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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
Priority: high Milestone: 8.3
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New minor version.

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comment:1 by ken@…, 6 years ago

From :

"SMTP send heap buffer overflow Project curl Security Advisory, July 11th 2018 - Permalink

VULNERABILITY curl might overflow a heap based memory buffer when sending data over SMTP and using a reduced read buffer.

When sending data over SMTP, curl allocates a separate "scratch area" on the heap to be able to escape the uploaded data properly if the uploaded data contains data that requires it.

The size of this temporary scratch area was mistakenly made to be 2 * sizeof(download_buffer) when it should have been made 2 * sizeof(upload_buffer).

The upload and the download buffer sizes are identically sized by default (16KB) but since version 7.54.1, curl can resize the download buffer into a smaller buffer (as well as larger). If the download buffer size is set to a value smaller than 10923, the Curl_smtp_escape_eob() function might overflow the scratch buffer when sending contents of sufficient size and contents.

The curl command line tool lowers the buffer size when --limit-rate is set to a value smaller than 16KB.

We are not aware of any exploit of this flaw."

(test case in the advisory, I guess anybody using curl over SMTP ought to upgrade)

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 6 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Douglas R. Reno
Status: newassigned

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 6 years ago

Priority: normalhigh
 Fixed in 7.61.0 - July 11 2018


    getinfo: add microsecond precise timers for seven intervals
    curl: show headers in bold, switch off with --no-styled-output
    httpauth: add support for Bearer tokens
    curl: --tls13-ciphers and --proxy-tls13-ciphers
    curl: --disallow-username-in-url 


    CVE-2018-0500: smtp: fix SMTP send buffer overflow
    schannel: disable client cert option if APIs not available
    schannel: disable manual verify if APIs not available
    tests/libtest/Makefile: Do not unconditionally add gcc-specific flags
    openssl: acknowledge --tls-max for default version too
    stub_gssapi: fix 'unused parameter' warnings
    examples/progressfunc: make it build on both new and old libcurls
    docs: mention it is HA Proxy protocol "version 1"
    curl_fnmatch: only allow two asterisks for matching
    docs: clarify CURLOPT_HTTPGET
    configure: replace a AC_TRY_RUN with CURL_RUN_IFELSE
    configure: do compile-time SIZEOF checks instead of run-time
    checksrc: make sure sizeof() is used *with* parentheses
    CURLOPT_ACCEPT_ENCODING.3: add brotli and clarify a bit
    schannel: make CAinfo parsing resilient to CR/LF
    tftp: make sure error is zero terminated before printfing it
    http resume: skip body if http code 416 (range error) is ignored
    configure: add basic test of --with-ssl prefix
    cmake: set -d postfix for debug builds
    multi: provide a socket to wait for in Curl_protocol_getsock
    content_encoding: handle zlib versions too old for Z_BLOCK
    winbuild: only delete OUTFILE if it exists
    winbuild: In fix typo DISTDIR->DIRDIST
    schannel: add failf calls for client certificate failures
    cmake: Fix the test for fsetxattr and strerror_r
    curl.1: Fix cmdline-opts reference errors
    cmdline-opts/ warn if mutexes: or see-also: list non-existing options
    cmake: check for getpwuid_r
    configure: fix ssh2 linking when built with a static mbedtls
    psl: use latest psl and refresh it periodically
    fnmatch: insist on escaped bracket to match
    KNOWN_BUGS: restore text regarding #2101
    INSTALL: LDFLAGS=-Wl,-R/usr/local/ssl/lib
    configure: override AR_FLAGS to silence warning
    os400: implement mime api EBCDIC wrappers
    curl.rc: embed manifest for correct Windows version detection
    strictness: correct {infof, failf} format specifiers
    tests: update .gitignore for libtests
    configure: check for declaration of getpwuid_r
    fnmatch: use the system one if available
    CURLOPT_RESOLVE: always purge old entry first
    multi: remove a potentially bad DEBUGF()
    curl_addrinfo: use same #ifdef conditions in source as header
    build: remove the Borland specific makefiles
    axTLS: not considered fit for use
    cmdline-opts/cert-type.d: mention "p12" as a recognized type
    system.h: add support for IBM xlc C compiler
    tests/libtest: Add lib1521 to nodist_SOURCES leave certificate name untouched
    boringssl + schannel: undef X509_NAME in lib/schannel.h
    openssl: assume engine support in 1.0.1 or later
    cppcheck: fix warnings
    test 46: make test pass after year 2025
    schannel: support selecting ciphers
    Curl_debug: remove dead printhost code
    test 1455: unflakified
    Curl_init_do: handle NULL connection pointer passed in
    progress: remove a set of unused defines make -u delete certdata.txt if found not changed explains how this project is run
    configure: use pkg-config for c-ares detection
    configure: enhance ability to build with static openssl
    maketgz: fix sed issues on OSX
    multi: fix memory leak when stopped during name resolve
    CURLOPT_INTERFACE.3: interface names not supported on Windows
    url: fix dangling conn->data pointer
    cmake: allow multiple SSL backends
    system.h: fix for gcc on 32 bit OpenServer
    ConnectionExists: make sure conn->data is set when "taking" a connection
    multi: fix crash due to dangling entry in connect-pending list
    CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER.3: Add performance note
    netrc: use a larger buffer to support longer passwords
    url: check Curl_conncache_add_conn return code
    configure: Add dependent libraries after crypto
    easy_perform: faster local name resolves by using *multi_timeout()
    getnameinfo: not used, removed all configure checks
    travis: add a build using the synchronous name resolver
    CURLINFO_TLS_SSL_PTR.3: improve the example
    openssl: allow TLS 1.3 by default
    openssl: make the requested TLS version the *minimum* wanted
    openssl: Remove some dead code
    telnet: fix clang warnings
    DEPRECATE: new doc describing planned item removals
    example/crawler.c: simple crawler based on libxml2
    libssh: goto DISCONNECT state on error, not SESSION_FREE
    CMake: Remove unused functions
    darwinssl: allow High Sierra users to build the code using GCC
    scripts: include _curl as part of CLEANFILES 

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at r20264

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