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Changes in GDB 8.2

  • The 'set disassembler-options' command now supports specifying options for the MIPS target.
  • The 'symbol-file' command now accepts an '-o' option to add a relative offset to all sections.
  • Similarly, the 'add-symbol-file' command also accepts an '-o' option to add a relative offset to all sections, but it allows to override the load address of individual sections using '-s'.
  • The 'add-symbol-file' command no longer requires the second argument (address of the text section).
  • The endianness used with the 'set endian auto' mode in the absence of an executable selected for debugging is now the last endianness chosen either by one of the 'set endian big' and 'set endian little' commands or by inferring from the last executable used, rather than the startup default.
  • The pager now allows a "c" response, meaning to disable the pager for the rest of the current command.
  • The commands 'info variables/functions/types' now show the source line numbers of symbol definitions when available.
  • 'info proc' now works on running processes on FreeBSD systems and core files created on FreeBSD systems.
  • C expressions can now use _Alignof, and C++ expressions can now use alignof.
  • Support for SVE on AArch64 Linux. Note that GDB does not detect changes to the vector length while the process is running.
  • New commands
    set debug fbsd-nat
    show debug fbsd-nat
      Control display of debugging info regarding the FreeBSD native target.
    set|show varsize-limit
      This new setting allows the user to control the maximum size of Ada
      objects being printed when those objects have a variable type,
      instead of that maximum size being hardcoded to 65536 bytes.
    set|show record btrace cpu
      Controls the processor to be used for enabling errata workarounds for
      branch trace decode.
    maint check libthread-db
      Run integrity checks on the current inferior's thread debugging
    maint set check-libthread-db (on|off)
    maint show check-libthread-db
      Control whether to run integrity checks on inferior specific thread
      debugging libraries as they are loaded.  The default is not to
      perform such checks.
  • Python API
  • Type alignment is now exposed via the "align" attribute of a gdb.Type.
  • The commands attached to a breakpoint can be set by assigning to

the breakpoint's "commands" field.

  • gdb.execute can now execute multi-line gdb commands.
  • The new functions gdb.convenience_variable and

gdb.set_convenience_variable can be used to get and set the value of convenience variables.

  • A gdb.Parameter will no longer print the "set" help text on an

ordinary "set"; instead by default a "set" will be silent unless the get_set_string method returns a non-empty string.

  • New targets

RiscV ELF riscv*-*-elf

  • Removed targets and native configurations
    m88k running OpenBSD       m88*-*-openbsd*
    SH-5/SH64 ELF        sh64-*-elf*, SH-5/SH64 support in sh*
    SH-5/SH64 running GNU/Linux   SH-5/SH64 support in sh*-*-linux*
    SH-5/SH64 running OpenBSD  SH-5/SH64 support in sh*-*-openbsd*
  • Aarch64/Linux hardware watchpoints improvements

Hardware watchpoints on unaligned addresses are now properly supported when running Linux kernel 4.10 or higher: read and access watchpoints are no longer spuriously missed, and all watchpoints lengths between 1 and 8 bytes are supported. On older kernels, watchpoints set on unaligned addresses are no longer missed, with the tradeoff that there is a possibility of false hits being reported.

  • New configure options
      This can be used to invoke "codesign -s CERT" after building gdb.
      This option is useful on macOS, where code signing is required for
      gdb to work properly.

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