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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Bruce Dubbs
Priority: normal Milestone: 9.1
Component: BOOK Version: SVN
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New point version.

v2.9.10: Oct 30 2019


  • Fix a few more typos
  • Large batch of typo fixes
  • Fix typos: tree: move{ -> s}, reconcil{i -> }ed, h{o -> e}ld by...
  • Fix typo: xpath: simpli{ -> fi}ed
  • Doc: do not mislead towards "infeasible" scenario wrt. xmlBufNodeDump
  • Fix comments in test code
  • fix comment in testReader.c


  • Fix some release issues on Fedora 30
  • Fix exponent digits when running tests under old MSVC
  • Work around buggy ceil
  • Don't call printf with NULL string in runtest.c
  • Switched from unsigned long to ptrdiff_t in parser.c
  • timsort.h: support older GCCs
  • Make work with older pkg-config
  • Stop defining _REENTRANT on some Win32 platforms
  • Fix nanohttp.c on MinGW
  • Fix Windows compiler warning in testC14N.c
  • Merge testThreadsWin32.c into testThreads.c
  • Fix Python bindings under Windows

Bug Fixes:

  • Another fix for conditional sections at end of document
  • Fix for conditional sections at end of document
  • Make sure that Python tests exit with error code
  • Audit memory error handling in xpath.c
  • Fix error code in xmlTextWriterStartDocument
  • Fix integer overflow when counting written bytes
  • Fix uninitialized memory access in HTML parser
  • Fix memory leak in xmlSchemaValAtomicType
  • Disallow conditional sections in internal subset
  • Fix use-after-free in xmlTextReaderFreeNodeList
  • Fix Regextests
  • Fix empty branch in regex
  • Fix integer overflow in entity recursion check
  • Don't read external entities or XIncludes from stdin
  • Fix Schema determinism check of ##other namespaces
  • Fix potential null deref in xmlSchemaIDCFillNodeTables
  • Fix potential memory leak in xmlBufBackToBuffer
  • Fix error message when processing XIncludes with fallbacks
  • Fix memory leak in xmlRegEpxFromParse
  • 14:00 is a valid timezone for xs:dateTime
  • Fix memory leak in xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover
  • Fix potential null deref in xmlRelaxNGParsePatterns
  • Misleading error message with xs:{min|max}Inclusive
  • Fix memory leak in xmlXIncludeLoadTxt
  • Partial fix for comparison of xs:durations
  • Fix null deref in xmlreader buffer
  • Fix unability to RelaxNG-validate grammar with choice-based name class
  • Fix unability to validate ambiguously constructed interleave for RelaxNG
  • Fix possible null dereference in xmlXPathIdFunction
  • fix memory leak in xmlAllocOutputBuffer
  • Fix unsigned int overflow
  • dict.h: gcc 2.95 doesn't allow multiple storage classes
  • Fix another code path in xmlParseQName
  • Make sure that xmlParseQName returns NULL in error case
  • Fix build without reader but with pattern
  • Fix memory leak in xmlAllocOutputBufferInternal error path
  • Fix unsigned integer overflow
  • Fix return value of xmlOutputBufferWrite
  • Fix parser termination from "Double hyphen within comment" error
  • Fix call stack overflow in xmlFreePattern
  • Fix null deref in previous commit
  • Fix memory leaks in xmlXPathParseNameComplex error paths
  • Check for integer overflow in xmlXPtrEvalChildSeq
  • Fix xmllint dump of XPath namespace nodes
  • Fix float casts in xmlXPathSubstringFunction
  • Fix null deref in xmlregexp error path
  • Fix null pointer dereference in xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml
  • Fix memory leaks in xmlParseStartTag2 error paths
  • Fix memory leak in xmlSAX2StartElement
  • Fix commit "Memory leak in xmlFreeID
  • Fix NULL pointer deref in xmlTextReaderValidateEntity
  • Memory leak in xmlFreeTextReader
  • Memory leak in xmlFreeID


  • Run XML conformance tests under CI
  • Update GitLab CI config
  • Propagate memory errors in valuePush
  • Propagate memory errors in xmlXPathCompExprAdd
  • Make xmlFreeDocElementContent non-recursive
  • Enable continuous integration via GitLab CI
  • Avoid ignored attribute warnings under GCC
  • Make xmlDumpElementContent non-recursive
  • Mark xmlExp* symbols as removed
  • Make xmlParseConditionalSections non-recursive
  • Adjust expected error in Python tests
  • Make xmlTextReaderFreeNodeList non-recursive
  • Make xmlFreeNodeList non-recursive
  • Make xmlParseContent and xmlParseElement non-recursive
  • Remove executable bit from non-executable files
  • Fix expected output of test/schemas/any4
  • Optimize build instructions in README
  • Output CFLAGS and LIBS on the same line
  • xml2-config: Add a --dynamic switch to print only shared libraries
  • Annotate functions with attribute
  • Fix warnings when compiling without reader or push parser
  • Remove unused member doc in xmlSaveCtxt
  • Limit recursion depth in xmlXPathCompOpEvalPredicate
  • Remove -Wno-array-bounds
  • Remove unreachable code in xmlXPathCountFunction
  • Improve XPath predicate and filter evaluation
  • Limit recursion depth in xmlXPathOptimizeExpression
  • Disable hash randomization when fuzzing
  • Optional recursion limit when parsing XPath expressions
  • Optional recursion limit when evaluating XPath expressions
  • Use break statements in xmlXPathCompOpEval
  • Optional XPath operation limit
  • Fix compilation with --with-minimum
  • Check XPath stack after calling functions
  • Remove debug printf in xmlreader.c
  • Always define LIBXML_THREAD_ENABLED when enabled
  • Regenerate NEWS
  • Change git repo URL
  • Change bug tracker URL
  • Remove outdated HTML file
  • Fix unused function warning in testapi.c
  • Add some generated test files to .gitignore
  • Remove unneeded function pointer casts
  • Fix -Wcast-function-type warnings
  • Fix -Wformat-truncation warnings


  • Rebuild docs
  • Disable xmlExp regex code
  • Remove redundant code in xmlRelaxNGValidateState
  • Remove redundant code in xmlXPathCompRelationalExpr

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