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New point version.

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Notable Changes

  • MDEV-17589 - Stack-buffer-overflow with indexed varchar (utf8) field
  • MDEV-16987 - ALTER DATABASE possible in read-only mode (forbid ALTER DATABASE in read_only)
  • MDEV-17720 - slave_ddl_exec_mode=IDEMPOTENT does not handle DROP DATABASE
  • MDEV-6453 - Assertion inited==NONE || (inited==RND && scan) failed in handler::ha_rnd_init(bool) with InnoDB, joins, AND/OR conditions
  • MDEV-18105 - Mariabackup fails to copy encrypted InnoDB system tablespace if LSN>4G
  • MDEV-17470 - Orphan temporary files after interrupted ALTER cause InnoDB: Operating system error number 17 and eventual fatal error 71
  • MDEV-17765: Locking bug fix for SPATIAL INDEX
  • ALTER TABLE Fixes for FULLTEXT INDEX: MDEV-17923, MDEV-17904, MDEV-17938
  • Other ALTER TABLE fixes: MDEV-17470, MDEV-17833, MDEV-17815, MDEV-18039, MDEV-18041
  • Fixes for regressions introduced in MariaDB 10.3.10 by the backup-safe TRUNCATE TABLE (MDEV-13564, innodb_safe_truncate=ON) and innodb_undo_log_truncate: MDEV-17780, MDEV-17816, MDEV-17849, MDEV-17851, MDEV-17885, MDEV-17859, MDEV-17989

Several improvements to MariaDB Server and backup for dealing with encrypted or page_compressed pages:

  • MDEV-17957: Make innodb_checksum_algorithm stricter for strict_* values
  • MDEV-17958: On little-endian systems, remove bug-compatible variant of innodb_checksum_algorithm=crc32
  • MDEV-12112: corruption in encrypted table may be overlooked
  • MDEV-18025: Mariabackup fails to detect corrupted page_compressed=1 tables
  • Virtual columns: MDEV-17199 Assertion `pos < table->n_v_def' failed after upgrade from before 10.2
  • MDEV-17881: Assertion failure in cmp_dtuple_rec_with_match_bytes after instant ADD COLUMN
  • The Galera library in the repositories has been updated to version 25.3.25

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 20938.

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