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New minor version.

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Fixed at revision 22092.

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Priority: normalhigh

Contains security fixes for CVE-2019-8696, CVE-2019-8675, and CVE-2018-8400.

Retroactively promote to high.

Changes in CUPS v2.3.0

    CVE-2019-8696 and CVE-2019-8675: Fixed SNMP buffer overflows (rdar://51685251)
    Added a GPL2/LGPL2 exception to the new CUPS license terms.
    Documentation updates (Issue #5604)
    Localization updates (Issue #5637)
    Fixed a bug in the scheduler job cleanup code (Issue #5588)
    Fixed builds when there is no TLS library (Issue #5590)
    Eliminated some new GCC compiler warnings (Issue #5591)
    Removed dead code from the scheduler (Issue #5593)
    "make" failed with GZIP options (Issue #5595)
    Fixed potential excess logging from the scheduler when removing job files (Issue #5597)
    Fixed a NULL pointer dereference bug in httpGetSubField2 (Issue #5598)
    Added FIPS-140 workarounds for GNU TLS (Issue #5601, Issue #5622)
    The scheduler no longer provides a default value for the description (Issue #5603)
    The scheduler now logs jobs held for authentication using the error level so it is clear what happened (Issue #5604)
    The lpadmin command did not always update the PPD file for changes to the cupsIPPSupplies and cupsSNMPSupplies keywords (Issue #5610)
    The scheduler now uses both the group's membership list as well as the various OS-specific membership functions to determine whether a user belongs to a named group (Issue #5613)
    Added USB quirks rule for HP LaserJet 1015 (Issue #5617)
    Fixed some PPD parser issues (Issue #5623, Issue #5624)
    The IPP parser no longer allows invalid member attributes in collections (Issue #5630)
    The configure script now treats the "wheel" group as a potential system group (Issue #5638)
    Fixed a USB printing issue on macOS (rdar://31433931)
    Fixed IPP buffer overflow (rdar://50035411)
    Fixed memory disclosure issue in the scheduler (rdar://51373853)
    Fixed DoS issues in the scheduler (rdar://51373929)
    Fixed an issue with unsupported "sides" values in the IPP backend (rdar://51775322)
    The scheduler would restart continuously when idle and printers were not shared (rdar://52561199)
    Fixed an issue with EXPECT !name WITH-VALUE ... tests.
    Fixed a command ordering issue in the Zebra ZPL driver.
    Fixed a memory leak in ppdOpen.

Changes in CUPS v2.3rc1

    The cups-config script no longer adds extra libraries when linking against shared libraries (Issue #5261)
    The supplied example print documents have been optimized for size (Issue #5529)
    The cupsctl command now prevents setting "cups-files.conf" directives (Issue #5530)
    The "forbidden" message in the web interface is now explained (Issue #5547)
    The footer in the web interface covered some content on small displays (Issue #5574)
    The libusb-based USB backend now enforces read limits, improving print speed in many cases (Issue #5583)
    The ippeveprinter command now looks for print commands in the "command" subdirectory.
    The ipptool command now supports $date-current and $date-start variables to insert the current and starting date and time values, as well as ISO-8601 relative time values such as "PT30S" for 30 seconds in the future.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b8

