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gstreamer gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-ugly gst-libav gstreamer-vaapi 1.16.2

Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: Bruce Dubbs
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New point versions of gstreamer stack components

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comment:2 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

The plan for the 1.18 development cycle is yet to be confirmed, but it is now expected that feature freeze will take place in December 2019, with the first 1.18 stable release ready in late January or February.

Highlighted bugfixes in 1.16.2

  • Interlaced video scaling fixes
  • CineForm video support in AVI
  • audioresample: avoid glitches due to rounding errors after changing rate
  • Command line tool output printing improvements on Windows
  • various performance improvements, memory leak fixes and security fixes
  • VP9 decoding fixes
  • avfvideosrc: Explicitly request video permission on macOS 10.14+
  • wasapi: bug fixes and stability improvements
  • webrtc-audio-processing: fix segmentation fault on 32-bit windows
  • tsdemux: improved handling of certain discontinuities
  • vaapi h265 decoder: wait for I-frame before trying to decode


  • gst-launch: Fix ugly stdout on Windows
  • tee: Make sure to actually deactivate pads that are released
  • bin: Drop need-context messages without source instead of crashing
  • gst: Don’t pass miniobjects to GST_DEBUG_OBJECT() and similar macros
  • tracers: Don’t leak temporary GstStructure


  • xvimagepool: Update size, stride, and offset with allocated XvImage
  • video-converter: Fix RGB-XYZ-RGB conversion
  • audiorate: Update next_offset on rate change
  • audioringbuffer: Reset reorder flag before check
  • audio-buffer: Don’t fail to map buffers with zero samples
  • videorate: Fix max-duplication-time handling
  • gl/gbm: ensure we call the resize callback before attempting to draw
  • video-converter: Various fixes for interlaced scaling
  • gstrtspconnection: messages_bytes not decreased
  • check: Don’t use real audio devices for tests
  • riff: add CineForm mapping
  • glfilters: Don’t use static variables for storing per-element state
  • glupload: Add VideoMetas and GLSyncMeta to the raw uploaded buffers
  • streamsynchronizer: avoid pad release race during logging.
  • gst-play: Use gst_print* to avoid broken stdout string on Windows


  • vp9dec: Fix broken 4:4:4 8bits decoding
  • rtpsession: add locking for clear-pt-map
  • rtpL16depay: don’t crash if data is not modulo channels*width
  • wavparse: Fix push mode ignoring audio with a size smaller than

segment buffer

  • wavparse: Fix push mode ignoring last audio payload chunk
  • aacparse: fix wrong offset of the channel number in adts header
  • jpegdec: Fix incorrect logic in EOI tag detection
  • videocrop: Also update the coordinate when in-place
  • jpegdec: don’t overwrite the last valid line
  • vpx: Error out if enabled and no features found
  • v4l2videodec: ensure pool exists before orphaning it
  • v4l2videoenc: fix type conversion errors
  • v4l2bufferpool: Queue number of allocated buffers to capture
  • v4l2object: fix mpegversion number typo
  • v4l2object: Work around bad TRY_FMT colorimetry implementations


  • avfvideosrc: Explicitly request video permission on macOS 10.14+
  • wasapi: Various fixes and a workaround for a specific driver bug
  • wasapi: Move to CoInitializeEx for COM initialization
  • wasapi: Fix runtime/build warnings
  • waylandsink: Commit the parent after creating subsurface
  • msdkdec: fix surface leak in msdkdec_handle_frame
  • tsmux: Fix copying of buffer region
  • tsdemux: Handle continuity mismatch in more cases
  • tsdemux: Always issue a DTS even when it’s equal to PTS
  • openexr: Fix build with OpenEXR 2.4 (and also OpenEXR 2.2 on Ubuntu


  • ccextractor: Always forward all sticky events to the caption pad
  • pnmdec: Return early on ::finish() if we have no actual data to


  • ass: avoid infinite unref loop with bad data
  • fluidsynth: add sf3 to soundfont search path
  • webrtcdsp/webrtcechoprobe segmentation fault on windows (1.16.0 x86)


  • avvidenc: Fix error propagation
  • avdemux: Fix segmentation fault if long_name is NULL
  • avviddec: Fix huge leak caused by circular reference
  • avviddec: Enforce allocate new AVFrame per input frame
  • avdec_mpeg2video (and probably more): Huge memory leak in git master


  • meson build: halt configuration if no renderer API
  • libs: decoder: h265: skip all pictures prior the first I-frame
  • libs: window: x11: Avoid usage of deprecated API


  • gst-env: Use locally built GStreamer utility programs

comment:3 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 22443.

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