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  • postlfs/config/bootdisk.xml

    r78b3cd61 ree61e9f  
    156156<para>The reason these commands are used is that they work regardless of
    157157the version of <command>mount</command> (older ones don't have the
    158 <command>-o loop</command> option) or if <filename>/etc/mtab</filename>
     158<userinput>-o loop</userinput> option) or if <filename>/etc/mtab</filename>
    159159is symlinked to <filename>/proc</filename> (which causes mount to be
    160160unable to properly "unbind" a loop device, due to "lost" information).
    174174command makes an ext2 file system on the loopback device (which really
    175175means it is created in the file to which the loopback device is bound)
    176 and reserves no blocks.  The "-N 504" parameter causes only 504 inodes
    177 to be allocated, leaving more space for other things needed in the file
    178 system.</para>
     176and reserves no blocks.  The <userinput>-N 504</userinput> parameter causes
     177only 504 inodes to be allocated, leaving more space for other things needed
     178in the file system.</para>
    180180<para><command>mount -t ext2 /dev/loop1 /mnt/loop1</command>: This
    185185<para>If your <command>mount</command> supports the
    186 <command>-o loop</command> option <emphasis>and</emphasis> your
     186<userinput>-o loop</userinput> option <emphasis>and</emphasis> your
    187187<filename>/etc/mtab</filename> is a real file, rather than a symlink to
    188188<filename>/proc</filename>, the three above commands can be replaced
    196196<para><command>mke2fs -F -m 0 -N 504 /tmp/rfloppy</command>: As before,
    197197a file system is made, with only 504 inodes and no reserved blocks, that
    198 will be bound to a loopback device.  The <command>-F</command> parameter
     198will be bound to a loopback device.  The <userinput>-F</userinput> parameter
    199199just suppresses an irritating question issued when
    200200<command>mke2fs</command> realizes that you are not accessing a
    512512and the file will be removed when the unmount is done.  Just omit the
    513513<command>losetup -d /dev/loop1</command> from the following
    514 sequence.  The -9 parameter is used with gzip to make the smallest
    515 possible compressed image.  To make sure it will fit on the diskette,
    516 list the file's size.</para>
     514sequence.  The <userinput>-9</userinput> parameter is used with
     515<command>gzip</command> to make the smallest possible compressed image.  To
     516make sure it will fit on the diskette, list the file's size.</para>
    518518<screen><userinput><command>umount /mnt/loop1 &amp;&amp;
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