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Reported by: Bruce Dubbs Owned by: Douglas R. Reno
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New point version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

I suspect this may give the same problems that QtWebEngine did with ICU. Node uses V8 as well.

comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Owner: changed from blfs-book to Douglas R. Reno
Status: newassigned

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

2020-04-28, Version 12.16.3 'Erbium' (LTS), @targos
Notable Changes

        Updated OpenSSL to 1.1.1g (Hassaan Pasha) #32971.
        Updated c-ares to 1.16.0 (Anna Henningsen) #32246.
        Updated experimental uvwasi to 0.0.6 (Colin Ihrig) #32309.
    ESM (experimental):
        Additional warnings are no longer printed for modules that use conditional exports or package name self resolution (Guy Bedford) #31845.


    [2c5b0147fa] - async_hooks: use hasHooks function internally (rickyes) #32656
    [28abbfd594] - async_hooks: move to lazy destroy hook registration in AsyncResource (Andrey Pechkurov) #32429
    [146ad4eaae] - async_hooks: avoid resource reuse by FileHandle (Gerhard Stoebich) #31972
    [39a3cc13dc] - buffer,n-api: fix double ArrayBuffer::Detach() during cleanup (Anna Henningsen) #33039
    [20f3e9d836] - build: output dots instead of tap in GitHub actions (Michaël Zasso) #32714
    [c98aa9312e] - build: move doc versions JSON file out of out/doc (Richard Lau) #32728
    [546a9ea998] - build: fix LINT_MD_NEWER assignment (Rich Trott) #32712
    [ae772b7c6a] - build: log detected compilers in --verbose mode (Richard Lau) #32715
    [43055519d3] - build: use tabs for indentation in Makefile (Luigi Pinca) #32614
    [2e31ac96f3] - build: remove make lint on lint-py (himself65) #32599
    [d8a948f0fc] - build: disable -Wattributes warnings on aix (Ben Noordhuis) #32419
    [a3848e51aa] - build: expand ASAN acronym in configure help (Sam Roberts) #32325
    [c8541a7d7a] - build: disable libstdc++ debug containers globally (Ben Noordhuis) #30147
    [d3c9a82a6e] - build: remove empty line on node.gyp file (Juan José Arboleda) #31952
    [e65586985f] - build: support android build on ndk version equal or above 23 (forfun414) #31521
    [790841597d] - console: fixup error message (James M Snell) #32475
    [d19251630e] - crypto: clear openssl error stack after en/decrypt (Ben Noordhuis) #32248
    [51f05d2f3d] - deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1g (Hassaan Pasha) #32971
    [a89744f4e0] - deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1g (Hassaan Pasha) #32971
    [80c89d4ec7] - deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1f (Hassaan Pasha) #32583
    [c9cc38114a] - deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1f (Hassaan Pasha) #32583
    [fedcb16144] - deps: update acorn to v7.1.1 (Ruben Bridgewater) #32310
    [37476a339a] - deps: upgrade to c-ares v1.16.0 (Anna Henningsen) #32246
    [fe0e1dbd13] - deps: update to uvwasi 0.0.6 (Colin Ihrig) #32309
    [2e92cb476d] - deps: V8: cherry-pick f9257802c1c0 (Matheus Marchini) #32180
    [0e922440d6] - deps,doc: move openssl maintenance guide to doc (Sam Roberts) #32209
    [06d16cf9ef] - dns: remove duplicate code (rickyes) #32664
    [af392a114b] - doc: add link to code ide configs (Robert Nagy) #32767
    [b1790fbf4b] - doc: replace node-test-pull-request-lite-pipeline from onboarding (Juan José Arboleda) #32736
    [00ce6a3240] - doc: add useful v8 option section (Nimit) #32262
    [c78019d792] - doc: add himself65 to collaborators (himself65) #32734
    [16126328ac] - doc: clarify behavior of napi_get_typedarray_info (Michael Dawson) #32603
    [a5fd29b024] - doc: remove optional parameter from markdown anchor link (Rich Trott) #32671
    [d2c86a9dfc] - doc: clarify listening event (Harshitha KP) #32581
    [9039c03967] - doc: update Ninja information in build guide (Adrian Estrada) #32629
    [1d563a646e] - doc: correct version metadata for Readable.from (Dave Vandyke) #32639
    [5e2791ee84] - doc: adjust paths in openssl maintenance guide (Hassaan Pasha) #32593
    [21c3685623] - doc: clarify docs exception may be emitted (Juan José Arboleda) #32513
