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util-linux v2.29.1

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util-linux 2.29.1 Release Notes

   - cleanup UL_NCURSES_CHECK  [Karel Zak]
   - don't clean *.img files  [Ruediger Meier]
   - fix compilation with ncurses and uClibc or musl libc  [Carlos Santos]
   - fix empty package release number  [Ruediger Meier]
   - prefer pkg-config for ncurses  [Karel Zak]
   - update package release number during development  [Ruediger Meier]
   - use MATH_LIBS for hwclock  [Karel Zak]
   - default to SCHED_RR policy  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - use -h as shorthand for --help instead of -u  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - Set ninodes after checking max  [Nate Clark]
   - add cross reference to namespaces(7)  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
   - ionice(1)  SEE ALSO  add ioprio_set(2)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - kill(1)  Add more detail on use of SIGTERM vs SIGKILL  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - kill(1)  Fix section reference for sigqueue(3) and add to SEE ALSO  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - kill(1)  Formatting fixes  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - kill(1)  Rework notes on thread groups  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - kill(1)  Wording fix  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - last(1)  Eliminate oddball formatting  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - last(1)  SEE ALSO  add reference to wtmp(5)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - lsns(8)  SEE ALSO  add namespaces(7)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - mount(8)  Wording fix  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - namei(1)  SEE ALSO  add symlink(7)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - nsenter(1)  Describe the 'file' argument used by namespace options  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - nsenter(1)  Formatting fix  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - nsenter(1)  add missing 'see also' for --user  [Karel Zak]
   - renice(1)  Add SEE ALSO entry for sched(7)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - renice(1)  Add credentials(7) to SEE ALSO  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - renice(1)  Remove obsolete BUGS text  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - renice(1)  Rework discussion of unprivileged users,  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - taskset(1)  Wording fix  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - update AUTHORS file  [Karel Zak]
   - update v2.29.1-ReleaseNotes  [Karel Zak]
   - various pages  Format pathnames as italic (.I)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - various pages  Use "ID" not "id" in man pages  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - various pages  Use "PID" not "pid" in man-pages  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - various pages  Use "system call" not "syscall"  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - various pages  Use 'UID" and "GID", not "uid" and "gid" in man pages  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - various pages  Use consistent terminology (set-user-ID and set-group-ID)  [Michael Kerrisk]
   - don't be silent when list non-existing device  [Karel Zak]
   - error on --target /non-exist  [Karel Zak]
   - don't check for permissions  [Karel Zak]
   - fix stupid typo  [Karel Zak]
   - Match minix superblock types  [Nate Clark]
   - Sanity check superblock s_state for v 1 and 2  [Nate Clark]
   - Use same checks for version 3  [Nate Clark]
   - (gpt) make calculations more robust  [Karel Zak]
   - recount size when apply user device properties  [Karel Zak]
   - add scols_cell_get_alignment()  [Karel Zak]
   - add aarch64 specific names  [Karel Zak]
   - Fix parser for /proc/<pid>/stat which is including space in comm  [OGAWA Hirofumi]
   - chfn(1)  add chsh and login.defs to SEE ALSO  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - chsh(1)  add login.defs to SEE ALSO  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - avoid double free() on exit  [Karel Zak]
   - merge changes  [Karel Zak]
   - update da.po (from  [Joe Hansen]
   - update fr.po (from  [Stéphane Aulery]
   - update pt_BR.po (from  [Rafael Fontenelle]
   - add "--" to SYNOPSIS  [Karel Zak]
   - cleanup --dump error messages  [Karel Zak]
   - don't be silent when list non-existing device  [Karel Zak]
su, runuser:
   - fix typo in the /etc/default path  [Karel Zak]
   - bail out from getpasswd(...) on timeout  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - make getpasswd(...) return NULL on ^D  [Andreas Henriksson]
   - fix typo leading to syntax error  [Bert van Hall]
   - (build-sys) don't link -lm by default  [Karel Zak]

- Correctly format page cross references  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Fix formatting errors in page cross references  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Fix page cross references  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Fix reference for scheduling discussion  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Fix section number in lockf() page xref  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Fix typo in page cross reference (capabilities(7), not, capability(7))  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- IPC namespaces also isolate POSIX message queues  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- If mtab support is disabled, disable ro/rw mtab checks  [Stanislav Brabec]
- Place SEE ALSO entries in order  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Provide better cross references for namespace concepts  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]
- Replace reference to sigvec(2) with sigaction(2)  [Michael Kerrisk (man-pages)]

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