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CrackLib has been brought back to life and a new Sourceforge project has been created to support development. The current version is 2.8pre2.

BLFS should probably consider migrating to this version after BLFS-6.0 is released

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comment:1 by jim@…, 18 years ago

Configure has been added to compile this the following works

./configure --prefix=/usr make make install

One note to use cracklib with php this has to happen cp lib/packer.h /usr/include/packer.h

Also on the website he has added a list package called cracklist-words v 1.1 it's a gz file with the word list to install

mkdir /usr/share/dict mkdir /usr/share/cracklib cp cracklib-words.gz /usr/share/dict gunzip cracklib-words.gz create-cracklib-dict /usr/share/dict/cracklib-words

comment:2 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Currently, the BLFS installation instructions install libcrack into /lib The prefix Jim suggest seems like it would place it into /usr/lib. I haven't tested so I don't know. Just making mention of this in case libcrack indeed needs to be in /lib.

Also need to test out the Heimdal patches and see what all is necessary to make Heimdal work with the new cracklib project

comment:3 by jim@…, 18 years ago

Agree Randy, the library does go into /usr/lib, they are also may be an issue with PAM. Looking for a fix right now

comment:4 by DJ Lucas, 18 years ago

Summary: CrackLib forked into a new projectCrackLib-2.8.3

On hold pending updated patch for use with heimdal. We can achieve the /lib installation as previously with the following commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --datadir=/lib && make

As root:

make install && mv -v /usr/lib/* /lib && ln -svf ../../lib/ /usr/lib/ && create-cracklib-dict /usr/share/dict/words \


Note that Linux_PAM will still require a patch to force the check for CRACKLIB_DICT to add /lib/cracklib/ in and autoreconf will still need to be run for Linux_PAM. The previously mentioned packer.h problem is now fixed as part of make install.

comment:5 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Priority: highnormal

comment:6 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Milestone: future6.1
Owner: changed from blfs-book@… to Randy McMurchy

Heimdal patch is ready. I have everything done in my sandbox ready to commit once I hear from DJ about a few proposals in my last email to -dev.

comment:7 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Status: newassigned

comment:8 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Just an additional note which will also be added to the PAM bug.

The cracklib dictionary is now located in /lib/cracklib instead of /lib/cracklib_dict.

comment:9 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Clarification of the last entry:

The cracklib dictionary files are now /lib/cracklib/pw_dict.* instead of the old /lib/cracklib_dict.*

comment:10 by Randy McMurchy, 18 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Updated BLFS to CrackLib-2.8.3

Reviewing all the messages in this bug and all seem to have been hit except for where Jim mentions having to create a /usr/share/cracklib directory. I found it to be unnecessary, probably since the --datadir stuff pushes the 'magic' file to /lib/cracklib instead of /usr/share/cracklib.

Other than that, all the notes seem to have been addressed and the new library builds fine and works as it should.

Still need significant testing once PAM is updated to 0.80. This will put us as the following packages revisions, which should be the ones used in BLFS-6.1

CrackLib-2.8.3 Shadow-4.0.9 Linux-PAM-0.80

comment:11 by (none), 14 years ago

Milestone: 6.1

Milestone 6.1 deleted

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