed in GCC 12. -->
    171183    <para>Install the package and remove an unneeded directory:</para>
  • chapter08/glibc.xml

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    266266localedef -i de_DE -f UTF-8 de_DE.UTF-8
    267267localedef -i el_GR -f ISO-8859-7 el_GR
     268localedef -i en_GB -f ISO-8859-1 en_GB
    268269localedef -i en_GB -f UTF-8 en_GB.UTF-8
    269270localedef -i en_HK -f ISO-8859-1 en_HK
    271272localedef -i en_US -f ISO-8859-1 en_US
    272273localedef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8
     274localedef -i es_ES -f ISO-8859-15 es_ES@euro
    273275localedef -i es_MX -f ISO-8859-1 es_MX
    274276localedef -i fa_IR -f UTF-8 fa_IR
    276278localedef -i fr_FR@euro -f ISO-8859-15 fr_FR@euro
    277279localedef -i fr_FR -f UTF-8 fr_FR.UTF-8
     280localedef -i is_IS -f ISO-8859-1 is_IS
     281localedef -i is_IS -f UTF-8 is_IS.UTF-8
    278282localedef -i it_IT -f ISO-8859-1 it_IT
     283localedef -i it_IT -f ISO-8859-15 it_IT@euro
    279284localedef -i it_IT -f UTF-8 it_IT.UTF-8
    280285localedef -i ja_JP -f EUC-JP ja_JP
    281286localedef -i ja_JP -f SHIFT_JIS ja_JP.SIJS 2> /dev/null || true
    282287localedef -i ja_JP -f UTF-8 ja_JP.UTF-8
     288localedef -i nl_NL@euro -f ISO-8859-15 nl_NL@euro
    283289localedef -i ru_RU -f KOI8-R ru_RU.KOI8-R
    284290localedef -i ru_RU -f UTF-8 ru_RU.UTF-8
     291localedef -i se_NO -f UTF-8 se_NO.UTF-8
     292localedef -i ta_IN -f UTF-8 ta_IN.UTF-8
    285293localedef -i tr_TR -f UTF-8 tr_TR.UTF-8
    286294localedef -i zh_CN -f GB18030 zh_CN.GB18030
    287 localedef -i zh_HK -f BIG5-HKSCS zh_HK.BIG5-HKSCS</userinput></screen>
     295localedef -i zh_HK -f BIG5-HKSCS zh_HK.BIG5-HKSCS
     296localedef -i zh_TW -f UTF-8 zh_TW.UTF-8</userinput></screen>
    289298    <para>In addition, install the locale for your own country, language and
  • patches.ent

    r641ab9be rcf65195  
    3030<!ENTITY flex-fixes-patch-size "3.4 KB">
    32 <!--
    33 <!ENTITY gcc-cross-patch "gcc-&gcc-version;-cet_fix-1.patch">
    34 <!ENTITY gcc-cross-patch-md5 "f37d8a6b4c943a6f8eaf541923fed838">
    35 <!ENTITY gcc-cross-patch-size "4.3 KB">
    36 -->
     33<!ENTITY gcc-upstream-fixes-patch "gcc-&gcc-version;-upstream_fixes-1.patch">
     34<!ENTITY gcc-upstream-fixes-patch-md5 "27266d2a771f2ff812cb6ec9c8b456b4">
     35<!ENTITY gcc-upstream-fixes-patch-size "18.0 KB">
    3737<!ENTITY glibc-fhs-patch "glibc-&glibc-version;-fhs-1.patch">
    3838<!ENTITY glibc-fhs-patch-md5 "9a5997c3452909b1769918c759eff8a2">
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