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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

30/10/2018 autofs-5.1.5

  • fix flag file permission.
  • fix directory create permission.
  • fix use after free in do_master_list_reset().
  • fix deadlock in dumpmaps.
  • dont use array for path when not necessary.
  • fix prefix option handling in expand_entry().
  • fix sublink option not set from defaults.
  • fix error return in do_nfs_mount().
  • add error handling for ext_mount_add().
  • account for recent libnsl changes.
  • use_hostname_for_mounts shouldn't prevent selection among replicas.
  • fix monotonic_elapsed.
  • Makefiles.rules: remove 'samples' from SUBDIRS.
  • dont allow trailing slash in master map mount points.
  • fix libresolv configure check.
  • add fedfs-getsrvinfo.c.
  • add mount.fedfs.c.
  • add fedfs-map-nfs4.c.
  • add conditional inclusion of fedfs binaries.
  • add an example fedfs master map entry to the installed master map.
  • improve hostname lookup error logging.
  • fix rpm spec install premissions on and auto.smb.
  • tiny patch for autofs typo and possible bug.
  • add units After line to include statd service.
  • use systemd sd_notify() at startup.
  • fix NFS version mask usage.
  • fix fd leak in rpc_do_create_client().
  • add-man page note about extra slashes in paths.
  • change expire type naming to better reflect usage.
  • use defines for expire type.
  • enable SIGUSR2 handling in rpm spec file.
  • fix age setting at startup.
  • fix update_negative_cache() map source usage.
  • fix program usage message.
  • mark removed cache entry negative.
  • set bind mount as propagation slave.
  • add master map pseudo options for mount propagation.
  • fix use after free in parse_ldap_config().
  • fix incorrect locking in sss lookup.
  • fix amd parser opts option handling.
  • fix possible NULL pointer dereference in get_defaults_entry().
  • better handle hesiod support not built in.
  • fix indent in automount(8) man page.
  • remove autofs4 module load code.
  • add NULL check in prepare_attempt_prefix().
  • update build info with systemd.
  • use flags for startup boolean options.
  • move close stdio descriptors to become_daemon().
  • add systemd service command line option.
  • refactor negative map entry check.
  • remove unused function dump_master().
  • remove unused function dump_state_queue().
  • remove couple of undeeded requires.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 20771.

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