    Media size matching now uses a tolerance of 0.5mm (rdar://33822024)
    The lpadmin command would hang with a bad PPD file (rdar://41495016)
    Fixed a potential crash bug in cups-driverd (rdar://46625579)
    Fixed a performance regression with large PPDs (rdar://47040759)
    Fixed a memory reallocation bug in HTTP header value expansion (rdar://problem/50000749)
    Timed out job submission now yields an error (Issue #5570)
    Restored minimal support for the Emulators keyword in PPD files to allow old Samsung printer drivers to continue to work (Issue #5562)
    The scheduler did not encode octetString values like "job-password" correctly for the print filters (Issue #5558)
    The cupsCheckDestSupported function did not check octetString values correctly (Issue #5557)
    Added support for UserAgentTokens directive in "client.conf" (Issue #5555)
    Updated the systemd service file for cupsd (Issue #5551)
    The ippValidateAttribute function did not catch all instances of invalid UTF-8 strings (Issue #5509)
    Fixed an issue with the self-signed certificates generated by GNU TLS (Issue #5506)
    Fixed a potential memory leak when reading at the end of a file (Issue #5473)
    Fixed potential unaligned accesses in the string pool (Issue #5474)
    Fixed a potential memory leak when loading a PPD file (Issue #5475)
    Added a USB quirks rule for the Lexmark E120n (Issue #5478)
    Updated the USB quirks rule for Zebra label printers (Issue #5395)
    Fixed a compile error on Linux (Issue #5483)
    The lpadmin command, web interface, and scheduler all queried an IPP Everywhere printer differently, resulting in different PPDs for the same printer (Issue #5484)
    The web interface no longer provides access to the log files (Issue #5513)
    Non-Kerberized printing to Windows via IPP was broken (Issue #5515)
    Eliminated use of private headers and some deprecated macOS APIs (Issue #5516)
    The scheduler no longer stops a printer if an error occurs when a job is canceled or aborted (Issue #5517)
    Added a USB quirks rule for the DYMO 450 Turbo (Issue #5521)
    Added a USB quirks rule for Xerox printers (Issue #5523)
    The scheduler's self-signed certificate did not include all of the alternate names for the server when using GNU TLS (Issue #5525)
    Fixed compiler warnings with newer versions of GCC (Issue #5532, Issue #5533)
    Fixed some PPD caching and IPP Everywhere PPD accounting/password bugs (Issue #5535)
    Fixed PreserveJobHistory bug with time values (Issue #5538)
    The scheduler no longer advertises the HTTP methods it supports (Issue #5540)
    Localization updates (Issue #5461, Issues #5471, Issue #5481, Issue #5486, Issue #5489, Issue #5491, Issue #5492, Issue #5493, Issue #5494, Issue #5495, Issue #5497, Issue #5499, Issue #5500, Issue #5501, Issue #5504)
    The scheduler did not always idle exit as quickly as it could.
    Added a new ippeveprinter command based on the old ippserver sample code.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b7

    Fixed some build failures (Issue #5451, Issue #5463)
    Running ppdmerge with the same input and output filenames did not work as advertised (Issue #5455)

Changes in CUPS v2.3b6

    Localization update (Issue #5339, Issue #5348, Issue #5362, Issue #5408, Issue #5410)
    Documentation updates (Issue #5369, Issue #5402, Issue #5403, Issue #5404)
    CVE-2018-4300: Linux session cookies used a predictable random number seed.
    All user commands now support the --help option (Issue #5326)
    The lpoptions command now works with IPP Everywhere printers that have not yet been added as local queues (Issue #5045)
    The lpadmin command would create a non-working printer in some error cases (Issue #5305)
    The scheduler would crash if an empty AccessLog directive was specified (Issue #5309)
    The scheduler did not idle-exit on some Linux distributions (Issue #5319)
    Fixed a regression in the changes to ippValidateAttribute (Issue #5322, Issue #5330)
    Fixed a crash bug in the Epson dot matrix driver (Issue #5323)
    Automatic debug logging of job errors did not work with systemd (Issue #5337)
    The web interface did not list the IPP Everywhere "driver" (Issue #5338)
    The scheduler did not report all of the supported job options and values (Issue #5340)
    The IPP Everywhere "driver" now properly supports face-up printers (Issue #5345)
    Fixed some typos in the label printer drivers (Issue #5350)
    Setting the Community name to the empty string in snmp.conf now disables SNMP supply level monitoring by all the standard network backends (Issue #5354)
    Multi-file jobs could get stuck if the backend failed (Issue #5359, Issue #5413)
    The IPP Everywhere "driver" no longer does local filtering when printing to a shared CUPS printer (Issue #5361)
    The lpadmin command now correctly reports IPP errors when configuring an IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5370)
    Fixed some memory leaks discovered by Coverity (Issue #5375)
    The PPD compiler incorrectly terminated JCL options (Issue #5379)
    The cupstestppd utility did not generate errors for missing/mismatched CloseUI/JCLCloseUI keywords (Issue #5381)
    The scheduler now reports the actual location of the log file (Issue #5398)
    Added USB quirk rules (Issue #5395, Issue #5420, Issue #5443)
    The generated PPD files for IPP Everywhere printers did not contain the cupsManualCopies keyword (Issue #5433)
    Kerberos credentials might be truncated (Issue #5435)
    The handling of MaxJobTime 0 did not match the documentation (Issue #5438)
    Fixed a bug adding a queue with the -E option (Issue #5440)
    The cupsaddsmb program has been removed (Issue #5449)
    The cupstestdsc program has been removed (Issue #5450)
    The scheduler was being backgrounded on macOS, causing applications to spin (rdar://40436080)
    The scheduler did not validate that required initial request attributes were in the operation group (rdar://41098178)
    Authentication in the web interface did not work on macOS (rdar://41444473)
    Fixed an issue with HTTP Digest authentication (rdar://41709086)
    The scheduler could crash when job history was purged (rdar://42198057)
    Fixed a crash bug when mapping PPD duplex options to IPP attributes (rdar://46183976)
    Fixed a memory leak for some IPP (extension) syntaxes.
    The cupscgi, cupsmime, and cupsppdc support libraries are no longer installed as shared libraries.
    The snmp backend is now deprecated.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b5

