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New minor version.

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Changelog for sg3_utils-1.45 [20200229] [svn: r843]

  • sg_get_elem_status: new utility [sbc4r16]
  • sg_ses: bug: --page= being overridden when --control and --data= also given; fix
    • document explicit Element type codes and example
    • rename 'SAS SlimLine' to SlimSAS [ses4r02]
    • add --inhex=FN, equivalent to --data=@FN, for compatibility with other utilities
    • 'fan speed factor' field added in 20-013r1
  • sg_opcodes: expand MLU (now 2 bits, spc5r20)
    • include RWCDLP field as extension of CDLP field (spc5r01)
  • sg_write_buffer: allow comma and period separated lists when input from stdin
  • sg_inq: update version descriptors to spc5r21
    • add some NVMe 1.4 snippets to ctl identify
  • sg_format: add --dcrt used twice (FOV=1 DCRT=0)
    • add support for FORMAT WITH PRESET (sbc4r18)
  • sg_raw: fix --send bug when using stdin
  • sg_vpd: 3pc VPD page add copy group descriptor
    • add --examine option
    • new zoned block device char. field (zbc2r04)
  • sg_read_buffer: decode read microcode status page
    • add --inhex=FN option
  • sg_request: add --error option, replaces opcode with 0xff (or skips call to pass-through)
  • sg_get_lba_status: add --inhex=FN option
  • sg_xcopy: add --fco (fast copy only) (spc5r20)
    • implement --app=1 (append) on regular OFILE type
  • sg_scan (win32): expand limits for big arrays
  • sg_modes: placeholders for Command duration limit T2A and T2B mpages (sbc4r17)
    • improve zbc support (e.g. caching mpage)
  • sg_logs: add Command duration limits statistics lpage (spc6r01)
    • zoned block device statistics log page: shorten counter fields from 8 to 4 bytes (zbc2r02)
      • new field in this log page (zbc2r04)
    • change '-ll' option to suppress subpages=0xff apart from page 0x0,0xff. Used three times: list all pages and subpages names reported
  • sg_reassign: for defect list format 6 (vendor specific) don't try to decode
  • sg_rep_zones: expand some fields per zbc2r04
    • add --num= and --wp options
  • sg_verify: correct so issues VERIFY(16)
    • add --0 and --ff options and implement bytchk=3 properly
  • sg_write_same: add --ff for 0xff fill
  • sg_luns: report new "target commands" w-lun (19-117)
  • sg_dd: add --verify support
  • sgp_dd: support memory-mapped IO via mmap flag
  • inhex directory: new, contains ASCII hex files that can be used with the '--inhex=' option
  • sg_lib: add sg_t10_uuid_desig2str()
    • add sg_get_command_str and sg_print_command_len()
    • speed up sg_print_command()
    • sg_scsi_normalize_sense(): populate byte4,5,6
    • tweak sg_pt interface to better handle bidi
    • sg_cmds_process_resp(): two arguments removed
    • add ${PACKAGE_VERSION} to '.so' name
    • add sg_f2hex_arr()
    • update some tables for NVMe 1.4
    • sg_get_num()+sg_get_llnum(): add 'e' decoding,
    • asc/ascq match asc-num.txt @t10 20191014 exabytes; allow addition (e.g. --count=3+1k)
    • new zbc2r04 service actions
  • sg_pt_freebsd: fixes for FreeBSD 12.0 release
  • scripts: update 54-before-scsi-sg3_id.rules, and 59-fc-wwpn-id.rules
  • linux: add nanosecond durations when SG3_UTILS_LINUX_NANO environment variable given and Linux sg driver >= 4.0.30
  • rescan-scsi-bus: widen LUN 0 only scanning
    • multiple patches to sync with Suse
  • testing/sg_tst_async: fix free_list issue
  • testing/sg_tst_ioctl: for sg 4.0 driver
  • testing/sg_tst_bidi: for sg 4.0 driver
  • testing/sgh_dd: test request sharing, mreqs...
    • add --verify support
  • testing/sgs_dd: back from archive, for testing
  • testing/sg_chk_asc: allow LF and CR/LF in asc-num.txt
  • testing: 'make' now builds both C and C++ programs SIGPOLL (SIGIO) and realtime (RT) signals
  • sg_pt: add sg_get_opcode_translation() to replace global pointer to array: sg_opcode_info_arr[]
    • extend small SNTL to support read capacity
  • utils/hxascdmp: add -o=<offset> option
    • add -1, -2 and -q options
  • sg_io_linux (sg_lib): add sg_linux_sense_print()
  • sg_pt_linux: uses sg v4 interface if sg driver !>= 4.0.0 . Force sg v3 always by building with './configure --disable-linux-sgv4'
    • add sg_linux_get_sg_version() function
  • add: 'SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause' or a small number of 'GPL-2.0-or-later'
  • gcc-9: suppress (pointless) warnings
  • automake: upgrade to version 1.16.1
  • autoconf: upgrade to version 2.69
  • sync with fixes from Redhat, via github

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Resolution: fixed
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Fixed at revision 22800.

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