If you use the -V #n option (where #n is an integer between 0 and 9) Lame can encode with a variable bitrate. This maximises the sound quality and keeps the file size small 0 gives the best quality (and largest files) 9 gives the lowest quality (smallest files). If you don't specify a number, the default is 4. Obviously, read man lame for more details.

If you have cdparanoia installed you can rip CD's with a simple script like this

#!/bin/bash -e

rm -rf U2-pop
mkdir U2-pop
cd U2-pop

function rip()
	cdparanoia $((++TRACK)) "$1".wav
	lame -V 0 --tt "$1" --ta "$ARTIST" --tl "$ALBUM" "$1".wav "$ARTIST - $1".mp3
	rm -f "$1".wav

rip "Discothèque"
rip "Do You Feel Loved"
rip "MOFO"
rip "If God Will Send His Angels"
rip "Staring At The Sun"
rip "Last Night On Earth"
rip "Gone"
rip "Miami"
rip "The Playboy Mansion"
rip "If You Wear That Velvet Dress"
rip "Please"
rip "Wake Up Dead Man"

echo "$ARTIST" - "$ALBUM" "has been ripped"
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