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[1aacd4b5]1<appendix role="dsssl" id="appendices-symlinks">
[f45b1953]2<?dbhtml filename="symlinks.html" dir="appendices"?>
[b2a9f85]3<title>List of rc?.d symlinks used in <acronym>LFS</acronym>/<acronym>BLFS</acronym></title>
[780a9d3d]5<para>This section lists all of the symlinks used by the lfs-bootscripts
[f45b1953]6package (correct as of version <userinput>1.9</userinput>) and all of
[b2a9f85]7the scripts in the <acronym>BLFS</acronym> book. This is for two reasons:
8first, so that you can see at a glance which number we have used for each
9package, and second so that <emphasis>we</emphasis> can see which number we
10have used for each package! Without this, it would make our lives more
[f45b1953]11difficult (as we'd probably end up with conflicts).</para>
13<para>It should go without saying that this is <emphasis>not</emphasis>
14the only (or some would argue even optimal) setup for the symlinks. In
[46bca118]15the <acronym>LFS</acronym> tradition, you should find what suits <emphasis>you
16</emphasis> and use that; our recommendations are only a template.</para>
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