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New -rc for bogofilter

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Milestone: hold9.1
Summary: bogofilter-1.2.5.rc1 (Hold until 1.2.5)bogofilter-1.2.5

No longer an rc

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1.2.5	2019-10-11
	* Release bogofilter 1.2.5.

	* Release candidate #1 for bogofilter 1.2.5.
	* Add a file "OBITUARY" to inform the bogofilter community
	  that and how David M. Relson has passed away in 2013.
	* Matthias Andree has been maintainer since.

	* Const-ness fix initiated for KyotoCabinet driver (fixing a const
	  qualifier warning there) also improves performance in some
	  "full-database" operations for LMDB and SQLite3, through reduced
	  memory allocation and copy operations.

	* Plugged more memory leaks (one-shot leaks in bogoutil/bogotune).
	* RPMs or scripts for static library builds have been removed.
	  Bogofilter no longer supports systems that are too far out of date.
	  This removes .spec files from the package (for now, it is still
	  built during ./configure), disables "make rpm", and drops the script, and removes "--enable-static"
	  support from ./configure.

	* Bogofilter's source code repository has been converted to Git,
	  and is hosted on GitLab and mirrored onto
	  In contrast to Subversion (SVN), the prior system, Git is
	  a distributed open-source version control system and has
	  gained a lot of ground over the past years, and is solid and
	  scales well.

	* Support for using LMDB (Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager)
	  as the database back-end. Suggested, courteously implemented and
	  contributed by Steffen Nurpmeso, steffen .at.

	* The Berkeley DB backend driver forgoes DB_NOSYNC in transactional
	  mode, so as to synchronize changes from the logs back into the .db
	  files to keep them up to date and make environments more robust
	  against a loss of log.* files, for instance, when moving databases.

	* The contrib/, originally written by Thomas 'Tom'
	  Anderson, was enhanced by Jonathan Kamens and grew a few features.
	  Run perldoc contrib/, or -h, to read
	  its manual.

	* Apply patch from Denny Lin, with one fix, to add support for the
	  KyotoCabinet embedded database library.  To enable, install
	  KyotoCabinet including the development files, and run
	  configure --with-database=kyotocabinet when building bogofilter.

	* Apply patch from Denny Lin to plug a few memory leaks in bogofilter's
	  TokyoCabinet implementation, contributed through the bogofilter-dev
	  mailing list.  Thanks!

	* Fix build with C89 compilers.
	* Fix several memory leaks.
	* Fix an out-of-bounds memory read in maint.c's discard_token().
	  Found with clang 3.6's address sanitizer.

	* Fix the lexer to not try to delete parts from HTML tokens if it is
	  reading garbage (for instance, binary files misdeclared as HTML).
	  This was exposed on Fedora 20 and 21 but not Ubuntu 14.04 (x86_64),
	  and is possibly related to its newer flex 2.5.37 that may have
	  changed the way it uses yyinput() a bit.  Reported by Matt Garretson.

	* Fix the lexer to handle MIME multipart messages properly when the
	  boundary ended in "--".  The parser would previously never find the
	  MIME parts because it mistook all boundaries ending in two dashes to
	  be the final boundary of the multipart, rather than checking if the
	  two dashes were extra.  Add a test case, t.lexer.boundary--.
	  Reported by Matt Garretson to the bogofilter mailing list today.

	* Take patch from Julius Plenz to fix a bug in the charset converter
	  that causes truncation of messages in pass-through mode in rare
	  circumstances, for instance, if binary data is misdeclared as
	  text/html.  Also add his test case, t.passthrough-truncation.

	* Updated autoconf/automake stuff so that tests work properly with
	  automake versions that default to running parallel-tests.

	* Relicensed all security announcements under a dual-license, at the
	  user's option, to ease distribution without repackaging:

	  - Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany License
	    (CC BY-ND 3.0)
	  - GNU General Public License v3 or newer (GPL v3+).

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Fixed at r22271

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