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New point version.

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udisks 2.7.5

The udisks project provides a daemon, tools and libraries to access and manipulate disks, storage devices and technologies.

Changes since 2.7.4:

Marius Vollmer (1):

Add 'no-discard' option to formatting methods

Ondrej Holy (1):

UDisksObjectInfo: Fix size_str memory leaks

Sjoerd Simons (1):

Resolve mountpoint to the real path

Vojtech Trefny (23):

  • Post-release version bump to 2.7.5
  • Return error when calling 'volume_group_create' without devices
  • udiskszramutil.c: Check return value of chmod
  • tests/helper.c: Ignore NULL pointer dereference
  • udiskslinuxdrive.c: Use 'g_variant_type_equal' to compare variants
  • udiskslinuxdrive.c: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
  • udiskslinuxdrive.c: Fix resource leak
  • udiskslinuxdriveata.c: Chec return value of fscanf
  • udiskslinuxdriveata.c: Fix copy-paste error in apply_configuration_thread_func
  • udiskslinuxencrypted.c: Fix uninitialized variable
  • udiskslinuxmdraidobject.c: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
  • udisksctl.c: Fix uninitialized variables
  • Fix checking for distribution and version in integration tests
  • udisksctl.c: Fix "deadcode" warning
  • udisksctl.c: Ignore "check return" warning
  • Add dbus tests into the source archive
  • Actually check if we created primary partitions in tests
  • Include exFAT as a possible partition type for ID 0x07
  • Fix potentian NULL pointer dereference in udisksclient.c
  • Always try to read configuration from crypttab in handle_unlock
  • Add test for opening luks device with crypttab entry
  • integration-test: Do not wait forever in polkit tests
  • integration-test: Fix checking for mountpoints after removing luks

Vratislav Podzimek (15):

  • Do not clean all .service files
  • Make sure the table_type is consistent in handle_create_partition
  • Display the CI status on the main GH page
  • Try to wait a bit longer before retrying to remove a partition
  • Use the same trick when removing partition in both TestCases
  • Try harder when removing format as cleanup in tests
  • Do not skip integration tests on CentOS/RHEL
  • Wait for device to become initialized before probing it
  • Get rid of an unnecessary 'goto' in find_mount_options_for_fs()
  • Make sure the same mount option is not specified multiple times
  • Use different mode/dmode for shared file systems
  • Add a method for setting udev property for a device in tests
  • Add an assertion method for checking a objects interfaces
  • Add tests for mounting iso9660 with its specialties
  • Do 'udevadm settle' after every test

intrigeri (1):

Add test to check GUID/type after GPT partition flags change.

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Fixed at revision 19580.

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