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New point version.

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E2fsprogs 1.44.5 (December 15, 2018)
UI and Features

When e2fsck notices it could optimize an extent tree, it will now ask "Optimize?" instead of "Fix?", which was confusing some users since it implied that something was broken.

Use 64-bit counters to track the number of files that are defragmented using in e4defrag, to avoid overflows when more than 2**32 files are defragmented. (Addresses Debian Bug: #888899)

Correctly translate Posix ACL's. This was a regression introduced in v1.44.4. (Addresses Launchpad Bug: #1807288)

Use the online free block counts so e2freefrag's percentages are correct.

Fix a false warning that tune2fs will take long time to change a UUID if the metadata_csum feature is not enabled.

E2fsck will only offer to set the inline_data feature flag when the inline flag is set on the inode, *and* the xattr is present.

E4defrag will handle the case where it is running as root and it can't find the file system to open more gracefully. (Addresses Debian Bug: #907634)

Fix a bug where resize2fs was failing to update the extent tree checksums in an corner case. (Addresses Launchpad Bug: #1798562)

Fix fuse2fs's command line parsing when options are specified after the target device/image.

Fix a bug which could cause e2fsprogs tools to segfault on a corrupted file system where the journal's s_nr_users is impossibly large.

E2image now includes the mmp block (if needed) when creating a metadata-only image.

Fix various Verity handling bugs which made it completely unusable in e2fsprogs 1.44.4.

Fox a bug in tune2fs where it would dereference of freed memory after replaying the journal.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.

Synchronized changes from Android's AOSP e2fsprogs tree.

Fix groff formatting nits in various man pages. (Addresses Debian Bug: #916188)

Fixed various debian packaging issues (Addresses Debian Bug: #915942)

Adjusted the copyright license for lib/blkid/version.c to be LGPL (and consistent with the rest of files in that directory).

Fix various clang warnings.

Fix "make install" when configure was run with --enable-subset.

Make sure the regression tests clean up their tmpfile if the test script exits.

Fix build failures on non-glibc systems.


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Fixed at r11495

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