    [c3d91eb94d] - doc: add unreachable code on events example (himself65) #32364
    [b4ba9b8bef] - doc: clarify length param in buffer.write (Harshitha KP) #32119
    [5996df3c39] - doc: document that server.address() can return null (Thomas Watson Steen) #32519
    [a299e9cf28] - doc: return type of crypto.getFips() may change (Richard Lau) #32580
    [4604127697] - doc: fix return type of crypto.getFips() (Richard Lau) #32580
    [f2235f68aa] - doc: clarify requireManualDestroy option (Harshitha KP) #32514
    [7e952f2d38] - doc: fix wordy sentence (Moni) #32567
    [f93b770bda] - doc: fix more links (Alba Mendez) #32586
    [d764414706] - doc: improve markdown link checker (Alba Mendez) #32586
    [3d36458cc6] - doc: add flarna to collaborators (Gerhard Stoebich) #32620
    [4b417f87bd] - doc: improve documentation (Hachimi Aa (Sfeir)) #29270
    [959055f225] - doc: add ASAN build instructions (gengjiawen) #32436
    [f1552f830f] - doc: update context-aware section of addon doc (Gabriel Schulhof) #28659
    [d0d414d98c] - doc: update AUTHORS list (Luigi Pinca) #32222
    [e51c42dc52] - doc: tests local links in markdown documents (Antoine du HAMEL) #32359
    [8b355eab57] - doc: fix profile type of --heap-prof-name (Syohei YOSHIDA) #32404
    [59a8dbebc2] - doc: use uppercase on windows path (himself65) #32294
    [fa9b10cebe] - doc: rename to fit doc style guide (Ling Samuel) #32456
    [3ed9fcd784] - doc: add mildsunrise to collaborators (Alba Mendez) #32525
    [5d15dd3fe3] - doc: add link to DNS definition (unknown) #32228
    [8d27eb94d1] - doc: remove extraneous sentence in (Rich Trott) #32457
    [1c84d85437] - doc: trim wording in text about exceptions (Rich Trott) #32457
    [bba8dd3344] - doc: simplify and correct example descriptions in (Rich Trott) #32451
    [2976ac6c2e] - doc: add new TSC members (Michael Dawson) #32473
    [3d752cd3b9] - doc: improve wording in (Rich Trott) #32427
    [80a8e20826] - doc: update security release process (Sam Roberts) #31679
    [80493f54c8] - doc: fix some 404 links (Thomas Watson Steen) #32200
    [76e2455b06] - doc: expand caveats (Bartosz Sosnowski) #32176
    [c1c3aa1b5f] - doc: add Ruben to TSC (Michael Dawson) #32213
    [385faf7721] - doc: include the error type in the request.resolve doc (Joe Pea) #32152
    [11899f647a] - doc: clear up child_process command resolution (Denys Otrishko) #32091
    [e33e989f20] - doc: clarify windows specific behaviour (Sam Roberts) #32079
    [860239255b] - doc: improve Buffer documentation (Anna Henningsen) #32086
    [ab1136a7ed] - doc: add support encoding link on (himself65) #31911
    [c439d83dbf] - doc: add entry for AsyncHook class (Harshitha KP) #31865
    [e6e38ecf64] - doc: prevent tables from shrinking page (David Gilbertson) #31859
    [6e68d9816d] - doc: fix anchor for ERR_TLS_INVALID_CONTEXT (Tobias Nießen) #31915
    [d3b9a8810c] - doc,crypto: clarify oaepHash option's impact (Filip Skokan) #32340
    [b85bc0cc02] - fs: fixup error message for invalid options.recursive (James M Snell) #32472
    [010814856a] - fs: fix writeFile[Sync] for non-seekable files (Alba Mendez) #32006
    [225ddd5f42] - http: move free socket error handling to agent (Robert Nagy) #32003
    [3b0204245d] - http: don't emit 'readable' after 'close' (Robert Nagy) #32277
    [52a52d2664] - http: fixup options.method error message (James M Snell) #32471
    [cf47bb9818] - http: don't emit 'finish' after 'error' (Robert Nagy) #32276
    [f9123eb91b] - http: fix socket re-use races (Robert Nagy) #32000
    [e54eb46cdb] - http2: rename counter in mapToHeaders inner loop (Mateusz Krawczuk) #32012
    [0db58753db] - lib: fix return type of setTimeout in net.Socket (龙腾道) #32722
    [a152792590] - lib: removes unnecessary params (Jesus Hernandez) #32694
    [7dd001c1db] - lib: changed functional logic in cluster schedulers (Yash Ladha) #32505
    [5a671772a2] - lib: use spread operator on cluster (himself65) #32125
    [4d0be3dce5] - meta: move inactive collaborators to emeriti (Rich Trott) #32151
    [ecddf6519f] - module: disable conditional exports, self resolve warnings (Guy Bedford) #31845
    [717f9c5905] - module: path-only CJS exports extension searching (Guy Bedford) #32351
    [ff5ab6f925] - net: fix crash if POLLHUP is received (Santiago Gimeno) #32590
