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#2360 fixed Zsh 4.3.5 Ag. Hatzimanikas Ag. Hatzimanikas

Development version increment.

Release announcement at:

The multibyte support in the development branch is almost complete.

It worths mentioning that all the major distributions excepts fedora (watching their bug reports, they doesn't seem to have *any* interest about zsh) are using the development version.

In a question in zsh workers mailing list (specifically about fedora) the zsh maintainer Peter Stephenson replied with these words.

"What I'm looking for before producing a new stable release (which will probably be version 5) are signs that the multibyte support in 4.3 is complete enough that most users aren't going to find significant gaps. It doesn't have to be flawless. At some point we need to decide that things are working well enough. With Linux, I think that's already the case, but I'm less clear about the state of other systems I don't see."

#2366 fixed dash-0.5.4 Ag. Hatzimanikas dnicholson@…

New version. Removes the need for the patch and the LC_ALL=C stuff. There is an optional libedit dependency now. I don't know how to handle that.

#2370 fixed rxvt-unicode-8.4 Ag. Hatzimanikas Randy McMurchy

Version increment to 8.3

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