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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
Priority: normal Milestone: 8.4
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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 5 years ago

Changelog for sg3_utils-1.44 [20180912] [svn: r791]
  - same code as release 1.43 20180911 svn rev 789;
    new release due to sync problem with git mirror at:
    that has a v1.43 tag dated 20160217 [svn: r663]

Changelog for sg3_utils-1.43 [20180911] [svn: r789]
  - release 1.43 20180911 svn rev 789
  - sg_write_x: where x can be normal, atomic, or(write),
    same, scattered, or stream writes with 16 or 32 byte
    cdbs (sbc4r04 for atomic, sbc4r11 for scattered)
  - sg_bg_ctl: new Background control command (sbc4r08)
  - sg_seek: new SEEK(10) or PRE-FETCH(10 or 16)
  - sg_stream_ctl: new, STREAM CONTROL or GET STREAM STATUS
  - sg_senddiag: add --timeout=SECS option
  - sg_sanitize: add --timeout=SECS option
    - add --dry-run option
  - sg_format: add --timeout=SECS option
    - add --dry-run option to bypass modifying behaviour
    - add --quick option to skip reconsideration time
    - extend --wait timeout to 40 hours for disk sizes
      > 4 TB and 80 hours if > 8 TB
    - when changing block size allow for Mode Select
      rejecting SP=1 (Save Page): repeat with SP=0
- FFMT tweaks: default CMPLST to false, shorten poll
    - make all data-in and data-out buffers page aligned
  - sg_decode sense: add --cdb and --err=ES options
  - sg_ses: handle 2 bit EIIOE field in aes dpage
    - increase join array size from 260 to 520 elements
    - add --quiet option to suppress messages
    - expand join handling of SAS connectors and others
    - expand join debug code
    - allow multiple --clear=, --get= and --set= options
    - allow individual index ranges (e.g. --index=3-5)
    - allow --index=IIA with -ee to enumerate only fields
      belonging to element type IIA
    - --data=@FN with --status now decodes dpage(s) in FN
    - add 'offset_temp' and 'rqst_override' to temperature
      sensor element type
    - add 'hw_reset' and 'sw_reset' to enclosure services
      controller electronics element type (18-047r1)
    - interpret '--join --page=aes' to only display join
      rows that have a corresponding AES dpage element
    - support NVMe attached enclosure via NVME-MI Send and
      Receive SES commands
    - decode array status diagnostic page (obsolete)
    - sync to ses4r01
  - sg_ses_microcode: add --dry-run and -ealsd options
  - sg_ses, sg_ses_microcode, sg_senddiag: make all access
    buffer page size aligned (typically page_size=4096)
- sg_write_buffer: add --dry-run option
  - sg_luns: resync with drafts (sam6r02+spc5r10)
    - remove undocumented test "W" format
    - accept and output on request "quad dashed" format
  - sg_logs: fix volume statistics lpage when subpage
    is zero (ssc5r02a); decode mount history log parameter
    - add --vendor=VP and '--pdt=DT' options
    - decode Requested recovery, TapeAlert response, and
      Service buffer information lpages for tape
    - add min+max 'mounted' temperature and rel. humidity
      fields to Environmental reporting lpage (spc5r10)
    - add last n Inquiry/Mode_page data changed log
      pages (spc5r17)
    - add zoned block device statistics lpage (zbc2r?,
    - fixup enumeration in power condition transition
      log page (from H. Reinecke, Suse)
  - sg_inq: fix potential unbounded loop in --export
    - add --only to stop standard inquiry decoding also
      doing a serial number vpd page (0x80) fetch
    - update version descriptor list to 20170114
    - add further checks so CDROM standard inquiry response
      doesn't trick --inhex into thinking it's VPD pg 0x80
