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New point version.

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comment:1 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

  • When qpdf --version is run, it will detect if the qpdf CLI was built with a different version of qpdf than the library. This usually indicates that multiple versions of qpdf are installed and that the library path is not set up properly. This situation sometimes causes confusing behavior for users who are not actually running the version of qpdf they think they are running.
  • Add parameter --remove-page-labels to remove page labels from output. In qpdf 8.3.0, the behavior changed so that page labels were preserved when merging and splitting files. Some users were relying on the fact that if you ran qpdf --empty --pages ... all page labels were dropped. This option makes it possible to get that behavior if it is explicitly desired.
  • Add parameter --keep-files-open-threshold to override the maximum number of files that qpdf will allow to be kept open at once.
  • Handle Unicode characters in filenames properly on Windows. The changes to support Unicode on the CLI in Windows broke Unicode filenames on that platform.
  • Slightly tighten logic that determines whether an object is a page. The previous logic was sometimes failing to preserve annotations because they were passing the overly loose test for whether something was a page. This fix has a slight risk of causing some extraneous objects to be copied during page splitting and merging for erroneous PDF files whose page objects contain invalid types or are missing the /Type key entirely, both of which would be invalid according to the PDF specification.
  • Revert change that included preservation of outlines (bookmarks) in --split-pages. The way it was implemented caused a very significant performance penalty when splitting pages with outlines. We need a better solution that only copies the relevant items, not the whole tree.
  • JSON serialization: add missing leading 0 to decimal values between -1 and 1.

comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 21523.

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Milestone: 8.59.0

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