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New point version.

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Changes in 2.2.4 (since 2.2.3):

* New interfaces and functionality

** SRFI-71 (Extended LET-syntax for multiple values)

Guile now includes SRFI-71, which extends let, let*, and letrec to
support assigning multiple values.  See "SRFI-71" in the manual for

** (web client) export 'http-request' procedure

The 'http-request' procedure is the generalized procedure underneath
'http-get', 'http-post', etc.

** GDB support now registers the 'guile-backtrace' GDB command

The 'guile-backtrace' GDB command displays a backtrace of the VM stack
for the current thread.

** Recognize RISC-V compilation targets in (system base target)

* Bug fixes

** Fix stack-marking bug affecting multi-threaded programs

** Add missing SYNC_IP calls in the VM

These could cause multi-threaded code to crash.

** Fix multi-threaded access to modules
   (<>, <>,
    and <>)

** (ice-9 match) now has better documentation

** 'get-bytevector-n' and 'get-bytevector-n!' can now read more than 4 GB

** Fix cross-compilation support for elisp

** Fix error reporting in 'load-thunk-from-memory'

** Fix GOOPS 'instance?' to work on objects that aren't structs

** Fix type inference for bitwise logical operators

** Avoid inexact arithmetic in the type inferrer for 'sqrt'

** Fix floating point unboxing regression in 2.2.3

** Fix eta-conversion edge cases in peval (<>)

** Correctly interpret SRFI-18 timeout parameters

** 'select' returns empty sets upon EINTR and EAGAIN

** Restore pre-2.2.3 '%fresh-auto-compile' behavior

This reverts an incorrect fix for <>.

                             *  *  *

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Fixed at r20258

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