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New minor version.

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comment:1 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

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comment:2 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

udisks 2.9.0

The udisks project provides a daemon, tools and libraries to access
and manipulate disks, storage devices and technologies.

Changes since 2.8.4:

Dick Marinus (1):
      remove dot (.) for easier selecting the mounted folder

Matthew Leeds (1):
      udisksclient: Let the caller specify a D-Bus connection

Philip Withnall (1):
      udisksspawnedjob: Clear encoding of stdout and stderr channels

Piotr Drąg (1):

Ting-Wei Lan (8):
      build: Do not hardcode the path of bash
      udisksclient: Do not depend on __GNUC_PREREQ macro
      Allow building without the daemon
      build: Do not use sed -i
      doc: Fix gtk-doc build when daemon is not built
      doc: Fix inconsistent indentation
      doc: Fix out-of-source build
      udisks: Use 'mv -f' to prevent prompting

Tomas Bzatek (135):
      rpm: Don't trigger udev if socket is not accessible
      ata: Reorder setting of APM and Standby timer flags
      udisksstate: Prevent pointer dereferencing before its check for NULL
      integration-test: Add test for mountpoint removal by external force
      udisksstate: Remove unused 'attempt_no_cleanup' variable
      udisksstate: Ignore state file read errors
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Fix a typo
      udisksstate: Distinguish between persistent and non-persistent mount points
      udisksstate: Const-ify the state file names
      udisksstate: Prefix some warnings and error messages
      Remove the systemd mount cleanup service
      tests: Retry rmtree() if target is busy
      udisksmountmonitor: Remove caching, always read and parse the data
      tests: Handle return codes from `umount` and `wipefs` calls
      udiskslinuxblockobject: Expose udisks_linux_block_object_get_device_number()
      udiskslinuxblockobject: Add infrastructure for block device locking for cleanup
      udisksstate: Skip cleanup if block device is busy
      udisksstate: Implement udisks_state_check_block() for single device cleanup
      block: Lock the block object for cleanup in d-bus method call handlers
      Indentation fixes
      Code style cleanup: comments
      daemon: Detect linux kernel version on startup
      udiskslinuxprovider: Add the "uevent-probed" signal
      udisksdaemon: Generate daemon UUID on startup
      udiskslinuxblockobject: Implement udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      daemon: Add UDISKS_DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT constant
      daemon: Use udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      bcache: Use udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      lvm2: Unify timeouts using UDISKS_DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT
      iscsi: Unify timeouts using UDISKS_DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT
      zram: Unify timeouts using UDISKS_DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT
      vdo: Unify timeouts using UDISKS_DEFAULT_WAIT_TIMEOUT
      tests: Use `modprobe` to detect module availability
      Minor docs fixes
      udiskslinuxblock: Reread partition table after mkfs.udf
      tests: Add --failfast test runner argument
      tests: Run UDF filesystem tests over a partitioned device
      tests: Test filesystem creation twice without wiping
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Trigger uevent after Unmount()
      udiskslinuxblock: Remove unused udisks_linux_get_parent_for_tracking()
      udiskslinuxblock: Add udisks_linux_block_matches_id()
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Use libmount for fstab enumeration
      udiskslinuxblock: Use libmount for fstab enumeration
      udiskslinuxprovider: Use GUnixMountMonitor for fstab monitoring
      lvm2: Use GUnixMountMonitor for fstab monitoring
      daemon: Ditch UDisksFstabMonitor completely
      tests: Unmount parent block device upon cleanup for UDF
      tests: Avoid using IDs in fstab records for partitioned block devices
      udisksconfigmanager: Add udisks_config_manager_get_config_dir()
      udisksconfigmanager: Make sure the global config dir exists
      udiskslinuxdrive: Use the new udisks_config_manager_get_config_dir()
      udiskslinuxprovider: Use the new udisks_config_manager_get_config_dir()
      lsm: Use the new udisks_config_manager_get_config_dir()
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Refactor mount options computation out
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Use udisks_daemon_util_get_user_info()
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Use udisks_daemon_util_get_user_info()
      tests: Make UdisksTestCase.set_udev_property() handle multiple properties
      tests: Sleep for a while after installing custom udev rules
      udisksdaemon: Minor docs and code style fixes
      daemon: Separate the libmount checks for utab functionality
      daemon: Require libmount >= 2.18 unconditionally
      udiskslinuxblock: Update the Block.Configuration property after making changes
      udiskslinuxblockobject: Acquire an exclusive BSD lock to prevent udev probes for BLKRRPART
      daemon: Do not use STORAGED_* udev properties
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Fix unitialized variable
      udiskslinuxmdraidobject: Fix harmless clang warning
      btrfs: Use udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      udiskslinuxblock: Update the Configuration property after Format()
      udiskslinuxblock: Move setting partition type before triggering uevent
      udiskslinuxfilesystem: Use udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      daemon: Use udisks_linux_block_object_trigger_uevent_sync()
      udiskslinuxpartitiontable: Wipe the newly created partition before waiting for new object
      modules: Generate unified GDBus code for the core and all modules
      doc: Move generated D-Bus API doc files in doc/xml/
      doc: Fix module symbols
      doc: Add missing symbols
      modules: Add pkg-config files
      lsm: Fix
      Translation updates
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Implement config file parser
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Provide built-in set of mount options
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Port mount options computation to the new structures
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Exclude allow_{u,g}id_self[] options from _allow[]
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Add support for matching options by block device path
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Add support for config file overrides
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Allow missing [defaults] section
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Implement overrides from udev rules
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Print new mount options if overriden
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Cache the builtin mount options within UDisksDaemon
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Port final mount options computation away from GHashTable
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Allow explicit option=value mount options
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Respect all _allow_uid_self/_allow_gid_self options
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Handle stray comma in mount option value
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Use symbolic $UID and $GID placeholders for ID checks
      Add sample mount_options.conf
      doc: Document the configurable mount options
      tests: Add tests for configurable mount options
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Add few more allowed options for UDF
      udiskslinuxmountoptions: Make exfat options compatible with the native kernel driver
      udisksstate: Fix a memleak
      udiskslinuxblock: Fix leaking GError
      daemon: Port away from G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE()
      udisksdaemon: Fix a small doc issue
      modules: Move UDisksModuleObject to the daemon
      modules: Introduce UDisksModule
      lvm2: Port to UDisksModule
      iscsi: Port to UDisksModule
      btrfs: Port to UDisksModule
      zram: Port to UDisksModule
      bcache: Port to UDisksModule
      vdo: Port to UDisksModule
      lsm: Port to UDisksModule
      lsm: Fix UDisksLinuxDriveLSM polling and object ownership
      lsm: Propagate errors from lsm calls
      lsm: Remove duplicate udisks2_lsm.conf
      doc: Fix LSM module docs
      modules: Process org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Manager.EnableModules() in main thread
      udiskslinuxprovider: Export manager interfaces for new modules
      udisksmodulemanager: Emit `modules-activated` signal after new modules have been loaded
      udisksmodulemanager: Remove udisks_module_manager_get_modules_available()
      udisksmodulemanager: Scan for new modules on subsequent EnableModule() call
      udisksmodulemanager: Implement org.freedesktop.UDisks2.Manager.EnableModule()
      udisksmodulemanager: Docs fixes
      tests: Use the new EnableModule() method call
      modules: Fix build with daemon disabled
      udiskslinuxprovider: Perform coldplug on 'modules-activated' signal unconditionally
      lsm: Add tests based on libstoragemgmt 'sim' plugin
      udisksconfigmanager: Always read the config file on getting list of modules
      tests: Load only selected modules, avoid lsm
      vdo: Fix potential NULL dereference
      iscsi: Fix leaking UDisksLinuxISCSISession
      vdo: Deprecate the standalone VDO module
      udiskslinuxprovider: Add TODO about not sending a 'remove' uevent to block objects

