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Overview of Changes from GIMP 2.10.12 to GIMP 2.10.14


  • New "Selected areas continue outside the image" toggle option to the "Feather Selection" dialog.
  • New "Allow editing on non-visible layers" setting in Preferences to allow painting, transforming, and selecting on layers with toggled off visibility.
  • XCF loading a bit more resilient to corruption: it doesn't stop any more at the first layer or channel error; instead it tries to load more layers/channels to salvage as much data as possible from a corrupted XCF file.
  • In gimp:gradient, fix dithering to correspond to how we actually round float values to 8-bit. In particular, this avoids introducing noise when a component is fixed at 0 or 1 along a segment.
  • New "Show All" view mode allowing to show pixels outside the canvas boundary.
  • New "Show Canvas Boundary" option to render a dotted line around the canvas boundary.
  • New "Keep Padding in "Show All" Mode" option, also available as a default option via Preferences, to preserve the padding color instead of displaying the checkerboard.
  • Several features updated to react as expected when run out-of-canvas: color-picking, canvas grid, transform tools, bucket fill, and more.
  • Loaded images' pixel density will now default to 72 PPI when no explicit resolution information was stored in the imported file. Newly created images' default pixel density will continue to be based on the default image template (with value 300 PPI if it has not be changed), yet not loaded images anymore. 72 PPI is the common default in most software (and in standards such as Exif) so it makes sense we stick to it, only for loaded images.


  • Free Select tool: fast copy|cut-paste modifiers (Alt + Ctrl|Shift) are now working even when the selection is not committed. Starting a fast copy|cut-paste will automatically close the polygon and commit the selection, accelerating fast usage of free selections.
  • Foreground Select tool: new "Grayscale" Preview Mode. Also, a color selector for "Color" preview (original preview mode) now available, to select any color and opacity for the preview.
  • Add a new "Image" transform type to the transform tools, in addition to the existing "Layer", "Selection", and "Path" transform types. The "Image" mode transforms the entire image, rather than a single item. In tools with a preview, the preview shows the transformed image projection. The clipping mode controls how the canvas is clipped during the transform; in particular, the ADJUST clipping mode resizes the canvas to fit its transformed size.
  • In GimpFilterTool, add a new "clipping" option, which can be either Adjust or Clip. This option is controllable for layers, when there's no selection mask. When set to Adjust, which is used by default, the filter's output may extent past the drawable's boundary, and the drawable will be resized to match the output when committed.
  • Gradient tool: offest support in shaped gradients


  • Simple 8-bit port of filters to GEGL: nl-filter, film, fractal-explorer, flame, blinds, jigsaw, gradient-flare, checkerboard, tile-small, curve-bend, sample-colorize, map-object, lighting, grid, despeckle, sphere-designer, contrast-retinex, hot, sparkle, cml-explorer, destripe, twain, animation-optimize, depth-merge, warp, imagemap, gimpressionist
  • Port of filters to GEGL with float support: van-gogh-lic.
  • Add color profile support for HEIF (only when libheif 1.4.0 is available).
  • TIFF import will now ask (in interactive mode) how to process unspecified TIFF channels: non-premultiplied (used to be the default) alpha, premultiplied alpha, or just import as generic channel.
  • HEIF export now improved with same profile logics as JPEG or WebP (it can actually export higher bit-depth data, so profile logics should be the one as in PNG, but we only support 8 bpc HEIF for the time being).
  • HEIF export dialog now has a "Save color profile" checkbox allowing to not export with a profile when needed (needs libheif 1.4.0 or higher).
  • PDF exporting: text layers in layer groups are now exported as proper text.
  • Cleaned up the file-dds GUI, removed the "Advanced" expander.
  • gimptool external tool now install plug-ins into subfolders (this is not mandatory in GIMP 2.10 yet, unlike future GIMP 3, but is already the recommended folder structure for plug-ins).
  • 3 procedures ("color-decode-ycocg", "color-decode-ycocg-scaled" and "color-decode-alpha-exp") removed from file-dds plug-in because they are hacks which should stay internal to the plug-in and are semantically wrong because colors in drawables are never in such formats.


  • New "Normal Map" filter to generate normal maps from height maps in the Generic section.
  • Replace old filters with GEGL operation counterparts: edge-neon (gegl:edge-neon), contrast-normalize (gegl:stretch-contrast), oilify (gegl:oilify)
  • Add gegl:bayer-matrix and gegl:linear-sinusoid to Filters -> Render -> Pattern.
  • Add gegl:newsprint to Filters -> Distorts.
  • Add gegl:mean-curvature-blur to Filters -> Blur.


  • Add an active-thread variable to the dashboard's misc group, showing the number of active worker threads.
  • Reduce time complexity of layer-group translation. When translating a layer group, avoid separately updating the original area of the child layers before translating them (as per the fix to issue #3484), as this results in quadratic time complexity w.r.t. to the maximal subgroup nesting level. Instead, simply defer the updating of the group's offset until *after* translating the child layers, so that their original area isn't clipped by the parent, while their new area is still properly updated even if the parent's size changes.

User interface:

  • Many mnemonics added in various dialogs.
  • Add a gimp-rotate-image-arbitrary action, and a corresponding "Image -> Transform -> Arbitrary Rotation..." menu entry, which activates the rotate tool in image mode (similarly to the corresponding action for layers).
  • On Windows, minimized GIMP window is now deiconified when GIMP is run again (clicking its shortcut or otherwise).


  • New "Swap compression" option: explicit control over the tile-swap compression algorithm in GEGL. "Best performance" is used by default, "Balanced", "Best compression", and "None" (disables compression) are available.

Devel docs:

  • Update the libgimpconfig and libgimpbase docs.
  • Update docs with missing symbols and types.
  • New docs for structs and enums.


  • Install 64-bit Python on 64-bit Windows (until now, the installer used to install 32-bit Python for all architectures).
  • Windows installer now supports per-user install.


  • New mnemonic-clashes tool to help looking for mnemonic clashes.


  • Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Catalan, Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.


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