Status of the mkisofs iconv patch

Joerg Schilling filed a bug report to Debian for including that patch. However, this patch is absolutely necessary for mkisofs to understand UTF-8 as an input encoding (and thus for creation of CDs with Windows-readable non-ASCII filenames in UTF-8 locales). Ignore that flame war, but never report problems with charset set support directly to Joerg Schilling!

Burn mp3s onto an Audio CD

If you have lame installed you can burn mp3s to a CD that will play in an ordinary audio CD player with a simple script like this

#!/bin/bash -e

for TRACK in *
lame --decode "$TRACK" $((++count)).wav
rm -f "$TRACK"

cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc -audio -pad $(ls)

Change dev=/dev/hdc to suit your system.

Get a copy of the tracks you want into one folder, cd into the folder, put a blank CD in the drive and then run the script


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