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The second 1.14 bug-fix release (1.14.2) was released on 20 July 2018.

This release only contains bugfixes and it should be safe to update from 1.14.x.

Noteworthy bugfixes in 1.14.2
asfdemux: Only send flush-stop event for flushing seeks
glcolorbalance: Support OES textures for input/passthrough, avoids possibly-unnecessary extra texture copy on Android in the default GL path inside glimagesink.
parsebin: Don't try to continue autoplugging a parser if we got raw caps
audiobasesrc: Round down segsize to an integer number of samples
scaletempo: Mark as Audio in classification
souphttpsrc: thread-safety fixes
v4l2bufferpool: Validate that capture buffers were queued, to detect when buffer importation was refused by the driver.
v4l2bufferpool: Only return eos for M2M devices not v4l2src when buggy driver sends empty buffer
v4l2allocator: Fix userptr importation
v4l2src: Try to avoid TRY_FMT when camera is streaming, some drivers don't like it
v4l2videoenc: Only renegotiate with upstream, fixes use in GstRtspServer pipeline
v4l2: many other fixes
pitch: fix latency reporting, and various other things
dvb: fix wrong (GPL) license headers in camconditionalaccess code
webrtc: Fix transportsendbin to fix spurious shut-down failures in webrtcbin if DTLS negotiation hasn't completed yet.
webrtc: Don't deadlock on blocked pads on shutdown
webrtcbin: copy sticky events on our ghostpads so users can use gst_pad_get_current_caps() to determine what to do with newly-added pads.
webrtcbin: fix rtpstorage configuration on 32-bit systems
webrtcbin: implement support for FEC and RTX
gstplayer: Fix duration-changed CRITICAL warning if duration did not actually change
gstplayer: Avoid trying to join the player thread from itself
codecparsers: mpeg2 parsing fixes for zero-sized packets
wasapisink: fix a rounding error when calculating the buffer frame count
wasapisink: fix missing unlock in case IAudioClient_Start fails
wasapi: fix potential crash with MinGW
rtsp-server: fix race during udpsrc setup, avoiding pushing data on unlinked udpsrc pad
rtsp-server: fix waiting for multiple streams in rtspclientsink
gst-editing-services: group: Fix handling clips that are added to a layer
gst-editing-services: python binding fixes
gst-validate launcher: Allow retrieving coredumps from within flatpak
gst-validate launcher: Fix the --forever switch which was not stopping on error
vaapi: h264 encoder negotiation fixes
vaapi: fix issues with native EGL display
more GIR annotations fixes, especially for arrays
gstreamer-sharp bindings were updated for g-i annotation fixes in other modules
fuzzing fixes
memory leak fixes
build fixes:
build fixes for MSVC compiler
meson: Fix detection of glib-mkenums under MSYS2 plus other meson buil fixes
Fix static build symbol redefinition errors (xvimage, gst-libav)
qmlgl: build fixes for conflicting declaration of type GLsync for non-android
gl: build fixes for missing EGLuint64KHR typedef
... and many more!
Contributors to 1.14.2
Alessandro Decina, Antoine Jacoutot, Brendan Shanks, Carlos Rafael Giani, Christoph Reiter, Edward Hervey, Göran Jönsson, Guillaume Desmottes, Hyunjun Ko, Iñigo Huguet, Jan Schmidt, Johan Bjäreholt, Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne, Lyon Wang, Marian Mihailescu, Mark Nauwelaerts, Mathieu Duponchelle, Matthew Waters, Michael Tretter, Nicolas Dufresne, Nirbheek Chauhan, Philipp Zabel, Roland Jon, Sebastian Dröge, Seungha Yang, Sreerenj Balachandran, Suhas Nayak, Thibault Saunier, Tim-Philipp Müller, Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal, Vivia Nikolaidou, wangzq, and many others. Thank you all.

List of bugs fixed in 1.14.2
For a full list of bugfixes see Bugzilla. Note that this is not the full list of changes. For the full list of changes please refer to the GIT logs or ChangeLogs of the particular modules.

Getting all of the individual changelogs would be overkill. These should point out the most important pieces of information.

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Fixed at r20316

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