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Source now available. The official release date is Tuesday 14th so I assume the Release Notes will be available in a few hours.

It is now possible to use system versions of nspr and pixman with stylo (57 needs a workaround, the fix is in 58 : thanks to github users rillian and eclipseo, and anarchy from gentoo, for the workaround), so since upstream wants to use it we'll recommend it.

The down side is that it requires clang the build becomes significantly bigger(about 0.8GB) and slower. I'm still working through updating my current systems, but at the moment the build SBU figures are somewhat more variable than I had expected, probably 18 to 22 SBU for a "typical" 4 core machine. But on one box which only has 4GB RAM less whatever its intel video uses, the build took 33 SBU on an otherwise idle system not running Xorg. I know that non-stylo builds on this box swap when linking (in an Xorg desktop), I suspect the increased use of swap is what took the time.

It's now gone midnight in my TZ. I'm now on the 14th November so I'll raise this.

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As noted on -book, SBU timings are all over the place, the main cause of variation seems to be the different processor (i.e. similar timings for recent SVN, 8.1 and fairly-similar for 8.0 on the same machine).

Among other things, the two options


are no longer accepted by the configure script, AFAICS the code is still there, I assume they decided to make it not optional.

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I decided to try ./configure --help : a lot of the switches just say that the help is missing for old configure options.

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This should be fixed in r19493, but I'm leaving this open until I have seen the Release Notes - most new major versions include some security fixes.

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Several CVEs rated as critical here.
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