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Summary: smartmontools release 7.0

  • smartctl: New options '-j' and '--json[=giosu]' to enable experimental JSON output mode. Also supports an alternative flat format suitable for grep ('--json=g').
  • smartctl '-l devstat': Fix for logs with 256 sectors.
  • smartctl '-l error': Prints SCSI Pending Defects log page if supported.
  • smartctl '-H': Prints SCSI Format Status log page if supported.
  • smartctl '-x': Now includes '-l defects'.
  • NVMe/USB: Device type '-d sntjmicron' for NVMe drives behind JMicron USB to NVMe bridges.
  • NVMe: SMART/Health Information and Error Information are always read with broadcast NSID.
  • SCSI: Various improvements for the decoding of log pages.
  • SCSI: Improved handling of READ CAPACITY command.
  • SCSI: Support for SAS host managed drives.
  • New option '-d scsi+TYPE' to disable SAT auto detection for 'aacraid' and 'cciss'.
  • update-smart-drivedb: New option '-u github'.
  • update-smart-drivedb: New signing key.
  • configure: New options '--with-cxx11-regex' and '--with-libsystemd'.
  • configure: Default for '--with-nvme-devicescan' is now 'yes' on Linux and Windows.
  • configure: Default for '--with-scriptpath' now includes '/usr/local/bin'.
  • configure: Options '-with-initscriptdir=[auto|yes]' are no longer supported.
  • Reworked handling of unaligned LE and BE integers.
  • Dropped various backward compatibility fixes for very old compilers.
  • Replaced GPL header with 'SPDX-License-Identifier' in all source files.
  • HDD, SSD and USB additions to drive database.
  • Always use '-d sat' for USB vendor IDs with known SAT support.
  • Linux: Device scan with '-d by-id' scans '/dev/disk/by-id/*' symlinks.
  • Linux: Dropped device scan support for devfs.
  • Linux: Fixed device scan with multiple '-d TYPE' options.
  • Linux: Fixed device scan crash on missing '/proc/devices'.
  • Linux: USB ID detection also for '/dev/sgN'.
  • Linux: Compile fix for systems with musl libc.
  • Linux smartd: Could now run as systemd service with 'Type=notify' set.
  • FreeBSD: NVMe device scanning.
  • FreeBSD: Various compile fixes.
  • NetBSD: Fixed regression in name based device type detection.
  • NetBSD big endian: Fixed regression in ATA code.
  • NetBSD big endian: Fixed byte ordering of ATA IDENTIFY data from USB/SAT drives.
  • Windows: Improved search for actual CSMI port number.
  • Windows: Installer includes VERSIONINFO resource.

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Fixed at revision 20918.

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