    The ipptool program no longer checks for duplicate attributes when running in list or CSV mode (Issue #5278)
    The cupsCreateJob, cupsPrintFile2, and cupsPrintFiles2 APIs did not use the supplied HTTP connection (Issue #5288)
    Fixed another crash in the scheduler when adding an IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5290)
    Added a workaround for certain web browsers that do not support multiple authentication schemes in a single response header (Issue #5289)
    Fixed policy limits containing the All operation (Issue #5296)
    The scheduler was always restarted after idle-exit with systemd (Issue #5297)
    Added a USB quirks rule for the HP LaserJet P1102 (Issue #5310)
    The mailto notifier did not wait for the welcome message (Issue #5312)
    Fixed a parsing bug in the pstops filter (Issue #5321)
    Documentation updates (Issue #5299, Issue #5301, Issue #5306)
    Localization updates (Issue #5317)
    The scheduler allowed environment variables to be specified in the cupsd.conf file (rdar://37836779, rdar://37836995, rdar://37837252, rdar://37837581)
    Fax queues did not support pause (p) or wait-for-dialtone (w) characters (rdar://39212256)
    The scheduler did not validate notify-recipient-uri values properly (rdar://40068936)
    The IPP parser allowed invalid group tags (rdar://40442124)
    Fixed a parsing bug in the new authentication code.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b4

    NOTICE: Printer drivers are now deprecated (Issue #5270)
    Kerberized printing to another CUPS server did not work correctly (Issue #5233)
    Fixed printing to some IPP Everywhere printers (Issue #5238)
    Fixed installation of filters (Issue #5247)
    The scheduler now supports using temporary print queues for older IPP/1.1 print queues like those shared by CUPS 1.3 and earlier (Issue #5241)
    Star Micronics printers need the "unidir" USB quirk rule (Issue #5251)
    Documentation fixes (Issue #5252)
    Fixed a compile issue when PAM is not available (Issue #5253)
    Label printers supported by the rastertolabel driver don't support SNMP, so don't delay printing to test it (Issue #5256)
    The scheduler could crash while adding an IPP Everywhere printer (Issue #5258)
    The Lexmark Optra E310 printer needs the "no-reattach" USB quirk rule (Issue #5259)
    Systemd did not restart cupsd when configuration changes were made that required a restart (Issue #5263)
    The IPP Everywhere PPD generator did not include the cupsJobPassword keyword, when supported (Issue #5265)
    Fixed an Avahi crash bug in the scheduler (Issue #5268)
    Raw print queues are now deprecated (Issue #5269)
    Fixed an RPM packaging problem (Issue #5276)
    The IPP backend did not properly detect failed PDF prints (rdar://34055474)
    TLS connections now properly timeout (rdar://34938533)
    Temp files could not be created in some sandboxed applications (rdar://37789645)
    The ipptool --ippserver option did not encode out-of-band attributes correctly.
    Added public cupsEncodeOption API for encoding a single option as an IPP attribute.
    Removed support for the -D_PPD_DEPRECATED="" developer cheat - the PPD API should no longer be used.
    Removed support for -D_IPP_PRIVATE_STRUCTURES=1 developer cheat - the IPP accessor functions should be used instead.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b3

