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This release has new features and bug fixes. Please see the UPDATING file, or the more detailed release notes at <>.

Main changes:


with a link to

Browser Sticky Cursor

$browser_sticky_cursor, set by default, tries to keep the cursor on the same mailbox across various operations (such as changing to a parent folder, modifying the mask, and creating directories).

Multipart/Alternative Generation

This release provides a way to generate a single multipart/alternative part via an external filter script. $send_multipart_alternative is a quadoption enabling the filter, and the filter itself is specified via $send_multipart_alternative_filter. It may also be useful to set these variables via send or reply hooks, to control when and how alternatives are used.

The composed part (usually text/plain) will be piped into the filter. The output of the filter should be the generated mime type (e.g. "text/html"), a blank line, and the generated output. Note that the filter isn't allowed to generate a multipart type itself (due to current technical limitations). Sidebar Indentation Changes

The $sidebar_folder_indent and $sidebar_short_path options have been changed to operate based on the preceding entries displayed in the sidebar. Indentation will be one more than the most recent greatest common path mailbox, and will be shortened based on that too.

Additionally, mailboxes are now prefixed with "~" or "=" in the same manner as other places in Mutt (such as the status bar, or in the browser menu).

Smaller Features/Changes:

$write_bcc unset

$write_bcc has been changed to default unset. Several MTAs do not strip Bcc headers, making it dangerous to have this set by default. Sorry everyone, had I been aware of this issue before, I would have changed this earlier.

In order for your Fcc'ed copy to be accurate, I've disabled the option's effect on the Fcc'ed message. That will always have the Bcc header; only the sent message will be affected by $write_bcc.

Regex configuration rename

"--with-regex" has been renamed to "--with-bundled-regex". The previous name incorrectly implied it was necessary for regex support. Almost all modern systems contain a suitable regex library, but if not the bundled regex can be used as a backup.

Additionally commit 367b1135 fixed undefined left-shift on negative value behavior in the bundled regex.c library, in case anyone was losing sleep over that. ;-)

SSL changes

$ssl_force_tls now defaults set. If you are connecting to a local server over clear text, be aware that you will need to unset it.

$ssl_use_tlsv1_3 was also added, default set.

User Agent off by default

In response to repeated requests by the security minded, $user_agent is default unset. However, for those who wish to show their Mutt Love, you can still enable this yourself.

Attachment counting

The unattachments command now accepts "*" to remove all attachment counting entries.

Also, $count_alternatives has been added to scan inside multipart/alternatives for matching attachments. Traditionally attachments are not supposed to be there, but some crazy mail clients decide to put them in one of the alternatives. Set this to find and count those too.

Byte size display control

$size_show_bytes, $size_show_mb, $size_show_fractions, and $size_units_on_left have been added to control how bytes are displayed in various format string expandos. See Bytes size display in the manual for more details.

format=flowed space stuffing

Only the most observant will have noticed, but format=flowed space stuffing has been accidentally disabled in Mutt for several years. Commit 4959e8d4 reenabled this. It also changed Mutt to automatically unstuff/stuff around every message editing operation, as opposed to only after the first edit. Internal Improvements

A lot of internal improvements happened during this development cycle too:

IMAP new mail checking was made more robust responding to new mail and reopen events.

The data structures used to hold all config variables and commands had some portability issues straightened out.

More work toward transitioning to dynamic string buffers took place. There is still more to do however...

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Evidently the sidebar changes in 1.13 have not met with universal approval. On mutt-users on Saturday Kevin posted:

<start-quote> TL;DR: I'm going to release 1.13.1 in the next week or so, with a couple new sidebar config variables to allow reverting to pre-1.13.0 behavior, and wanted to get some feedback first.

One of the changes in 1.13.0 was to the display of mailboxes in the sidebar. Shortening and indentation were changed to look at *previous* entries in the sidebar, instead of always truncating to the final part or indenting only with respect to $folder. Also, the sidebar was changed to use standard mailbox "prettifying" code, displaying mailbox shortcuts prefixes '=' and '~'.

I pretty quickly got feedback that these changes weren't okay with everyone, asking where the config variables were to revert. :-) So I'm planning to roll out a stable release with the following two variables.

$sidebar_use_mb_shortcuts (in branch stable), default *set*, toggles the use of mailbox shortcuts. Unsetting uses the old $folder string prefix matching code, which is a bit less accurate (w.r.t. imap), and will not display shortcuts.

$sidebar_relative_shortpath_indent (currently in branch kevin/sidebar-relative-sp-indent), default *unset*, toggles the new/old indentation and shortpath behavior.

If you have any feedback, for example about the name choices, or anything else, please feel free to reply. Thank you! <end-quote>

(/me swears at trac inserting 4 ticks for oblique, but then displaying one followed by bold paragraph, plain following paragraphs, single tick at end.)

So 1.13 will fall further down my ToDo queue ;)

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Summary: mutt-1.13mutt-1.13.2

Announcement details fro mmutt-announce for point releases -

For 1.13.1:

This release fixes two crash bugs involving postponed IMAP messages.

It also reverts by default the sidebar mailbox display changes made in 1.13.0. However, if you liked those changes, two configuration options have been added to this release to re-enable them. Please see the UPDATING files for details.

For 1.13.2:

This release fixes an incorrect cleanup change made to mutt_dotlock during 1.13.0. I'm usually more careful about reviewing cleanup patches, but I screwed up this time. Sorry about that.

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