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    r4621dcb rd7c5e6c  
    1818$regex[ 'mpfr'     ] = "/^mpfr-([\d\.]+)\.tar.*$/";
    1919$regex[ 'Python'   ] = "/^.*Latest Python 3.*Python (3[\d\.]+\d).*$/";
    20 $regex[ 'systemd'  ] = "/^.*v([\d]+)$/";
     20$regex[ 'systemd'  ] = "/^.*systemd v([\d]+)$/";
    2121//$regex[ 'sysvinit' ] = "/^.*sysvinit-([\d\.]+)dsf\.tar.*$/";
    2222$regex[ 'tzdata'   ] = "/^.*tzdata([\d]+[a-z]).*$/";
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    r4621dcb rd7c5e6c  
    301301    <command>ld</command> by passing it the <parameter>--verbose</parameter>
    302302    flag. For example, <command>$LFS_TGT-ld --verbose | grep SEARCH</command>
    303     will illustrate the current search paths and their order. It shows which
    304     files are linked by <command>ld</command> by compiling a dummy program and
    305     passing the <parameter>--verbose</parameter> switch to the linker. For
    306     example,
    307     <command>$LFS_TGT-gcc dummy.c -Wl,--verbose 2&gt;&amp;1 | grep succeeded</command>
    308     will show all the files successfully opened during the linking.</para>
     303    will illustrate the current search paths and their order. Note that this
     304    example can be run as shown only while being user
     305    <systemitem class="username">lfs</systemitem>. If you come back to this
     306    page later, replace <command>$LFS_TGT-ld</command> with just
     307    <command>ld</command>.</para>
    310309    <para>The next package installed is gcc. An example of what can be
    319318    operation of <command>gcc</command> itself, the same search paths are not
    320319    necessarily used. To find out which standard linker <command>gcc</command>
    321     will use, run: <command>$LFS_TGT-gcc -print-prog-name=ld</command>.</para>
     320    will use, run: <command>$LFS_TGT-gcc -print-prog-name=ld</command>. Again,
     321    remove the <command>$LFS_TGT-</command> part if coming back to this
     322    later.</para>
    323324    <para>Detailed information can be obtained from <command>gcc</command> by
    324325    passing it the <parameter>-v</parameter> command line option while compiling
    325     a dummy program. For example, <command>gcc -v dummy.c</command> will show
     326    a program. For example, <command>$LFS_TGT-gcc -v
     327    <replaceable>example.c</replaceable></command> (or without <command>
     328    $LFS_TGT-</command> if coming back later to this) will show
    326329    detailed information about the preprocessor, compilation, and assembly
    327     stages, including <command>gcc</command>'s included search paths and their
    328     order.</para>
     330    stages, including <command>gcc</command>'s search paths for included
     331    headers and their order.</para>
    330333    <para>Next installed are sanitized Linux API headers. These allow the
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