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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Changes between GMP version 6.1.* and 6.2.0


  • gmp_snprintf now correctly reports an error (returns -1) when snprintf does.
  • Conversion to double is now more robust even if the configuration process does not recognize the float format.
  • mpz_powm could return a not completely normalised value, when the exponent was 1 and the base < 0.
  • mpf_set_str could create invalid mpf_t variables for input strings with many leading zeros.


  • New C++ functions factorial, primorial and fibonacci for mpz_class.
  • Functions to detect primality now substitute the first 24 Miller-Rabin iterations with the BPSW test.
  • Mini-GMP: new functions mpz_2fac_ui and mpz_mfac_uiui.
  • Mini-GMP: mpz_sizeinbase, mpz_get_str, and mpz_set_str now support bases up to 62.
  • Mini-GMP: added support for the mpq_t layer.
  • MIPS r6 cores are now supported.


  • Major speedup for AMD Ryzen and Epyc thanks to an extensive set of assembly code.
  • Major speedup for IBM POWER9 thanks to assembly code making use of new madd instruction.
  • Speedup for 64-bit ARM CPUs thanks to new/improved assembly code.
  • The n-over-k function mpz_bin_ui has been reimplemented for great speedups for large operands.
  • Speedup for the worst case of mpz_perfect_power_p.
  • Speedup for gcd for small and medium size operands.
  • Speedup for really huge multiplies thanks to much larger FFT tables.


  • Internal representation of the mpz_t variables now supports lazy allocation; memory is allocated only when a value is stored.
  • Small improvements and better coverage for the test suite.
  • The tune/speed program can measure some more functions.
  • The low-level function mpn_mul no longer diverts to mpn_sqr, users should call mpn_sqr directly when applicable.
  • New installed files gmp.pc and gmpxx.pc, for use with pkg-config.

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

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Fixed at revision 11731.

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