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New minor version

Hey hey,

This is a new major release of ModemManager, which will be the base for the 1.10.x stable series (the new "mm-1-10" branch in git). The release has been tagged as "1.10.0".

Thanks to everyone involved!

ModemManager 1.10.0

The following notes are directed to package maintainers:

 * This version requires:
   ** libmbim >= 1.18.0 (for the optional MBIM support)
   ** libqmi >= 1.22.0 (for the optional QMI support)

The most important features and changes in this release are the following:

 * udev:
   ** Consolidated common tag names among all the supported plugins. E.g. ID_MM_PORT_TYPE_GPS, ID_MM_PORT_TYPE_AT_*, ID_MM_PORT_TYPE_QCDM... All these generic tags are included as symbols in the API, and compatibility will be maintained for these. Custom setups of ModemManager relying on previously available per-plugin udev tags may need to manually port them to this new generic subset.
   ** New tag to allow specifying flow control settings to use in serial ports.

 * Core:
   ** Avoid probing other protocols on TTYs tagged in udev with specific port type tags (e.g. avoid probing QCDM if a port is tagged as AT). This allows faster port probing and modem detection for known modem layouts.
   ** Implemented support to enable and handle +CGEV URCs for asynchronous connection state updates in AT-controlled devices.

 * Manager interface:
   ** New runtime daemon version reporting.
   ** New support for requesting device inhibition, e.g. so that ModemManager stops completely using a modem device until the inhibition is released. This feature is implemented to allow fwupd taking over of a device completely for as long as it needs during a firmware update.

 * Modem interface:
   ** All methods are always connected, even in Failed state.
   ** Allow parallel Enable()/Disable() calls.
   ** Deprecated redundant ListBearers() method, the read-only Bearers property is already showing the same information.

 * Bearer interface:
   ** New 'BearerType' property, e.g. to specify whether a bearer is the initial LTE default bearer or not.
   ** Deprecated 'number' field in bearer settings. Applications do not need to send the 'number' field in Bearer.Connect() or in Modem.Simple.Connect(), as the setting is totally ignored.

 * mmcli:
   ** New 'key-value' output, easier to parse by scripts than the default.
   ** Removed redundant '--location-get-XXX' actions, as the '--location-get' already reports the location information for all sources.
   ** Removed redundant '--simple-status' action, as the same information can be obtained through different mmcli operations.
   ** New manager '--inhibit-device' action and modem-specific '--inhibit', to allow requesting device inhibition.

 * 3GPP interface:
   ** New support for exposing the network reported Protocol Configuration Options (PCO), to be used instead of the new deprecated Subscription State property.
   ** New support for exposing the initial LTE default bearer status.
   ** New support for configuring the initial LTE default bearer settings.

 * Location interface:
   ** New LTE Tracking Area Code (TAC) in 3GPP location information.
   ** New support for injecting assistance data (e.g. Qualcomm XTRA) into the GNSS engine, useful when there is no mobile connection to use MSA A-GPS.

 * Firmware interface:
   ** Support for reporting firmware update support properties, e.g. specifying which update methods are supported. This information will be consumed by fwupd in order to allow upgrading firmware in devices managed by ModemManager.

 * Voice interface:
   ** Multiple improvements and fixes in the voice call management logic implemented with generic AT commands.
   ** Added AudioPort and AudioFormat properties to the Call object.
   ** Added new generic audio channel setup/cleanup handlers in the Call object.

 * QMI:
   ** New LOC service based GNSS support, including A-GPS setup via SUPL server.
   ** New support for the "extended" LTE band list.
   ** New support for reading IMSI and ICCID with the UIM service.

 * MBIM:
   ** Implemented support for processing Protocol Configuration Options using Microsoft-defined Basic Connect Extensions.
   ** Implemented support for LTE attach status and configuration using Microsoft-defined Basic Connect Extensions.
   ** Implemented support for the extended signal interface and for 3GPP location details using the AT&T specific service.
   ** Implemented support for 3GPP USSD operations using the standard USSD service.
   ** For Qualcomm-based MBIM devices, those with QMI-over-MBIM support, a whole new set of features is now available, including: QMI LOC/PDS location support, allowed/preferred mode management, frequency band selection, power management operations...

 * Plugins:
   ** xmm: new XMM plugin, with shared logic (allowed/preferred mode management, frequency band selection, power management operations, extended signal quality reporting, GPS/A-GPS...) for Intel XMM based devices.
   ** fibocom: new plugin, with support for generic MBIM and XMM-based devices.
   ** dell: added support for XMM-based devices, like the DW5820e.
   ** dell: added custom support for the DW5821e, including 'unmanaged' GPS and firmware update integration details.
   ** cinterion: new shared interface to include all logic shared between Option and Option/HSO devices.
   ** sierra-legacy: implemented connection monitoring support.
   ** u-blox: added support for extended call state transitions.
   ** u-blox: added CDC-ECM support for SARA/LISA-U2xx modems.
   ** altair-lte: migrated from SubscriptionState to PCO.

All the features and fixes which were backported to 1.8.x releases are also present in ModemManager 1.10.0.

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