Vojtech Trefny (33):
      dbus-tests: Try to read distro version from LSB
      Fix converting dbus.UInt values to string with Python 3.8
      dbus-tests: Fix decoding journal messages with non-unicode data
      Add test for unlocking LUKS2 devices with integrity
      Do not try to build VDO module on RHEL 7 on non-x86_64 arches
      tests: Skip resize tests for formats without function to get size
      Fix spelling of UDisks in README
      (Un)mount devices with the user(s) option in fstab as the user
      Add support for creating and managing LVM VDO volumes
      Add tests for the LVM VDO features
      Do not set the ThinPool property for non-thin volumes
      Add ResizeLogical and ResizePhysical methods for VDOVolume.
      Always run 'tearDownClass' for tests skipped in 'setUpClass'
      Remove some obsoleted "skips" from DBus tests
      Add support for (un)locking BitLocker devices
      Do not try to get metadata size for non-LUKS encrypted devices
      Add a function to get statistics for LVM VDO volumes
      Use relative logical partition start in partitioning tests
      Allow unlocking encrypted devices as read only
      udisksctl: Use GDateTime instead of deprecated GTimeVal
      udisksthreadjob: Remove deprecated g_thread_supported call
      Fallback to safe udev values where possible for non UTF-8 strings
      Add support for tagging tests and using tags for running tests
      Add ability to read tests to skip from a config file
      Add option to automatically run pdb for failed DBus tests
      dbus-tests: Add a special tag to run all tests
      man: Fix documentation link for libudev
      Add a test for the no-discard option for Format
      dbus-tests: Add test for the configuration option "track-parents"
      Fix "options" option name for crypptab configuration item
      Add allowed mount options for btrfs and f2fs
      test_btrfs: Add a simple test for mounting btrfs subvolumes
      Skip BITLK tests on systems with util-linux older than 2.33

Will Thompson (1):
      udisksctl: pretty-print 'ao' properties

Thanks to all our contributors.

Tomas Bzatek

comment:3 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

The seds for the udisksspawnedjob regression have been applied upstream.

comment:4 by Douglas R. Reno, 4 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

Fixed at r23207

comment:5 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Milestone: 9.210,0

Milestone renamed

comment:6 by Bruce Dubbs, 3 years ago

Milestone: 10,010.0

Milestone renamed

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