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evolution and evolution-data-server-3.26.3

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New point version.

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Summary: evolution-data-server-3.26.3evolution and evolution-data-server-3.26.3

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Evolution-Data-Server 3.26.3 2017-12-11

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 789147 - [IMAPx] Slow message move with UID MOVE (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790032 - Google Contacts ESource recreated every start of source-registry (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 789549 - [IMAPx] Runtime warning after message copy/move (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790267 - Expired Google OAuth2 token not refreshed (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790759 - Proxies are ignored in EWebDAVDiscover and Google OAuth2 token refresh (Eloi Vanderbeken)
  • Bug 790887 - [IMAPx] Folder '[Gmail]' hidden after start (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790987 - [IMAPx] Also copy/move locally cached message on COPY/MOVE command (Milan Crha)


  • Extend workaround for bug 674885 (type initialisation deadlock in GObject) (Milan Crha)
  • [CamelOfflineStore] Incorrect disconnect when going online (Milan Crha)
  • [SMTP] Recognize rejected credentials during SASL authentication (Milan Crha)
  • [OAuth2] Enhance how expired or invalid access tokens are handled (Milan Crha)
  • [CalDAV/CardDAV] Always set error on failed connection attempt (Milan Crha)
  • Correct typo in libgweather include directory variable (Milan Crha)
  • Correct a failure condition in cal_client_init_in_dbus_thread() (Milan Crha)

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Evolution 3.26.3 2017-12-11

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug 789648 - Problem viewing .eml attachment (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 700778 - TNEF attachment not processed properly (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790263 - [alarm-notify] URLs in Location field should be clickable (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790326 - [evolution-backup] Allow running without GUI/DISPLAY (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 789526 - Incorrect message selected after Delete in real Trash folder (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 789571 - Handle webcal:// URI to add new On The Web calendar (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790069 - Free/Busy Publishing should not include X-SUMMARY and X-LOCATION (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790291 - Disallow shrinking message list to zero width (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 680268 - Handle meeting invitation with detached instances (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790311 - Print of message attachment shows main message headers (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790944 - Attachment filename in multipart/mixed can be lost (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790666 - Comma in Full Name breaks meeting organizer validity check (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 790952 - Skip extra leading forward slashes in mailto: from Chrome (Milan Crha)
  • Bug 791203 - Add file extension to pasted image in Plain Text mode (Milan Crha)


  • Workaround bug 674885 (type initialisation deadlock in GObject) (Milan Crha)
  • [Calendar] set_style_from_attendee(): Prevent crash when attendee has no mail set (Milan Crha)
  • Drag&drop of multiple messages from message list to composer fails (Milan Crha)
  • [Composer] Better care of autosave snapshot after WebKitWebProcess crash (Milan Crha)

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 19629.

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