    [ed21d32a7c] - net: wait for shutdown to complete before closing (Robert Nagy) #32491
    [7d66ceadbb] - perf,src: add HistogramBase and internal/histogram.js (James M Snell) #31988
    [f302ac9ae4] - perf_hooks: allow omitted parameters in 'performance.measure' (himself65) #32651
    [7c0c4e9a7e] - repl: fixup error message (James M Snell) #32474
    [522101dbca] - src: removes unused v8::Integer and v8::Array namespace (Jesus Hernandez) #32779
    [f9d94143fb] - src: remove unused v8::TryCatch namespace (Juan José Arboleda) #32729
    [d0d7ebc2a6] - src: remove duplicated code (himself65) #32719
    [a50220955e] - src: refactor to avoid goto in (Tobias Nießen) #32637
    [fabb53ed79] - src: fix warnings on SPrintF (himself65) #32558
    [3605a9d67a] - src: replace goto with lambda in options parser (Tobias Nießen) #32635
    [872f893e0f] - src: align PerformanceState class name with conventions (Anna Henningsen) #32539
    [191cde0e4d] - src: remove unnecessary 'Local.As' operation (himself65) #32286
    [6d71eb5b5b] - src: add test/abort build tasks (Christian Niederer) #31740
    [0dfb9514de] - src: add aliased-buffer-overflow abort test (Christian Niederer) #31740
    [28cfaa837e] - src: check for overflow when extending AliasedBufferBase (Christian Niederer) #31740
    [4155358031] - src: replace handle dereference with ContainerOf (Harshitha KP) #32298
    [c9b22c8d6d] - src: enhance template function 'MakeUtf8String' (himself65) #32322
    [ad347f4cbb] - src: remove excess v8 namespace (himself65) #32191
    [12d83b3242] - src: clean v8 namespaces in file (Juan José Arboleda) #32374
    [13a7e0546f] - src: check for empty maybe local (Xavier Stouder) #32339
    [aaf94fd6bb] - src: cleanup DestroyParam when Environment exits (Anna Henningsen) #32421
    [4b5fd24855] - src: enhance C++ sprintf utility (himself65) #32385
    [46e68bb445] - src: simplify IsolateData shortcut accesses (Anna Henningsen) #32407
    [7aa2ee2bd8] - src: delete CallbackInfo when cleared from cleanup hook (Anna Henningsen) #32405
    [7a346f63d6] - src: update comment for SetImmediate() (Anna Henningsen) #32300
    [46c751e7f1] - src: handle NULL env scenario (himself65) #32230
    [9b6f678751] - src: fix warn_unused_result compiler warning (Colin Ihrig) #32241
    [4e268314b5] - src: refactor to more safe method (gengjiawen) #32087
    [f223d2c7e4] - src: fix spawnSync CHECK when SIGKILL fails (Ben Noordhuis) #31768
    [5b2f698b32] - src: fix missing extra ca in tls.rootCertificates (Eric Bickle) #32075
    [a53980d947] - src: fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized compiler warning (Ben Noordhuis) #31809
    [a2d961da23] - src: remove unused include from (Ben Noordhuis) #31809
    [8fe70e88fe] - src: elevate v8 namespace (RamanandPatil) #32041
    [7e5e34d01e] - src: simplify using new KVStore API (Denys Otrishko) #31773
    [7152fe3180] - src: improve KVStore API (Denys Otrishko) #31773
    [3bf21b096e] - src: fix minor typo in base_object.h (Daniel Bevenius) #31535
    [8d1eeb1ae5] - stream: combine properties using defineProperties (antsmartian) #31187
    [d07dd313ae] - stream: add regression test for async iteration completion (Matteo Collina) #31508
    [2f72054ec7] - test: replace console.log/error with debuglog (Agustin Daguerre) #32695
    [bc9453a870] - test: make sure that inspector tests finish (Anna Henningsen) #32673
    [2cf7381a87] - test: fix check error name on error instance (himself65) #32508
    [e4174165f3] - Revert "test: mark empty udp tests flaky on OS X" (Luigi Pinca) #32489
    [6feed98f33] - test: remove unused variables on async hook test (Julian Duque) #32630
    [b0386b4aaf] - test: check that --expose-internals is disallowed in NODE_OPTIONS (Juan José Arboleda) #32554
    [0adc867d59] - test: add Worker initialization failure test case (Harshitha KP) #31929
    [73221278d7] - test: fix tool path in test-doctool-versions.js (Richard Lau) #32645
    [90a5b9d964] - test: copy addons .gitignore to test/abort/ (Anna Henningsen) #32624
    [39be571a3f] - test: refactor test-http2-buffersize (Rich Trott) #32540
    [f71007ff39] - test: skip crypto test on arm buildbots (Ben Noordhuis) #32636
