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New point version.

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For 2.56.2:

Overview of changes in GLib 2.56.2

* Support version 2 of the NetworkMonitor portal interface

* Bug fixes:
 740791 gio: cannot specify the source when joining a multicast group...
 755721 g_inotify_file_monitor_start called with nullpointer for dirn...
 773435 After g_get_home_dir() fails, a second use deadlocks
 793727 Use-after-free in emit_network_changed() of gnetworkmonitorba...
 794380 Build failure of gcocoanotificationbackend.c on OS X < 10.9
 794801 /network-monitor/add_networks fails if there is a proxy and g...
 795138 gobject build failure with gcc <= 4.7
 795234 Fix Jenkins CI build failures for network tests
 795406 Glib fails to build for Android
 795429 glib-genmarshal shows redundant "time" warning message agains...
 795711 gitlab-ci: update meson
 795735 Fix comparison for GVariant property values
 795802 gdbus-codegen doesn't accept --output-directory with --output...
 #1240 W32: g_get_system_data_dirs() works differently for C++ applic...
#1401 g_clear_handle_id: clear_func is nullable, despite documentatin...
#1452 GFileInfo: unable to retrieve correct modification time of link...
#1458 g_volume_get_mount returns NULL value after g_volume_mount_fini...

* Translation updates

For 2.28:

Overview of changes in GLib 2.57.2

* Require pcre 8.31
* Require meson 0.47.0

* Bugs fixed:
 742456 Add g_steal_pointer() convenience function to mark ownership...
 795569 MinGW CI: fix tests
 796341 gmem.h: Use typeof() in g_steal_pointer() macro 
 #1013 Support for per-session overrides
 #1360 glib-mkenums breaks if option specified but no nick
 #1175 Add names and tags to various GSources and GTasks constructed in GLib
 #903 g_main_context_wait() not deprecated in API, but emits a g_critical()...
 #786 Fix memory leaks in libgio tests
 #927 gio/gresource.c:do_lookup check for terminating "/"
 #976 Document difference between g_assert() and g_assert_*()...
 #1447 glib 2.57.1: test_month_names: assertion failed...

* Translation updates:

Overview of changes in GLib 2.57.3

* MinGW-w64 ABI warning: In case you build 64 bit glib without LFS support by
  passing --disable-largefile (not the default) and use GStatBuf, you need to
  rebuild your application as the size of GStatBuf has changed for this case.
  See #1476

Overview of changes in GLib 2.58.0

* Tarball built with `ninja dist`, so if you want to build this release with
  autotools (which is supported), you will need to re-run This
  release, and all micro releases in the 2.58.x series, support being built
  with Meson or autotools. See:

* Fix cancellation of g_subprocess_communicate_async() calls. See !266.

* Drop support for the __int64 type, which further breaks compilation on old
  MSVC versions (before VS2013). See #1313.

* Expose GSettings schema directory in gio-2.0.pc as `schemasdir`. See !274.

* Support v3 of the xdg-desktop-portal network monitor API. See !265, !279.

* Fix G_MODULE_SUFFIX on macOS when GLib is built with Meson — it should be `so`
  rather than `dylib`. Projects that use Meson and the `g_module_build_path()`
  API such as glib-networking should pass `name_suffix:` to `shared_module()` to
  ensure that plugins continue to be called on macOS. See !280.

Bugs fixed:
 !280 meson: Always set G_MODULE_SUFFIX to `so` on macOS
 !266 subprocess: Fix communicate_cancelled signature
 !279 Revert "Add a gnet utility" (see !265)
 !265 Network monitor again
 !274 gio: Provide schemas directory information in pkg-config file
 !239 gvariant: Fix more bounds checking in GVariant text format parser
 !195 garray: add overflow checks before expanding array
 #1497 g_strdup_printf warns on invalid format specifier with G_GUINT64_FORMAT on Win32
 !270 autotools: remove support for the __int64 type. See #1313
 !267 ci: Add an autotools job

* Translation updates:

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 6 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Summary: glib-2.56.2glib-2.58.0

Now at version 2.58.0. Switching to meson/ninja.

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