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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: Tim Tassonis
Priority: normal Milestone: 9.1
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comment:1 by Tim Tassonis, 4 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Tim Tassonis
Status: newassigned
  • Changed several event field names for consistency and to avoid conflicts in parent-child event relationships:
    • SMTP server command events: Renamed "name" to "cmd_name"
    • Events inheriting from a mailbox: Renamed "name" to "mailbox"
    • Server connection events have only "remote_ip", "remote_port", "local_ip" and "local_port".
    • Removed duplicate "client_ip", "ip" and "port".
    • Mail storage events: Removed "service" field. Use "service:<name>" category instead.
    • HTTP client connection events: Renamed "host" to "dest_host" and "port" to "dest_port"
  • auth: Drop Postfix socketmap support. It hasn't been working with recent Postfix versions for a while now.
  • push-notification-lua: The "subject" field is now decoded to UTF8 instead of kept as MIME-encoded.

+ push-notification-lua: Added new "from_address", "from_display_name",

"to_address" and "to_display_name" fields. The display names are decoded to UTF8.

+ Added various new fields to existing events.


+ Add lmtp_add_received_header setting. It can be used to prevent LMTP

from adding "Received:" headers.

+ doveadm: Support SSL/STARTTLS for proxied doveadm connections based on

doveadm_ssl setting and proxy ssl/tls settings.

+ Log filters support now "service:<name>", which matches all events for

the given service. It can also be used as a category.

+ lib: Use libunwind to get abort backtraces with function names

where available.

+ lmtp: When the LMTP proxy changes the username (from passdb lookup)

add an appropriate ORCPT parameter.

  • lmtp: Add lmtp_client_workarounds setting to implement workarounds for clients that send MAIL and RCPT commands with additional spaces before the path and for clients that omit <> brackets around the path. See example-config/conf.d/20-lmtp.conf.
  • lda/lmtp: Invalid MAIL FROM addresses were rejcted too aggressively. Now mails from addresses with unicode characters are delivered, but their Return-Path header will be <> instead of the given MAIL FROM address.
  • lmtp: The lmtp_hdr_delivery_address setting is ignored.
  • imap: imap_command_finished event's "args" and "human_args" parameters were always empty.
  • mbox: Seeking in zlib and bzip2 compressed input streams didn't work correctly.
  • imap-hibernate: Process crashed when client got destroyed while it was attempted to be unhibernated, and the unhibernation fails.
  • *-login: Proxying may have crashed if SSL handshake to the backend failed immediately. This was unlikely to happen in normal operation.
  • *-login: If TLS handshake to upstream server failed during proxying, login process could crash due to invalid memory access.
  • *-login: v2.3 regression: Using SASL authentication without initial response may have caused SSL connections to hang. This happened often at least with PHP's IMAP library.
  • *-login: When login processes are flooded with authentication attempts it starts logging errors about "Authentication server sent unknown id". This is still expected. However, it also caused the login process to disconnect from auth server and potentially log some user's password in the error message.
  • dict-sql: SQL prepared statements were not shared between sessions. This resulted in creating a lot of prepared statements, which was especially inefficient when using Cassandra backend with a lot of Cassandra nodes.
  • auth: auth_request_finished event didn't have success=yes parameter set for successful authentications.
  • auth: userdb dict - Trying to list users crashed.
  • submission: Service could be configured to allow anonymous authentication mechanism and anonymous user access.
  • LAYOUT=index: Corrupted dovecot.list.index caused folder creation to panic.
  • doveadm: HTTP server crashes if request target starts with double "/".
  • dsync: Remote dsync started hanging if the initial doveadm "dsync-server" command was sent in the same TCP packet as the following dsync handshake. v2.3.8 regression.
  • lib: Several "input streams" had a bug that in some rare situations might cause it to access freed memory. This could lead to crashes or corruption. The only currently known effect of this is that using zlib plugin with external mail attachments (mail_attachment_dir) could cause fetching the mail to return a few bytes of garbage data at the beginning of the header. Note that the mail wasn't saved corrupted, but fetching it caused corrupted mail to be sent to the client.
  • lib-storage: If a mail only has quoted content, use the quoted text for generating message snippet (IMAP PREVIEW) instead of returning empty snippet.
  • lib-storage: When vsize header was rebuilt, newly calculated message sizes were added to dovecot.index.cache instead of being directly saved into vsize records in dovecot.index.
  • lib: JSON generator was escaping UTF-8 characters unnecessarily.

comment:2 by Tim Tassonis, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed in revision 22429.

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