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New major version.

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Version 3.0

Release date - 23/01/2019

New features

  1. option:: '--dolby-vision-profile <integer|float>' generates bitstreams confirming to the specified Dolby Vision profile. Currently profile 5, profile 8.1 and profile 8.2 enabled, Default 0 (disabled)
  1. option:: '--dolby-vision-rpu' File containing Dolby Vision RPU metadata. If given, x265's Dolby Vision metadata parser will fill the RPU field of input pictures with the metadata read from the file. The library will interleave access units with RPUs in the bitstream. Default NULL (disabled).
  1. option:: '--zonefile <filename>' specifies a text file which contains the boundaries of the zones where each of zones are configurable.
  1. option:: '--qp-adaptation-range' Delta-QP range by QP adaptation based on a psycho-visual model. Default 1.0.
  1. option:: '--refine-ctu-distortion <0/1>' store/normalize ctu distortion in analysis-save/load. Default 0.
  1. Experimental feature option:: '--hevc-aq' enables adaptive quantization It scales the quantization step size according to the spatial activity of one coding unit relative to frame average spatial activity. This AQ method utilizes the minimum variance of sub-unit in each coding unit to represent the coding unit’s spatial complexity.

Encoder enhancements

  1. Preset: change param defaults for veryslow and slower preset. Replace slower preset with defaults used in veryslow preset and change param defaults in veryslow preset as per experimental results.
  2. AQ: change default AQ mode to auto-variance
  3. Cutree offset reuse: restricted to analysis reuse-level 10 for analysis-save -> analysis-load
  4. Tune: introduce --tune animation option which improves encode quality for animated content
  5. Reuse CU depth for B frame and allow I, P frame to follow x265 depth decision

Bug fixes

  1. RC: fix rowStat computation in const-vbv
  2. Dynamic-refine: fix memory reset size.
  3. Fix Issue #442: linking issue on non x86 platform
  4. Encoder: Do not include CLL SEI message if empty
  5. Fix issue #441 build error in VMAF lib

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Fixed at revision 21034.

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