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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 5 years ago


  • Abort with appropriate message if executable pages cannot be allocated
  • Add initial testing of GC_enable/disable, MALLOC[_ATOMIC]_IGNORE_OFF_PAGE
  • Add paths to filenames mentioned in the copyright section in README
  • Add test using disclaim notifiers to implement a weak map
  • Adjust #error messages format
  • Allow to force executable pages allocation in gctest
  • Avoid potential 'macro redefinition' errors for config.h macros
  • Call real pthread_sigmask instead of its wrapper in start_mark_threads
  • Check result of pthread_mutex_unlock in specific.c
  • Default to a single-threaded build for Nintendo, Orbis, Sony PSP targets
  • Default to non-executable memory allocation across all make scripts
  • Define GC_ATOMIC_UNCOLLECTABLE and JAVA_FINALIZATION in all make scripts
  • Do not prevent GC from looking at environment variables (BCC_MAKEFILE)
  • Do not use 'ifndef AO_CLEAR' in mark, pthread_support and gctest
  • Do not use spin locks if AO test-and-set is emulated (pthreads)
  • Document HANDLE_FORK macro optional usage in
  • Document assertion in the setters that used to return old value
  • Eliminate 'assigned value never used' compiler warning in test_cpp WinMain
  • Eliminate 'casting signed to bigger unsigned int' CSA warning
  • Eliminate 'different const qualifiers' MS VC warnings in cordbscs
  • Eliminate 'function is never used' cppcheck warning for calloc/realloc
  • Eliminate 'non-virtual destructor for class with inheritors' CSA warning
  • Eliminate 'pointer targets differ in signedness' compiler warning (Win32)
  • Eliminate 'struct member is never used' cppcheck warnings in os_dep
  • Eliminate 'uninitialized var' cppcheck false positive in mach_dep, os_dep
  • Eliminate 'unreferenced formal parameter' compiler warning in msvc_dbg
  • Eliminate redundant check in backwards_height
  • Fix 'USE_MUNMAP macro redefinition' error for NaCl
  • Fix 'collecting from unknown thread' abort in leak-finding mode for Win32
  • Fix 'mprotect remapping failed' abort on NetBSD with PaX enabled
  • Fix 'too wide non-owner permissions are set for resource' code defect
  • Fix GC_VSNPRINTF in cordprnt for DJGPP and MS VC for WinCE
  • Fix GC_register_disclaim_proc for leak-finding mode
  • Fix a deadlock in write_fault_handler if AO_or is emulated
  • Fix comment typo in CMakeLists.txt
  • Fix concurrent bitmap update in GC_dirty
  • Fix deadlocks in write and suspend handlers if AO test-and-set is emulated
  • Fix executable memory allocation in GC_unix_get_mem
  • Fix hbp overflow in GC_install_counts
  • Fix linkage with a system libatomic_ops shared library
  • Fix lock assertion violation in get_index if GC_ALWAYS_MULTITHREADED
  • Fix marking of finalizer closure object
  • Fix marks and hb_n_marks consistency when disclaim returns true
  • Fix memory allocation on GCF (Linux/x64)
  • Fix missing curses.h in cord/de when compiling manually (MS VC, MinGW)
  • Fix test_cpp assertion violation in find-leak mode
  • Fix tests linkage with internal atomic_ops.o
  • Fix unneeded end_stubborn_change/ptr_store_and_dirty in disclaim_test
  • Guard against potential buffer overflow in CORD_next and CORD_pos_fetch
  • New macro to suppress printing of leaked objects
  • Pass -Wall -Wextra -Wpedantic to g++ if supported (configure)
  • Prefix internal durango_get_mem symbol with 'GC_'
  • Prevent double inclusion of javaxfc.h and private/specific.h
  • Print relevant message in tests not appropriate for leak detection mode
  • Reduce scope of local variables in GC_remove_all_threads_but_me
  • Refine HIDE_POINTER documentation for the case of the leak-finding mode
  • Refine documentation in gc_disclaim.h
  • Remove extra USE_MMAP definition for Interix
  • Remove redundant header double-inclusion checks in the private headers
  • Remove strlen calls with a constant string argument in msvc_dbg
  • Specify register_disclaim_proc and finalized_malloc argument as non-null
  • Support UWP/arm64 target
  • Test marking of finalizer closure object in disclaim_test
  • Turn off leak detection mode explicitly in cord/de
  • Turn off parallel marker, thread-local allocation if used AO ops emulated
  • Turn on gcj functionality in BCC, DMC, NT, OS/2, WCC makefiles
  • Turn on memory unmapping in BCC/DMC/NT/WCC makefiles and
  • Update NO_EXECUTE_PERMISSION documentation
  • Update documentation about arm64 ABI in gcconfig.h
  • Use AO_or in async_set_pht_entry_from_index if available
  • Use GC_WORD_MAX macro across all C source files
  • Use macro to operate on a flag residing in GC_stop_count
  • Use standalone private macro to guard against ptr_t redefinition
  • Workaround '#error' cppcheck messages in backgraph and private headers
  • Workaround 'AST broken' syntax error reported by cppcheck in GC_mark_some
  • Workaround 'GC_dump function is never used' cppcheck warning
  • Workaround 'local address assignment to a global variable' CSA warning
  • Workaround 'local variable end shadows outer symbol' cppcheck warnings
  • Workaround 'local variable obj_displ shadows outer symbol' cppcheck warning
  • Workaround 'nonlocal var will use ptr to local var' cppcheck false positive
  • Workaround 'pointer addition with NULL pointer' cppcheck error in msvc_dbg
  • Workaround 'potential non-terminated string' false positive in cordbscs
  • Workaround 'value of _MAX_PATH is unknown' cppcheck warning
  • Workaround cppcheck warnings regarding CLOCKS_PER_SEC, REDIRECT_REALLOC

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Fixed at revision 20961.

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