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Reported by: Douglas R. Reno Owned by: Bruce Dubbs
Priority: normal Milestone: 10.0
Component: BOOK Version: SVN
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New point version

Changes in 3.0.2 (since 3.0.1)

* New interfaces and functionality

** New (srfi srfi-171) module

This module implements "tranducers" as specified in
Thanks to Linus Björnstam for this new API!

** SRFI-14 character data set upgraded to Unicode 13.0.0

* Bug fixes

** Fix heap corruption when allocating structs

This bug would cause random crashes; users are invited to upgrade.
Thanks to rr (<>) for being instrumental in
finding this bug!

** Fix race condition between 'abort-to-prompt' and stack marking

This bug could occasionally cause crashes in multi-threaded Guile
programs using delimited continuations or exceptions.

** Ensure weak sets are occasionally vacuumed

Previously, weak sets, which are used internally for interned symbols
and for ports with SCM_PORT_TYPE_NEEDS_CLOSE_ON_GC, could grow seemingly
indefinitely without being vacuumed.

** Interpret dynamic library name as literal file name first

Until now, 'dynamic-link' would always append an extension, such as
".so", to the user-provided file names.  Now, 'dynamic-link' first tries
the file name literally, and only then falls back to adding the OS
shared library file name extension.

This allows users to refer to "" instead of
"", the latter being usually provided by "-dev" packages
of GNU/Linux distributions, unlike the former.

** <libguile.h> includes <libguile/hooks.h> again

This fixes an omission in Guile 3.0.

** Fix fixpoint computation in compute-significant-bits

** Fix compilation '--without-threads'

* New deprecations

** 'tmpnam' is now deprecated

The 'tmpnam' function in the C library has been deprecated for years due
to security concerns; the Scheme procedure 'tmpnam' is now deprecated as
well, in favor of 'mkstemp!'.  In addition, a new '--disable-tmpnam'
option has been added to 'configure' for users who would like to disable
it right away.

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