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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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Fetching everything that I know I'll get to in the next few days, per Bruce

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Summary: libinput-1.12.0libinput-1.12.1

Now version 1.12.1

libinput 1.12 is now available. Since the rc3 a few more notable changes
went in:

The tablet axis smoothing previously caused some axes to change value even
though the "axis has changed" bit wasn't set in the event. This is fixed

The delta for tablet axis events is now always 0 for tip up/down events.
This works around the pointer jumps seen on some devices when the tip is

The fuzz handling (i.e. hysteresis auto-detection) was restored after being
accidentally removed during the hwdb->quirks rework.

All in all, this ended up being the usual 3 month cycle but with well over
340 patchsets. The biggest and most noticable changes are the switch from
hwdb entries to a .ini style quirks configuration system, prettier and more
user-friendly documentation, and new trackpoint acceleration .

A writeup of all other 1.12 features is available here:

and/or in the previous RC announcements:

Many thanks to Atri Bhattacharya, Benjamin Tissoires, Carlos Garnacho,
Daniel Stone, Greg V, Hans de Goede, Jeremy, Kim Lindberger, Konstantin
Kharlamov, Matt Mayfield, Sergiusz Michalik, jeff for their contributions
and of course the tireless army of bug reporters :)

Peter Hutterer (8):
      doc/user: update the trackpoint pointer acceleration graph
      tools: debug-events - print axes on tablet tip events
      tablet: always set the changed axis bits if the coordinates differ
      tablet: on tip down/up, force the delta to zero
      udev: re-instate the model-quirks callout
      udev: tighten the conditions when we call the model quirks
      tools: drop the libinput measure trackpoint-range tool
      libinput 1.12.0

git tag: 1.12.0


libinput 1.12.1 is now available

This is a stable release, so no new features, just a few fixes, mostly
related to the new quirks system. A few entries there had to be
corrected/added, including the one for the MS Nano Transceiver, the Dell
XPSL322X touchpad and some of the Elan Touchpad quirks. A new quirk was
added for the Kensington Orbit trackball which is confused about it's
non-existing middle button and for the Asus UX302LA touchpad which thinks
pressure isn't necessary once two fingers are down.

Apple touchpads randomly triggered an assert (under very specific, but easy
enough to trigger conditions), this is fixed now.

Besides all the above, the usual set of fixes, minor improvements, etc.

As usual, the git shortlog is below.

Bennett Hardwick (2):
      Updated: jumping cursor documentation link
      Fixes incorrect bug reporting documentation

Diego Rondini (1):
      doc: fix libinput_event_destroy parameter

Peter Hutterer (23):
      tools: fix a bunch of format conversion complaints
      util: check for < 0 explicitly in safe_atou
      test: drop a condition from the safe_atou test
      quirks: fix the product ID for the MS Nano Transceiver
      quirks: fix typos for the Dell XPSL322X touchpad
      quirks: extend/restore the Elan Touchpads quirks
      Add issue templates for bugs and feature requests
      quirks: sort the quirks model flags in alphabetical order
      evdev: align the model flags for easier reading
      evdev: switch the model flags to use the quirks directly
      quirks: replace the manual enumation of all quirks with a loop
      evdev: add a quirk for the Kensington Orbit
      evdev: disable pressure on the Asus UX302LA touchpad
      tools: add a missing space in the proximity in axis listing
      tools: align the rotation value with 3 digits
      tablet: make evdev_reject_device return a bool
      fallback: cancel touches, don't just release them when we suspend
      touchpad: fix typo
      quirks: fix the trackpoint multiplier for the Dell E7470
      touchpad: ignore motion speed for hovering touches
      doc/user: fix typo
      doc/user: add a warning that udevadm test doesn't always work
      libinput 1.12.1

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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Fixed at r20584

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