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pygobject3-3.28.0 (Python Module)

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3.28.0 - 2018-03-12

  • GLib.Variant: Fix creation of guchar arrays from bytes (3.27.2 regression). :issue:174 :mr:30

3.27.5 - 2018-03-01

  • Re-revert transfer-none boxed copy changes (:mr:23). Now with more fixes and tests. :mr:24 (:user:Mathieu Duponchelle <mathieudu>)
  • Add caching for boxed type lookup and try to avoid the import lock. :mr:13 (:user:Mikhail Fludkov <>)

3.27.4 - 2018-02-14

  • tests: Fix tests under Wayland. :issue:163
  • tests: Make it possible to use pytest directly.
  • Reverted transfer-none boxed copy changes (:mr:10) due to regressions in gnome-music. :issue:164 :mr:23

3.27.3 - 2018-02-10

  • Fix a 3.27.2 regression where functions return invalid boxed values. :mr:16 (thanks to :user:Mikhail Fludkov <> for providing a test)
  • tests: Make tests run without Gtk/Gdk installed. :mr:17 (:user:Mikhail Fludkov <>)
  • tests: Remove dependency on localedef. :commit:64b02e301
  • tests: Require/Use pytest. :mr:20 :issue:153

3.27.2 - 2018-02-07

  • Add a "quality" command which is equal to "make check.quality".
  • Add a "test" command which is equal to "make check". :mr:5
  • Install pkg-config and header files.
  • Improve pycairo header lookup with pycairo >=1.16. :issue:150
  • autotools: "make check.quality" now requires flake8.
  • overrides: Fix Gtk.Adjustment.init() overrides not setting "value" sometimes. :issue:151 :mr:3
  • overrides: GLib.Variant: add support to create maybe types. :issue:152 :mr:4 (:user:Alberto Ruiz <aruiz>)
  • Make it possible to resolve ambiguous vmethod names. Ambiguities can be resolved by implementing methods named "do_$namespaced_base_class_name_$vfunc_name". :mr:9 :issue:105 (:user:Mathieu Duponchelle <mathieudu>)
  • Fix setting a property installed in Python from C in some cases. :mr:8 (:user:Mathieu Duponchelle <mathieudu>)
  • pygobject-object: fix memory corruption around list of closures. :mr:12 :issue:158 (:user:Mikhail Fludkov <>)
  • Don't copy the boxed if we are the sole owner of the wrapper after a closure. :mr:14
  • Only copy transfer-none boxed values in closures once the closure exists. This allows modifying the passed boxed while allowing to keep the wrapper around after the closure is done. :mr:10 (:user:Mathieu Duponchelle <mathieudu>)

3.27.1 - 2017-12-11

  • Revert " Also set setup_requires to require pycairo" (Christoph Reiter)
  • Also set setup_requires to require pycairo (Christoph Reiter)
  • Provide a os.path.samefile fallback for Python 2 under Windows (Christoph Reiter)
  • Add sphinx based documentation (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:791448)
  • PKG-INFO: Revert name back to PyGObject (Christoph Reiter)
  • Rework pycairo discovery to not use pkg-config (Christoph Reiter)
  • Fix the distcheck command on Windows (Christoph Reiter)
  • Remove various classifiers and the download-url which aren't accepted by pypi (Christoph Reiter)
  • version bump (Christoph Reiter)

3.27.0 - 2017-12-08

  • demo: pep8 fixes (Christoph Reiter)
  • Fix ctypes.PyDLL construction under Windows (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:622084)
  • Error out in case autoconf-archive isn't installed (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:784428)
  • Move into tools (Christoph Reiter)
  • README: Convert to reST (Christoph Reiter)
  • demo: Move demo into examples and dist it (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:735918)
  • demo: Add new Gtk.FlowBox example (Gian Mario Tagliaretti) (:bzbug:735918)
  • demo: Use HeaderBar for main app window (Simon Feltman) (:bzbug:735918)
  • demo: PyFlakes and PEP8 fixes (Simon Feltman) (:bzbug:735918)
  • demo: Rename to (Simon Feltman) (:bzbug:735918)
  • demo: Rename demos/gtk-demo to simply demo (Simon Feltman) (:bzbug:735918)
  • Remove AUTHORS file (Christoph Reiter)
  • Remove pre-commit.hook (Christoph Reiter)
  • Port to distutils/setuptools (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:789211)
  • Install a default SIGINT handler for functions which start an event loop (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:622084)
  • Make Python OS signal handlers run when an event loop is idling (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:622084)
  • Drop Python 3.3 support (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:790787)
  • Drop set_value usage in Gtk.List/TreeStore.set override (Sander Sweers) (:bzbug:790346)
  • pygobject-object: Fix Python GC collecting a ref cycle too early (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:731501)
  • Fix potential uninitialized memory access during GC (Daniel Colascione) (:bzbug:786872)
  • test: revert parts of the previous test as it's broken on 32 bit builds (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:786948)
  • flags: Add testcase for bug 786948 (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:786948)
  • fix potential overflow when marshalling flags from py interface (Philippe Renon) (:bzbug:786948)
  • to_py_array: Properly handle enum array items (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:788890)
  • pygobject.doap: Add myself as maintainer (Christoph Reiter)
  • closure: Fix unaligned and out-of-bounds access (James Clarke) (:bzbug:788894)
  • build: Fix not installing .egg-info file (Christoph Reiter) (:bzbug:777719)
  • Drop pygobject-3.0-uninstalled.pc file (Christoph Reiter)
  • tests: Windows fix (Christoph Reiter)
  • tests: some more C locale fixes (Christoph Reiter)
  • tests: Make the test suite pass with the C locale (Christoph Reiter)
  • post-release version bump to 3.27.0 (Christoph Reiter)

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