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Util-linux 2.36.0

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New minor version.

Release highlights

blkdiscard(8) refuses to proceed if filesystem or RAID signatures are found in interactive mode (executed on a terminal). The option --force is required to the discard data.

irqtop(1) and lsirq(1) are NEW COMMANDS to monitor kernel interrupts.

cal(1) provides a new --vertical command line option to output calendar in vertical mode.

blkzone(8) implements open/close/finish commands now.

unshare(1) and nsenter(1) commands support the time namespace now.

agetty(8) now supports multiple paths in the option --issue-file.

The commands fdisk(8), sfdisk(8), cfdisk(8), mkswap(8) and wipefs(8) now support block devices locking by flock(2) to better behave with udevd or other tools. Ffor more details see This feature is controlled by a new command line option --lock and $LOCK_BLOCK_DEVICE environmental variable.

dmesg(1) supports a new command line option --follow-new to wait and print only new kernel messages.

fdisk(8) provides a new command line option --list-details to print more information about partition table. Another new command line option is --noauto-pt. It's usable to don't automatically create default partition table on empty devices.

The command fdisk(8) and sfdisk(8) support user-friendly aliases for partition types. For example "echo 'size=10M type=uefi' | sfdisk /dev/sda" creates EFI system partition on sda.

fstrim(8) supports new command line option --listed-in to specify alternatives where to read list of the filesystems. This option makes fstrim systemd service file more portable between distributions.

libfdisk provides API to relocate GPT backup header. This feature is usable to generate small, but still valid images for containers and resize the image later. This new feature is exported to command line by "sfdisk --relocate".

mount(8) now supports mount by ID= tag. The tag is a block device identifier as used by udevd in /dev/disk/by-id. It's usually WWN or another HW related identifier. This feature is designed for users who need to avoid filesystem or partition table dependence in fstab. The udevd is required for this tag.

login(1) supports list of "message of the day" files and directories in the option MOTD_FILE= in /etc/login.defs now. The default value is /usr/share/misc/motd:/run/motd:/etc/motd.

All tools which read /etc/login.defs is possible to compile with libeconf now.

The build system provides a new option --disable-hwclock-gplv3 to avoid optional GPLv3 code in the command hwclock(8).

The build system supports a new option --with-cryptsetup=dlopen to use dlopen for libcryptsetup in libmount dm-verity support. This is a temporary workaround to avoid collisions between JSON libraries and to reduce dependencies overhead in libmount. Note that dm-verity support is still EXPERIMENTAL and disabled by default.

more(1) has been refactored to meet 21st century codding standards.

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