    - decode NVMe Identify controller/nsid commands
    - with NVMe --only restricts to a single Identify
      controller command
- add --long which decodes more of the NVMe Identify
      command responses
  - sg_inq+sg_vpd: update Extended inquiry data vpd
    page (spc5r09 and 17-142r5)
    - block limits and block limit extension VPD pages:
      add extra info about corner cases
    - add maximum inquiry|mode_page change logs fields
      to extended inquiry vpd page (spc5r17)
    - both now return EDOM (adjusted sg error code) when
      requested page not in Supported VPD Pages page
    - add --force option to bypass checking Supported
      Vpd Pages page and fetch requested page directly
  - sg_vpd: 3 party copy VPD page improvements
    - fully implement Device constituents VPD page
    - decode some WDC/Hitachi vendor VPD pages
    - improve handling of unknown pages
  - sg_reassign+sg_write_same: fix ULONG_MAX problem
  - sg_rdac: add sanity checks for -f=lun value
  - sg_turs+sg_requests: make both accept '--num=NUM'
    and '--number=NUM' for mutual compatibility
  - sg_turs: add --low option
    - fix exit status when not ready in single case
  - sg_zone: fix debug cdb naming
    - add --sequentialize, --count=ZC options, zbc2r01b
  - sg_reset_wp add --count=ZC option, zbc2r01b
  - sg_persist: add --maxlen-LEN option, LEN defaults to
decimal, similar to --alloc-length= which takes hex
    - add Replace lost reservation capable (RLR_C) bit
      in Report Capabilities (spc4r36)
  - sg_dd: add --dry-run and --verbose options
    - allow multiple short options (e.g. -dvv )
  - sgp_dd: pthread_cancel() has issues in C++ (and
    the Android multi-threaded library doesn't supply it)
    so use pthread_kill() in its place [Linux only]
    - add --dry-run and --verbose options
  - sgm_dd: add --dry-run and --verbose options
  - sg_opcode: add '--enumerate' and '--pdt=' options
    - support CDLP (command duration limit page)
    - support MLU, Multiple Logical Units (18-045r1)
    - check resid and trim response if necessary
    - report when --no-inquiry is ignored
  - sg_raw: add --enumerate option
    - add --cmdfile=CF option, permit 64 byte NVMe
      admin commands to be sent
    - add --raw option (for CF in binary)
    - page align input and output buffers
  - sg_get_lba_status: add --report-type= option (sbc4r12)
    - add support for 32 byte cdb variant (sbc4r14)
    - add support for --element-id= and --scan-len=
      options (sbc4r14)
    - decode response's RTP and two more provisioning
      statuses and the additional status (sbc4r12)
- decode completion condition (sbc4r14)
  - sg_modes: add Out of band management control mpage
    - accept acronym for page/subpage codes
  - sg_rep_zones: expand --help option information
  - sg_unmap: add --all=ST,RN[,LA] option to unmap
    large contiguous segments of a disk/ssd
    - add --dry-run and --force options
  - sg_wr_mode: add --rtd option for RTD bit
  - sg_timestamp: add '--no-timestamp' option
    - add --elapsed and --hex options
  - sginfo: don't open /dev/snapshot
  - introduce SG3_UTILS_DSENSE environment variable
  - manpages and usage messages: corrections from
    Gris Ge via github
  - group_number: is 6 bit field allowing 0 to 63,
    code in several utilities limited it to 31, fix
  - convert many two valued 'int's to bool
  - sg_lib: add SSC maintenance in/out sa names
    - enhance exit status values and associated
      strings, add SG_LIB_OS_BASE_ERR (50)
    - add sg_ll_inquiry_v2(), sg_ll_inquiry_pt() and
    - add sg_ll_report_luns_pt()
    - add sg_ll_log_sense_v2()
    - add sg_ll_mode_sense10_v2()
    - add sg_ll_mode_select6_v2() and
      sg_ll_mode_select10_v2() for RTD bit
    - add sg_ll_receive_diag_v2()
