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#2194 duplicate Drop Xfree86 from the book. blfs-book@… Ag. Hatzimanikas

I don't know any of the current editors that is still building Xfree,so there is no way to keep it updated.

If a user still wishes to build a monolithic X Window System he can always uses the last xorg-6.9.0 version.

So I suggest that XFree86-4.6.0 will be the last version that will be included in the BLFS-book.

#2195 wontfix Drop a2ps or/and enscript from the book. blfs-book@… Ag. Hatzimanikas

Currently there are 3 applications in the book that are doing the same job.

A2ps is unmaintaned.

Since paps is working fairly well in all locales,there is no reason to keep a2ps or enscript in the book.

At least on of them (if both) should be removed.

#2206 fixed paps 0.6.8 Randy McMurchy Ag. Hatzimanikas

Version increment.

Unlike the previous version,the build doesn't fail if doxygen is missing.

The following switches were added to enable/disable various types of documentation.

--disable-doxygen-doc   don't generate any doxygen documentation
--disable-doxygen-dot   don't generate graphics for doxygen documentation
--enable-doxygen-man    generate doxygen manual pages
--enable-doxygen-rtf    generate doxygen RTF documentation
--enable-doxygen-xml    generate doxygen XML documentation
--enable-doxygen-chm    generate doxygen compressed HTML help documentation
--enable-doxygen-chi    generate doxygen seperate compressed HTML help index
--disable-doxygen-html  don't generate doxygen plain HTML documentation
--disable-doxygen-ps    don't generate doxygen PostScript documentation
--disable-doxygen-pdf   don't generate doxygen PDF documentation

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