    [4e405ee899] - test: replace console.error() with debuglog calls (Rich Trott) #32588
    [8083d452e6] - test: add a missing common.mustCall (Harshitha KP) #32305
    [416531227e] - test: remove unnecessary console.log() calls (Juan José Arboleda) #32541
    [30d21fb6e6] - test: replace console.log() with debuglog() (Juan José Arboleda) #32550
    [fcf1123052] - test: validate util.format when the value is 'Infinity' (Andrés M. Gómez) #32573
    [e2174e4e3c] - test: fix fs test-fs-utimes strictEqual arg order (Ben Noordhuis) #32420
    [32ab30cc35] - test: use common.mustCall in test-worker-esm-exit (himself65) #32544
    [a0552441fa] - test: use template strings in parallel tests (Daniel Estiven Rico Posada) #32549
    [d53d152da3] - test: add known issues test for #31733 (Ben Noordhuis) #31734
    [d6f6623243] - test: refactor test-http-information-processing (Rich Trott) #32547
    [b6e739a6b3] - test: skip a wasi test on IBMi PASE (Xu Meng) #32459
    [a40e7daf3c] - test: harden the tick sampling logic (Harshitha KP) #32190
    [9c84d7773a] - test: skip some binding tests on IBMi PASE (Xu Meng) #31967
    [afc0c708a2] - test: revise test-http-response-multi-content-length (Rich Trott) #32526
    [df890ad3d2] - test: remove a duplicated test (himself65) #32453
    [fa4de53a3e] - test: check bundled binaries are signed on macOS (Richard Lau) #32522
    [d9abea5e3f] - test: unflake async-hooks/test-statwatcher (Bartosz Sosnowski) #32484
    [5cae1b7a53] - test: use Promise.all() in test-cluster-net-listen-ipv6only-false (Rich Trott) #32398
    [60db56ddba] - test: replace Map with Array in test-cluster-net-listen-ipv6only-false (Rich Trott) #32398
    [565f0f73e2] - test: revise test-http-client-default-headers-exist (Rich Trott) #32493
    [7f5b89c307] - test: use mustCall in place of countdown in timers test (Rich Trott) #32416
    [97e352d1a6] - test: replace countdown with Promise.all() in cluster-net-listen tests (Rich Trott) #32381
    [1b79174203] - test: replace Map with Array in cluster-net-listen tests (Rich Trott) #32381
    [85ae5661df] - test: uv_tty_init returns EBADF on IBM i (Xu Meng) #32338
    [8dbd7cf0e4] - test: use Promise.all() in test-hash-seed (Rich Trott) #32273
    [92a207cd2d] - test: workaround for V8 8.1 inspector pause issue (Matheus Marchini) #32234
    [776905ef99] - test: use portable EOL (Harshitha KP) #32104
    [914edddd79] - test: buffer.write with longer string scenario (Harshitha KP) #32123
    [7060ed1176] - test: fix test-tls-env-extra-ca-file-load (Eric Bickle) #32073
    [bee009d271] - test: improve test-fs-existssync-false.js (himself65) #31883
    [0403f00321] - test: mark test-timers-blocking-callback flaky on osx (Myles Borins) #32189
    [fa7e975d2f] - test: warn when inspector process crashes (Matheus Marchini) #32133
    [4a94179a3c] - tools: update Boxstarter script and document (himself65) #32299
    [8bc53d1298] - tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0-alpha.3 (Colin Ihrig) #32533
    [baf56f8135] - tools: fixup use of string and bytes objects (Jonathan MERCIER) #31659
    [540a024057] - tools: update to acorn@7.1.1 (Rich Trott) #32259
    [ecf842ec27] - tools: enable no-useless-backreference lint rule (Colin Ihrig) #31400
    [bcf152e2d0] - tools: enable default-case-last lint rule (Colin Ihrig) #31400
    [5dacfa76f2] - tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0-alpha.2 (Colin Ihrig) #31400
    [e641b3c6b6] - tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0-alpha.1 (Colin Ihrig) #31400
    [394fa1f356] - tools: update ESLint to 7.0.0-alpha.0 (Colin Ihrig) #31400
    [848df6f6cc] - tracing: do not attempt to call into JS when disallowed (Anna Henningsen) #32548
    [12fe985154] - util: only inspect error properties that are not visible otherwise (Ruben Bridgewater) #32327
    [eccd2a7740] - util: fix inspecting document.all (Gus Caplan) #31938
    [58c6422f83] - util: text decoding allows SharedArrayBuffer (Bradley Farias) #32203
    [10c525f38d] - win,build: set exit_code on configure failure (Bartlomiej Brzozowski) #32205
    [aeea7d9c1f] - worker: do not emit 'exit' events during process.exit() (Anna Henningsen) #32546
    [28cb7e78ff] - worker: improve MessagePort performance (Anna Henningsen) #31605

