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comment:1 by DJ Lucas, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by DJ Lucas, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed in r22424.

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

The Netfilter project proudly presents:

        nftables 0.9.3

This release contains fixes and new features available up to the
upcoming Linux kernel 5.5-rc release.

* time matching support. You can combine this with ranges to match
  on specify date ranges:

  meta time \"2019-12-24 16:00\" - \"2020-01-02 7:00\"

  Hour ranges can be used too:

  meta hour \"17:00\" - \"19:00\"

  You can also match on a specificy week day:

  meta day \"Fri\"

  New -T option allows for printing time in seconds since Unix epoch.

* secmark restore / save support, eg.

  ct secmark set meta secmark
  meta secmark set ct secmark

* synproxy map support to improve scalability, eg.

 table ip foo {
            synproxy https-synproxy {
                    mss 1460
                    wscale 7
                    timestamp sack-perm

            synproxy other-synproxy {
                    mss 1460
                    wscale 5

            chain pre {
                    type filter hook prerouting priority raw; policy accept;
                    tcp dport 8888 tcp flags syn notrack

            chain bar {
                    type filter hook forward priority filter; policy accept;
                    ct state invalid,untracked synproxy name ip saddr map { : "https-synproxy", : "other-synproxy" }

  iptables requires one single rule per backend which might limit
  scalability in case of many backend servers.

* Dynamic set element deletion from the packet path, eg.

  nft add rule ... delete @set5 { ip6 saddr . ip6 daddr }

  to delete an entry from the set via rule based on the user-defined
  matching criteria.

* meta bridge vlan id and protocol matching, eg.

        meta ibrpvid 100
        meta ibrvproto vlan

  to match on the vlan over bridge device metadata.

* New -t/--terse option to exclude set elements from the ruleset listing:

 # nft -t list ruleset
 table ip x {
        set y {
                type ipv4_addr

 instead of:

 # nft list ruleset
 table ip x {
        set y {
                type ipv4_addr
                elements = {,,
                   , }

 Useful in case your set contains many elements.

* Multidevice chain in netdev family (available since upcoming 5.5-rc)

  add table netdev x
  add chain netdev x y { \
        type filter hook ingress devices = { eth0, eth1 } priority 0;

  to consolidate common filter policies for several netdevices from
  the ingress path.

* description support for data types, eg.

 # nft describe ipv4_addr
 datatype ipv4_addr (IPv4 address) (basetype integer), 32 bits

* linenoise support for cli via --with-cli=linenoise, ie.

  ./configure --with-cli=linenoise

  as alternative to libreadline.

* manpage documentation updates.

* ... and bugfixes.

See ChangeLog that comes attached to this email for more details.

You can download it from:

To build the code, libnftnl 1.1.4 and libmnl >= 1.0.3 are required:


Visit our wikipage for user documentation at:


For the manpage reference, check man(8) nft.

In case of bugs and feature request, file them via:


Happy firewalling!

Ander Juaristi (4):
      netfilter: support for element deletion
      evaluate: New internal helper __expr_evaluate_range
      meta: Introduce new conditions 'time', 'day' and 'hour'
      tests: add meta time test cases

Christian Göttsche (3):
      statement: make secmark statements idempotent
      src: add ability to set/get secmarks to/from connection
      files: add example secmark config

Eric Garver (6):
      cache: fix --echo with index/position
      tests: shell: check that rule add with index works with echo
      tests: shell: verify huge transaction returns expected number of rules
      tests: shell: add huge JSON transaction
      tests: shell: add huge transaction from firewalld
      parser_json: fix crash on insert rule to bad references

Eric Jallot (10):
      src: secmark: fix brace indentation and missing quotes in selctx output
      src: parser_json: fix crash while restoring secmark object
      src: obj: fix memleak in handle_free()
      tests: shell: fix failed tests due to missing quotes
      obj: fix memleak in parser_bison.y
      flowtable: fix memleak in exit path
      src: flowtable: add support for named flowtable listing
      doc: fix missing family in plural forms list command.
      src: flowtable: add support for delete command by handle
      scanner: fix out-of-bound memory write in include_file()

