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03/02/2021 02:42:12 AM (3 years ago)
Xi Ruoyao <xry111@…>
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URLs update

In generals.ent, all "common" URLs are changed to HTTPS.

Bzip2 homepage is added.

Elfutils, kbd, and util-linux homepage are modified to a "real" homepage,
instead of a downloading directory. redirects to GitLab.

Now most URLs are HTTPS. The remaining "unsafe" download locations:
file-5.39.tar.gz (it can be downloaded from GitHub, but the package from
GH needs autoreconf -fi), self-hosted packages at anduin, and patches at (should be fixed after gimli migration).

git-svn-id: 4aa44e1e-78dd-0310-a6d2-fbcd4c07a689

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  • general.ent

    ra25be74 rd221e71  
    4141<!ENTITY external        "Optional dependencies">
    43 <!ENTITY gnu             "">
    44 <!ENTITY gnu-software    "">
    45 <!ENTITY alpha-gnu       "">
     43<!ENTITY gnu             "">
     44<!ENTITY gnu-software    "">
    4645<!ENTITY kernel          "">
    4746<!ENTITY sourceforge     "">
    48 <!ENTITY savannah        "">
     47<!ENTITY savannah        "">
    4948<!ENTITY savannah-nongnu "">
    5049<!ENTITY github          "">
  • packages.ent

    ra25be74 rd221e71  
    9292<!ENTITY bzip2-url ";.tar.gz">
    9393<!ENTITY bzip2-md5 "67e051268d0c475ea773822f7500d0e5">
    94 <!ENTITY bzip2-home " ">
     94<!ENTITY bzip2-home "">
    9595<!ENTITY bzip2-fin-du "7.5 MB">
    9696<!ENTITY bzip2-fin-sbu "less than 0.1 SBU">
    152152<!ENTITY elfutils-url ";/elfutils-&elfutils-version;.tar.bz2">
    153153<!ENTITY elfutils-md5 "6f58aa1b9af1a5681b1cbf63e0da2d67">
    154 <!ENTITY elfutils-home "">
     154<!ENTITY elfutils-home "">
    155155<!ENTITY elfutils-fin-du "121 MB">
    156156<!ENTITY elfutils-fin-sbu "0.9 SBU">
    356356<!ENTITY kbd-url ";.tar.xz">
    357357<!ENTITY kbd-md5 "3cac5be0096fcf7b32dcbd3c53831380">
    358 <!ENTITY kbd-home "">
     358<!ENTITY kbd-home "">
    359359<!ENTITY kbd-fin-du "33 MB">
    360360<!ENTITY kbd-fin-sbu "0.1 SBU">
    370370<!ENTITY less-version "563">
    371371<!ENTITY less-size "328 KB">
    372 <!ENTITY less-url ";.tar.gz">
     372<!ENTITY less-url ";.tar.gz">
    373373<!ENTITY less-md5 "1ee44fa71447a845f6eef5b3f38d2781">
    374 <!ENTITY less-home "">
     374<!ENTITY less-home "">
    375375<!ENTITY less-fin-du "4.1 MB">
    376376<!ENTITY less-fin-sbu "less than 0.1 SBU">
    491491<!ENTITY mpfr-version "4.1.0">
    492492<!ENTITY mpfr-size "1,490 KB">
    493 <!ENTITY mpfr-url ";/mpfr-&mpfr-version;.tar.xz">
     493<!ENTITY mpfr-url ";/mpfr-&mpfr-version;.tar.xz">
    494494<!ENTITY mpfr-md5 "bdd3d5efba9c17da8d83a35ec552baef">
    495495<!ENTITY mpfr-home "">
    567567<!ENTITY psmisc-url ";.tar.xz">
    568568<!ENTITY psmisc-md5 "8114cd4489b95308efe2509c3a406bbf">
    569 <!ENTITY psmisc-home "">
     569<!ENTITY psmisc-home "">
    570570<!ENTITY psmisc-fin-du "5.7 MB">
    571571<!ENTITY psmisc-fin-sbu "less than 0.1 SBU">
    616616<!ENTITY sysklogd-version "1.5.1">
    617617<!ENTITY sysklogd-size "88 KB">
    618 <!ENTITY sysklogd-url ";.tar.gz">
     618<!ENTITY sysklogd-url ";.tar.gz">
    619619<!ENTITY sysklogd-md5 "c70599ab0d037fde724f7210c2c8d7f8">
    620 <!ENTITY sysklogd-home "">
     620<!ENTITY sysklogd-home "">
    621621<!ENTITY sysklogd-fin-du "0.6 MB">
    622622<!ENTITY sysklogd-fin-sbu "less than 0.1 SBU">
    642642<!ENTITY sysvinit-url "&savannah;/releases/sysvinit/sysvinit-&sysvinit-version;.tar.xz">
    643643<!ENTITY sysvinit-md5 "e3254f7622ea5cf2322b1b386a98ba59">
    644 <!ENTITY sysvinit-home "">
     644<!ENTITY sysvinit-home "&savannah-nongnu;/projects/sysvinit">
    645645<!ENTITY sysvinit-fin-du "1.4 MB">
    646646<!ENTITY sysvinit-fin-sbu "less than 0.1 SBU">
    695695<!ENTITY util-linux-url "&kernel;linux/utils/util-linux/v&util-linux-minor;/util-linux-&util-linux-version;.tar.xz">
    696696<!ENTITY util-linux-md5 "f78419af679ac9678190ad961eb3cf27">
    697 <!ENTITY util-linux-home "">
     697<!ENTITY util-linux-home "">
    698698<!ENTITY util-linux-tmp-du "134 MB">
    699699<!ENTITY util-linux-tmp-sbu "0.7 SBU">
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