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New point version.

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19/12/2017 autofs-5.1.4

  • fix spec file url.
  • fix unset tsd group name handling.
  • Add -c option when calling /bin/umount - if supported.
  • remove some redundant rpc library code.
  • add port parameter to rpc_ping().
  • dont probe NFSv2 by default.
  • add version parameter to rpc_ping().
  • fix typo in autofs config file comments.
  • fix typos in autofs man pages.
  • use pkg-config to search for libtirpc to fix cross-compilation.
  • fix incorrect status return in get_nfs_info().
  • fix a couple of compiler warnings.
  • set systemd KillMode to process.
  • fix mount.nfs blocks on first mount.
  • fix some man page problems.
  • add some more debug logging to get_nfs_info().
  • add some more debug logging to get_supported_ver_and_cost().
  • fix ipv6 proto option handling.
  • also check flag file exe name.
  • fix possible map instance memory leak.
  • check map instances for staleness on map update.
  • allow dot in OPTIONSTR value lexer pattern.
  • fix autofs_use_lofs description.
  • fix amd parser error buffer size.
  • make spawn_bind_mount() use mount_wait as well.
  • document ghost option in auto.master man page.
  • only take master map mutex for master map update.
  • revert fix argc off by one in mount_autofs.c.
  • reset master map list on startup retry.
  • fix nisplus lookup init not configured check.
  • make open_lookup() error handling more consistent.
  • be silent about sss library not found.
  • be silent about nis domain not set.
  • make map source reference message debug only.
  • improve description of mount_nfs_default_protocol.
  • the port option should not behave like nobind option.
  • handle additional nfs versions in mount_nfs.c.
  • fix symlink option passthrough in mount_nfs.c.
  • fix ordering of seteuid/setegid in do_spawn().
  • update configure to check for pipe2(2).
  • fix open calls not using open_xxxx() calls.
  • move open_xxxx() functions to spawn.c.
  • serialize calls to open_xxxx() functions.
  • improve debug logging of lookup key.
  • fix typo in amd_parse.c.
  • add missing MODPREFIX to logging in amd parser.
  • fix symlink false negative in umount_multi().
  • remove expand_selectors() on amd parser entry.
  • fix amd defaults map entry handling.
  • refactor amd_parse.c.
  • fix amd parser double quote handling.
  • fix expandamdent() quote handling.
  • fix possible memory leak during amd parse.
  • remove path restriction of amd external mount.
  • add function umount_amd_ext_mount().
  • add function ext_mount_inuse().
  • add function construct_argv().
  • add amd mount type program mount support.
  • fix memory leak in umount_amd_ext_mount().
  • fix strerror_r() parameter declaration in do program_mount().
  • fix incorrect check in validate_program_options().
  • fix log message in spawn_umount().
  • workaround getaddrinfo(3) ai_canonname bug

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 19624.

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