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New minor version.

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Version 6.12.0 - November 26, 2018

This version has many important fixes plus a few new filters and support for encoding using VA-API.


  • Changed buffer property to be mutable and adaptive to speed property in mlt_consumer.
  • Changed macOS RELOCATABLE build to use standard app bundle layout:
    • lib/mlt -> ../PlugIns/mlt
    • lib/frei0r-1 -> ../PlugIns/frei0r-1
    • lib/ladspa -> ../PlugIns/ladspa
    • share/mlt -> ../Resources/mlt
    • share/movit -> ../Resources/movit
  • Fixed a_track of transitions matching deleted track in mlt_tractor_remove_track().
  • Fixed multi-thread race crash in mlt_properties_clear().
  • Fixed possiblle null pointer crash in mlt_property_get_rect() and mlt_property_get_time().
  • Fixed non-animated strings containing ';' or '=' in mlt_animation_parse().
  • Fixed crash in clear_property() with mlt_animation.


  • Added a generic text filter to the plus module.
  • Added a timer filter to the plus module.
  • Added audio timeout handling to sdl2 consumers.
  • Added spot_remove filter to the plus module.
  • Added dds, ico, and webp filename extensions for qimage producer.
  • Added support for color_range property in avformat consumer: "pc" or "jpeg" for full range, otherwise limited range.
  • Added a window property to the audiowaveform filter.
  • Added MM:SS.SS to the timer filter.
  • Added query string param "multi" to the xml producer to force using the multi consumer.
  • Improved WebP image support in avformat producer.
  • Integrated hwupload filter in avformat consumer if using VAAPI codec.
  • Changed count producer to use pango if qtext not available.
  • Changed qt moduled to not call XInitThreads()
  • Changed color producer to only set alpha on frame if rgb24a requested or not opaque.
  • Changed the xml producer to pass quality and performance parameters to the multi consumer.
  • Fixed sdl2_audio distortion (regression in v6.10.0).
  • Fixed dynamictext filter to not error on empty text.
  • Fixed dynamictext aliased (regression in v6.10.0).
  • Fixed qimage outputs premultiplied if scaled internally.
  • Fixed crash in cbrts consumer if running property was never set.
  • Fixed rendering edges of some typefaces in qtext producer.
  • Fixed qimage fails to load with wrong filename extension.
  • Fixed affine dark right and bottom edge artifacts regression in (v6.10.0).
  • Fixed support for vp8 and vp9 with alpha channel in avformat producer.
  • Fixed interpolation mode selection in qimage producer.
  • Fixed crash in qimage with alpha channel.
  • Fixed some AAC MP4 files start playing from middle in avformat producer.
  • Fixed crash in avfilter if initialization fails.
  • Fixed crash in mix when frame rate is very low.
  • Fixed crash on missing luma file in composite transition.
  • Fixed A/V sync on some files in avformat producer.
  • Fixed seeking on audio filter with album art in avformat producer.
  • Fixed colorspace conversion in avformat consumer.


  • Added more avformat consumer presets:
    • alpha/Quicktime Animation
    • alpha/vp8
    • alpha/vp9
    • alpha/Ut Video
    • lossless/Ut Video
  • Added square video profiles:
    • square_1080p_30
    • square_1080p_60
  • Added support for nodejs to the swig bindings.
  • Changed configure script to require opencv module be explicitly enabled.
  • Numerous spelling fixes in source code and comments thanks to codespell.

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Fixed at revision 20776.

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