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OpenSSL man pages problems

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Just found another two manpages that OpenSSL overwrites: err.3, rand.3 - installed by Man-pages Note that the conflicted manpages installed by OpenSSL and Man-pages are totally unrelated. E.g: This is the synopsis of OpenSSL's err.3 manpage: ### NAME

openssl_err - error codes


#include <openssl/err.h>

unsigned long ERR_get_error(void); unsigned long ERR_peek_error(void); unsigned long ERR_get_error_line(const char file, int *line);

... ### and that's from man-pages' err.3: ### NAME

err, verr, errx, verrx, warn, vwarn, warnx, vwarnx, -- formatted error

messages SYNOPSIS

#include <err.h>

void err(int eval, const char *fmt, ...);

void errx(int eval, const char *fmt, ...);

... ### Additionally, except for passwd.1, the current instructions don't fix the references to the old names _inside_ the man pages. the sed commands to fix this are not trivial, so I suggest using a patch in this case. The patch below also fixes syntax errors found on some POD files. If you plan to use the patch, the instructions can be simplified to: patch -Np1 -i ../openssl-0.9.7e-fix_manpages-1.patch && ./config --openssldir=/etc/ssl --prefix=/usr shared && sed -i '/SHLIBDIRS=/s/fips' Makefile && make MANDIR=/usr/share/man make MANDIR=/usr/share/man install && cp -r certs /etc/ssl I've also taken the liberty to simplify the fips sed command :-) Here's the patch URL: It'll soon be on the Patches repo.

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