Fernando Fernandez Mancera (5):
      netlink_delinearize: fix wrong conversion to "list" in ct mark
      src: add synproxy stateful object support
      json: fix type mismatch on "ct expect" json exporting
      json: tests: fix typo in ct expectation json test
      tests: add stateful object update operation test

Florian Westphal (6):
      src: json: add support for element deletion
      src: evaluate: catch invalid 'meta day' values in eval step
      evaluate: flag fwd and queue statements as terminal
      src: meter: avoid double-space in list ruleset output
      tests: check we can use "dynamic" set for lookups
      expression: extend 'nft describe' to allow listing data types

Jeremy Sowden (11):
      configure: remove unused AC_SUBST macros.
      cli: remove unused declaration.
      cli: add linenoise CLI implementation.
      src: use `-T` as the short option for `--numeric-time`.
      src: add --terse to suppress output of set elements.
      doc: add missing output flag documentation.
      main: add missing `OPT_NUMERIC_PROTO` long option.
      main: remove duplicate output flag assignment.
      py: add missing output flags.
      src: add and use `set_is_meter` helper
      doc: fix inconsistency in set statement documentation.

Michal Rostecki (1):
      mnl: Fix -Wimplicit-function-declaration warnings

Pablo Neira Ayuso (15):
      tests: shell: use-after-free from abort path
      mnl: fix --echo buffer size again
      libnftables: use-after-free in exit path
      mnl: do not cache sender buffer size
      tests: shell: delete flowtable after flush chain
      libnftables: memleak when list of commands is empty
      segtree: always close interval in non-anonymous sets
      datatype: display description for header field < 8 bits
      src: define flowtable device compound as a list
      src: restore --echo with anonymous sets
      src: add multidevice support for netdev chain
      tests: shell: set reference from variable definition
      segtree: restore automerge
      netlink: off-by-one write in netdev chain device array
      build: Bump version to v0.9.3

Phil Sutter (25):
      parser_bison: Fix 'exists' keyword on Big Endian
      mnl: Don't use nftnl_set_set()
      monitor: Add missing newline to error message
      tests/monitor: Fix for changed ct timeout format
      rule: Fix for single line ct timeout printing
      parser_json: Fix checking of parse_policy() return code
      tproxy: Add missing error checking when parsing from netlink
      main: Fix for misleading error with negative chain priority
      Revert "main: Fix for misleading error with negative chain priority"
      tests/py: Fix test script for Python3 tempfile
      mnl: Replace use of untyped nftnl data setters
      doc: Drop incorrect requirement for nft configs
      libnftables: Store top_scope in struct nft_ctx
      meta: Rewrite hour_type_print()
      segtree: Check ranges when deleting elements
      segtree: Fix get element for little endian ranges
      cache: Reduce caching for get command
      parser_bison: Avoid set references in odd places
      files: Install sample scripts from files/examples
      files: Drop shebangs from config files
      scanner: Introduce numberstring
      nft.8: Describe numgen expression
      nft.8: Fix nat family spec position
      tests/py: Set a fixed timezone in
      segtree: Fix add and delete of element in same batch

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
      nftables: don't crash in 'list ruleset' if policy is not set

Sven Auhagen (1):
      mnl: remove artifical cap on 8 devices per flowtable

wenxu (1):
      meta: add ibrpvid and ibrvproto support

comment:4 by thomas, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: closedreopened

nftables seems to require asciidoc installed:

./configure --prefix=...
checking whether to build static libraries... yes
checking whether compiler accepts -fvisibility=hidden... yes
checking for a2x... no
configure: error: a2x not found, please install asciidoc

There is also no option to disable asciidoc at configure

comment:5 by thomas, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: reopenedclosed

Sorry for that, it was a false positive.

There is an option: --disable-man-doc

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