    - add sg_ll_write_buffer_v2()
    - add sg_get_llnum_nomult()
    - add sg_ll_get_lba_status16()
    - add sg_ll_get_lba_status32()
    - add sg_ll_format_unit_v2()
    - add sg_ll_test_unit_ready_progress_pt()
    - add sg_ll_start_stop_unit_pt()
    - add sg_ll_request_sense_pt()
    - add sg_ll_send_diag_pt(), sg_ll_receive_diag_pt()
    - add sg_get_sfs_name() for spc5r11 (Feature sets)
    - add sg_decode_transportid_str()
    - add sg_msense_calc_length()
    - add sg_all_zeros(), sg_all_ffs()
    - add sg_get_sense_cmd_spec_fld()
    - add sg_is_scsi_cdb()
    - add sg_get_nvme_cmd_status_str()
    - add sg_nvme_status2scsi()
    - add sg_nvme_desc2sense()
    - add sg_build_sense_buffer()
    - add sg_get_nvme_opcode_name()
    - add sg_memalign() and sg_get_page_size()
    - add sg_is_aligned() and pr2ws()
    - add sg_get_big_endian(), sg_set_big_endian()
    - add hex2stdout(), hex2stderr() and hex2str()
    - add sg_convert_errno()
    - add sg_if_can2stdout(), sg_if_can2stderr() and
    - implement 'format' argument in dStrHexStr()
    - add read buffer(16) command mode names
    - add Microcode activation sense descriptor spc5r10
    - add SG_LIB_OK_TRUE(0) and SG_LIB_OK_FALSE(36)
      non "error" code defines for exit status
    - add SG_LIB_LBA_OUT_OF_RANGE error code
    - add SG_LIB_UNBOUNDED_32BIT (_16BIT and _64BIT)
      defines to help with decoding corner cases
    - identify vendor specific sense data (response
      code 0x7f), print contents in hex
  - sg_pr2serr.h: add sg_scnpr() [like lk scnprintf()]
  - sg_pt: add construct_scsi_pt_obj_with_fd()
    - add pt_device_is_nvme(), get_pt_nvme_nsid()
    - add check_pt_file_handle()
    - add get_pt_file_handle(), set_pt_file_handle()
    - add small SNTL to support sg_ses on NVMe
  - sg_lib_data: sync asc/ascq codes with T10 20170114
    - add write scattered (16+32) cdb names sbc4r11
  - sg_cmds_extra: expand sg_ll_ata_pt() to send new
    Ata pass-through(32) command (sat4r05)
  - sg_sat_identify: expand to take --len=32
  - sg_pt: add dummy pt_device_is_nvme()
  - harden code
    - fixes from Suse; bump version
    - bump version to 20180615
    - add to install list in Makefile, hope it does
      not clash with other package providing it
    - add --ignore-rev to ignore revision change
  - 55-scsi-sg3_id.rules: fixes from Suse
  - branch
    sles15 synced 20170914
  - move some testing utilities out of the
    'examples' and 'utils' directories into the new
    'testing' directory
  - add testing/sg_tst_nvme utility
  - clean Makefile.freebsd in examples/ and testing/
  - gcc 7.2 cleanups (sysmacros.h etc)
  - clang --analyze static checker clean ups
  - shellcheck cleanup on scripts
  - ./configure automake utility:
    - option --enable-debug added for testing
    - option --disable-linuxbsg retired, still accepted
      but now ignored, Linux sg v3 or v4 interface
      decision made at runtime
    - Info section now printed at end of ./configure
  - automake: add AM_PROG_AR to
    - upgrade to version 1.15
    - various and cleanups
    - add SG_LIB_ANDROID build 'define'. If defined then
      SG_LIB_LINUX is also defined, so test for Android
      before Linux if need to differentiate
  - update BSD license from 3 to 2 clause aka FreeBSD
    license (without reference to FreeBSD project)
  - debian: bump compat file contents from 7 to 10

It appears the sysmacros issue has been fixed, so I can remove the patch!

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 5 years ago

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comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 5 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at r20572

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