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New minor version.

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man: note that we don't do /dev/input/by-id or /dev/input/by-path

For logind-setups we need to match the path libinput wants to open with the Option Device path that the device has so we know when to return the server-fd. This doesn't work for by-id or by-path because libinput resolves those (through udev) to the actual eventX node so our paths look different when they are the same device.

This could be fixed but since this is easy enough to work around with a InputClass section and rather a niche case, it's not really worth the effort.

Apply the capabilities checks on subdevices when applying the config

Properties are initialized on the correct devices only but on resume we'd just blindly apply the config from our device. Depending on the resume order, this would mean we'd apply a previously set config with a default config.


  • pointer device with keyboard subdevice
  • pointer device exports natural scrolling, keyboard device does not and remains at default (off)
  • client enables natural scrolling on the pointer device
  • VT switch away, VT switch back
  • pointer device gets enabled first, enables natural scrolling on the libinput device
  • keyboard device gets enabled second, resets to the default value

Split LibinputDeviceApplyConfig into helper functions

No functional changes

Move the subdevice capabilities check into the properties

87f9fe3a6fafe60134c6's intention was to not create properties that a subdevice doesn't have configuration options for (i.e. if you have a pointer+keyboard device, don't expose tapping configuration on the keyboard subdevice).

The result was messy, the checker function had a confusing triple-negation and some properties weren't checked - e.g. left-handed was allowed for touch/tablet but not for pointer, dwt was allowed for any device.

Fix this by moving the check into the property init function directly and inverting the helper function to be easier to read.

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Fixed at revision 20002.

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