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

  g++ -o /sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/ ../deps/v8/src/objects/ '-DV8_GYP_BUILD' '-DV8_TYPED_ARRAY_MAX_SIZE_IN_HEAP=64' '-D__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS' '-DV8_TARGET_ARCH_X64' '-DV8_EMBEDDER_STRING="-node.35"' '-DENABLE_DISASSEMBLER' '-DV8_PROMISE_INTERNAL_FIELD_COUNT=1' '-DENABLE_MINOR_MC' '-DV8_INTL_SUPPORT' '-DV8_USE_SNAPSHOT' '-DV8_CONCURRENT_MARKING' '-DV8_ENABLE_LAZY_SOURCE_POSITIONS' '-DV8_EMBEDDED_BUILTINS' '-DV8_USE_SIPHASH' '-DDISABLE_UNTRUSTED_CODE_MITIGATIONS' '-DV8_WIN64_UNWINDING_INFO' '-DV8_ENABLE_REGEXP_INTERPRETER_THREADED_DISPATCH' '-DICU_UTIL_DATA_IMPL=ICU_UTIL_DATA_STATIC' -I../deps/v8 -I../deps/v8/include -I/sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/obj/gen/inspector-generated-output-root -I../deps/v8/third_party/inspector_protocol -I/sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/obj/gen/torque-output-root -I/sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/obj/gen/generate-bytecode-output-root  -pthread -Wno-unused-parameter -m64 -Wno-return-type -fno-strict-aliasing -m64 -O3 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fdata-sections -ffunction-sections -O3 -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -std=gnu++1y -MMD -MF /sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/.deps//sources/node-v12.16.3/out/Release/   -c
../deps/v8/src/objects/ In function ‘v8::Maybe<icu_67::UnicodeString> v8::internal::{anonymous}::IcuFormatNumber(v8::internal::Isolate*, const icu_67::number::LocalizedNumberFormatter&, v8::internal::Handle<v8::internal::Object>, icu_67::FieldPositionIterator*)’:
../deps/v8/src/objects/ error: ‘class icu_67::number::FormattedNumber’ has no member named ‘getAllFieldPositions’; did you mean ‘getAllFieldPositionsImpl’?
 1287 |     formatted.getAllFieldPositions(*fp_iter, status);
      |               ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      |               getAllFieldPositionsImpl

ICU does break this version of Node.js. I'll change system-icu to full-icu for now, with a similar explanation to Thomas's explanation in QtWebEngine

comment:5 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

--download=icu needs to be added to the configure line as well to download a version of ICU compatible with Node

comment:6 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at r23048

comment:7 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Milestone: 9.210,0

Milestone renamed

comment:8 by Bruce Dubbs, 4 years ago

Milestone: 10,010.0

Milestone renamed

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