    More fixes for printing to old CUPS servers (Issue #5211)
    The IPP Everywhere PPD generator did not support deep grayscale or 8-bit per component AdobeRGB (Issue #5227)
    Additional changes for the scheduler to substitute default values for invalid job attributes when running in "relaxed conformance" mode (Issue #5229)
    Localization changes (Issue #5232, rdar://37068158)
    The cupsCopyDestInfo function did not work with all print queues (Issue #5235)

Changes in CUPS v2.3b2

    Localization changes (Issue #5210)
    Build fixes (Issue #5217)
    IPP Everywhere PPDs were not localized to English (Issue #5205)
    The cupsGetDests and cupsEnumDests functions no longer filter out local print services like IPP USB devices (Issue #5206)
    The cupsCopyDest function now correctly copies the is_default value (Issue #5208)
    Printing to old CUPS servers has been fixed (Issue #5211)
    The ppdInstallableConflict tested too many constraints (Issue #5213)
    All HTTP field values can now be longer than HTTP_MAX_VALUE bytes (Issue #5216)
    Added a USB quirk rule for Canon MP280 series printers (Issue #5221)
    The cupsRasterWritePixels function did not correctly swap bytes for some formats (Issue #5225)
    Fixed an issue with mapping finishing options (rdar://34250727)
    The ppdLocalizeIPPReason function incorrectly returned a localized version of "none" (rdar://36566269)
    The scheduler did not add ".local" to the default DNS-SD host name when needed.

Changes in CUPS v2.3b1

    CUPS is now provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
    Documentation updates (Issue #4580, Issue #5177, Issue #5192)
    The cupsCopyDestConflicts function now handles collection attribute ("media-col", "finishings-col", etc.) constraints (Issue #4096)
    The lpoptions command incorrectly saved default options (Issue #4717)
    The lpstat command now reports when new jobs are being held (Issue #4761)
    The ippfind command now supports finding printers whose name starts with an underscore (Issue #4833)
    The CUPS library now supports the latest HTTP Digest authentication specification including support for SHA-256 (Issue #4862)
    The scheduler now supports the "printer-id" attribute (Issue #4868)
    No longer support backslash, question mark, or quotes in printer names (Issue #4966)
    The scheduler no longer logs pages as they are printed, instead just logging a total of the pages printed at job completion (Issue #4991)
    Dropped RSS subscription management from the web interface (Issue #5012)
    Bonjour printer sharing now uses the DNS-SD hostname (or ServerName value if none is defined) when registering shared printers on the network (Issue #5071)
    The ipptool command now supports writing ippserver attributes files (Issue #5093)
    The lp and lpr commands now provide better error messages when the default printer cannot be found (Issue #5096)
    The lpadmin command now provides a better error message when an unsupported System V interface script is used (Issue #5111)
    The scheduler did not write out dirty configuration and state files if there were open client connections (Issue #5118)
    The SSLOptions directive now supports MinTLS and MaxTLS options to control the minimum and maximum TLS versions that will be allowed, respectively (Issue #5119)
    Dropped hard-coded CGI scripting language support (Issue #5124)
    The cupsEnumDests function did not include options from the lpoptions files (Issue #5144)
    Fixed the ippserver sample code when threading is disabled or unavailable (Issue #5154)
    Added label markup to checkbox and radio button controls in the web interface templates (Issue #5161)
    Fixed group validation on OpenBSD (Issue #5166)
    Improved IPP Everywhere media support, including a new cupsAddDestMediaOptions function (Issue #5167)
    IPP Everywhere PPDs now include localizations of printer-specific media types, when available (Issue #5168)
    The cups-driverd program incorrectly stopped scanning PPDs as soon as a loop was seen (Issue #5170)
    IPP Everywhere PPDs now support IPP job presets (Issue #5179)
    IPP Everywhere PPDs now support finishing templates (Issue #5180)
    Fixed a journald support bug in the scheduler (Issue #5181)
    Fixed PAM module detection and added support for the common PAM definitions (Issue #5185)
    The scheduler now substitutes default values for invalid job attributes when running in "relaxed conformance" mode (Issue #5186)
    The scheduler did not work with older versions of uClibc (Issue #5188)
    The scheduler now generates a strings file for localizing PPD options (Issue #5194)
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