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intel-microcode : 20180312 is now available (was 20180108 has been pulled)

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The link now goes to 20171117, so at the moment the text "As of this writing the most recent version of the microcode is microcode-20180108.tgz" is wrong.

Earlier, I saw on lkml that dmw's work re Spectre (v1, I think) blacklisted microcode version 0x23 for Haswell. As noted yesterday, that version has been flagged as "do not install" by intel.

Since the link works and there is not (yet) a newer version, changing the book is not urgent. Perhaps newer versions will appear before we freeze for 8.2.

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comment:1 by bdubbs@…, 6 years ago

I fixed this at revision 19704, but will leave the ticket open pending a new firmware release by Intel.

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Milestone: 8.28.3

No new firmware. Moving to 8.3 for now, but if something comes up, we cna address it before 8.2 is released.

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comment:4 by ken@…, 6 years ago

Summary: intel-microcode : 20180108 has been pulledintel-microcode : 20180312 is now available (was 20180108 has been pulled)

Link to latest version is now

Updates upon 20171117 release

MODEL STEP f-mm-s:pf version

-- New Platforms --

BDX-DE EGW A0 6-56-5:10 e000009

SKX B1 6-55-3:97 1000140

-- Updates --

SNB D2 6-2a-7:12 29->2d

JKT C1 6-2d-6:6d 619->61c

JKT C2 6-2d-7:6d 710->713

IVB E2 6-3a-9:12 1c->1f

IVT C0 6-3e-4:ed 428->42c

IVT D1 6-3e-7:ed 70d->713

HSW Cx/Dx 6-3c-3:32 22->24

HSW-ULT Cx/Dx 6-45-1:72 20->23

CRW Cx 6-46-1:32 17->19

HSX C0 6-3f-2:6f 3a->3c

HSX-EX E0 6-3f-4:80 0f->11

BDW-U/Y E/F 6-3d-4:c0 25->2a

BDW-H E/G 6-47-1:22 17->1d

BDX-DE V0/V1 6-56-2:10 0f->15

BDW-DE V2 6-56-3:10 700000d->7000012

BDW-DE Y0 6-56-4:10 f00000a->f000011

SKL-U/Y D0 6-4e-3:c0 ba->c2

SKL R0 6-5e-3:36 ba->c2

KBL-U/Y H0 6-8e-9:c0 62->84

KBL B0 6-9e-9:2a 5e->84

CFL D0 6-8e-a:c0 70->84

CFL U0 6-9e-a:22 70->84

CFL B0 6-9e-b:02 72->84

SKX H0 6-55-4:b7 2000035->2000043

Apparently, this also includes the old microcode.dat for those distributions still using that, as well as the modern ucode/ directory.

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NB at the moment, the change to accept the Skylake mitigation for this is not yet in tip AFAICS, so it is not yet in linus' tree. But it looks as if SandyBridge now has new firmware.

comment:6 by ken@…, 6 years ago

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Fixed in r19951.

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