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New point version.

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GEGL-0.4.16 2019-05-07


  • Swapped behavior of cubic interpolation from cubic to mithcell coefficients, leading to crisper results in all uses of the cubic sampler.
  • Use a custom allocator for tile data which aligns data and groups allocations in blocks - improving performance on windows by keeping more slack allocation memory in-process. On linux the opposite was needed and is achieved by using the GNU extension malloc_trim which permits forcing invokation of the glibc malloc/free allocators garbage collection function.
  • Permit tiles to be unreffed after GEGL shut-down without crash, which is likely when using bindings to dynamic languages.
  • Improved deadlock prevention in gegl_buffer_copy() when using copy on write.


  • Platform specific build fixes for both win32 and OSX.
  • Avoid in-place processing for cached nodes.
  • Indentation consitency improvements.
  • Permit more detailed specifying/overriding of OpenCL device through the GEGL_USE_OPENCL environment variable.
  • New call gegl_update_anim_time for applying the animation curves of properties.


  • Added gitlab continuous integration.


  • Use indirect buffer inputs on main thread during multi-processed processing for point-filters/composers and tranform base classes.
  • Smaller required/invalided ROI for map-absolute/relative when using nearest neighbor.
  • tiff-save and jpg-save fixed dimensions when buffer saved has non-zero origin
  • Added missing descriptions of properties for cubism, mosaic, tile-paper, color, mantiuk06 and vignette operations.
  • ff-load fix some of the deprecation warnings.
  • ff-save avoid crashing if audio or video codec fails to initialize.
  • cache, parent class changed - it is no longer a point operations, also speed up processing and permit copy on write handling of tiles.
  • opacity and invert - crash for 8bpc buffers, reimplemented logic for (non-)associated alpha OpenCL kernel selection.


  • Drop direct dependency on exiv2 - we now only transiently depend on it through the gexiv2 abstraction.

commandline tool/gui

  • Store per image editing chains in .gegl folder instead of sidecars.
  • Set window title, permit interaction with opened .lui documents, fixed playback of audio for opened videos - it now works; if the video is decoding, scaling and display is fast enough to leave spare cycles.
  • Support for nearest neighbor scaling of imagry; aiding video playback without dropping audio frames.
  • Custom collection order and per-file key-value metadata.

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Fixed at revision 21567.

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